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Postby Torchiador » Wed Nov 11, 2015 12:07 am

The Thanks thread is never banal and always welcome.

First of all, I want to thanks to Dino Dini.
Never forget dudes, without Dino, Kick Off wouldn't exist. this fun wouldn't exist, this week end wouldn't exist. Christmas wouldn't exist. I'll say thanks to Dino all the day of my life.
Thanks also for Kick Off Revival, that gave to the world cup also a new fresh atmosphere! I liked very much the roll up and T-Shirts, I think every one liked it a lot!
Second, I want to say a big thanks to Cameron and Pedro Jr. Two amazing kids I knew few years ago and they are men now. Exceptional work behind the desk, my best help desk so far, they solved problems while you didn't even notice it. Work much appreciated guys, thank you very much.
Thanks to the Organizers.
As I said in my closing speech, you'll never know how much work there is behind a world cup, unless you organize a world cup. Congratulations Danny and Pedro, you did it and it was a great fun! it is still a great fun just to remind it!
Thanks to all the friends that helped you to arrange everything. I loved everything of this world cup, It was very nice also the Retro Corner with a C64 running, reporters, interviews.
I want to say thanks to "General Custer" I don't remember his name but I'm sure you know who I mean.
Thanks to everyone of you that joined this world cup, it was a pleasure and an honour to share this week end with you. If everything worked, it was also thanks to everyone of you that had the right spirit to solve problems instead of moaning about problems. well done guys!
Thanks to my wife Mary, for reasons that I don't need to repeat again, you know me, you know us.
In the end I want to say a big thanks to my cousin Alessandro. You saw him always smiling and kidding like just him can do, but be sure that 99% of you wouldn't have joined this world cup in his shoes. A real example of devotion to the KOA family and the friendship that bonds all of us. Thanks cousin to be part of the fun!

Long live Kick Off! Long Live the KOA!

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