Player Manager 2016 swf Frustrations

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Player Manager 2016 swf Frustrations

Postby Hieroglyph » Tue May 10, 2016 2:02 pm

I only recently found the online version with all the wonderful additions! However, I have played a few games and got some fabulous teams and results, only to lose the game even though had saved it incrementally along with Tactics used.

Seems that the game will reside in an open FFox tab and be able to be recalled after a laptop suspend, but if Shockwave crashes FFox (as does all the time now it seems) and you do a reboot of FFox, the saved games are gone...

Now I have looked at where the swf version saves the temp files, but annoyingly these get flushed although all the crap I don't want sits there indefinitely!

typical location is:

I have done an about:cache call in FFox and found a file that has all the hex data, so I cut n pasted into a txt file and imported it into Hex editor, but what format to save to to see if it is loadable/associatable with PM??



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