World Cup IV - held in WC on 13/11/2004


1Gianluca T2423101414670
2Luigi F2419141506658
3Nikos A2421121393564
4Steve C2416351217551
5Mark P2017121414852
6Robert S2218041104354
7Giacomo T201307684639
8Rodolfo M2012081018136
9Spyros P1817011174451
10Gianni T181107786233
11Nazim C181107736333
12Mark W201037485033
13Kees V18909515427
14Alex B209110525728
15Maurizio L18738517624
16Filippo D187110355722
17Luca A16916615928
18Alessandro V16727504423
19Riccardo P16727535523
20Jorg P16619516619
21Diego D187011406321
22Riemer P165110325716
23Patrick D164111386713
24Haydn H16349326213
25Damiano S14617414019
26Cristian Z12426233714
27Franco C14437303915
28Sascha W12336444812
29Mario F12408253312
30Fulvio O12327233511
31Fabio A12327174011
32Jacopo A14338244212
33Michael Mu12318254510
34Thomas N1230916539
35Marco D1222817368
36Peter S1222823468
37Wolf H1221914527
38Danny D122199507
39Sandro T12201032636
40Angelo S12201017516
41Fabio F12201014556
42Jorn F14121111435
43Mark B12021018722


Round 1 - Group A
Team ATeam BABExtra
Jorn FAlex B23
Damiano SJacopo A32
Franco CDiego D12
Robert SMark W51
Alex BDamiano S52
Diego DRobert S16
Jacopo AMark W42
Jorn FFranco C02
Damiano SDiego D12
Franco CJacopo A42
Mark WJorn F21
Robert SAlex B93
Diego DMark W12
Jacopo AAlex B34
Jorn FDamiano S13
Robert SFranco C40
Alex BDiego D31
Damiano SRobert S13
Jorn FJacopo A11
Mark WFranco C11
Diego DJacopo A12
Franco CDamiano S34
Mark WAlex B42
Robert SJorn F61
Alex BFranco C52
Damiano SMark W12
Jacopo ARobert S25
Jorn FDiego D13
Diego DFranco C53
Jacopo ADamiano S31
Alex BJorn F50
Mark WRobert S28
Damiano SAlex B31
Franco CJorn F31
Mark WJacopo A51
Robert SDiego D71
Alex BRobert S12
Diego DDamiano S21
Jacopo AFranco C22
Jorn FMark W04
Alex BJacopo A41
Damiano SJorn F80
Franco CRobert S04
Mark WDiego D52
Diego DAlex B20
Franco CMark W33
Jacopo AJorn F00
Robert SDamiano S84
Alex BMark W21
Damiano SFranco C54
Jacopo ADiego D13
Jorn FRobert S02
Diego DJorn F13
Franco CAlex B21
Mark WDamiano S44
Robert SJacopo A70

Round 1 - Group B
Team ATeam BABExtra
Gianluca TGianni T72
Nazim CHaydn H43
Wolf HMichael Mu23
Haydn HGianluca T14
Michael MuNazim C15
Wolf HMarco D32
Gianluca TWolf H72
Gianni TMichael Mu41
Marco DHaydn H11
Gianluca TNazim C83
Haydn HGianni T13
Michael MuMarco D30
Gianni TNazim C51
Marco DGianluca T25
Wolf HHaydn H11
Gianluca TMichael Mu61
Gianni TWolf H80
Nazim CMarco D20
Marco DGianni T36
Michael MuHaydn H33
Wolf HNazim C19
Gianni TGianluca T46
Haydn HNazim C54
Michael MuWolf H40
Gianluca THaydn H51
Marco DWolf H20
Nazim CMichael Mu51
Haydn HMarco D11
Michael MuGianni T36
Wolf HGianluca T03
Gianni THaydn H62
Marco DMichael Mu10
Nazim CGianluca T28
Gianluca TMarco D51
Haydn HWolf H02
Nazim CGianni T17
Marco DNazim C35
Michael MuGianluca T28
Wolf HGianni T25
Gianni TMarco D51
Haydn HMichael Mu53
Nazim CWolf H81

Round 1 - Group C
Team ATeam BABExtra
Alessandro VThomas N60
Danny DLuca A02
Mark PRodolfo M63
Danny DMark B30
Luca AAlessandro V33
Thomas NMark P06
Mark BThomas N12
Mark PDanny D81
Rodolfo MLuca A23
Luca AMark B70
Mark PAlessandro V32
Thomas NRodolfo M26
Danny DThomas N21
Mark BMark P310
Rodolfo MAlessandro V62
Alessandro VMark B22
Mark PLuca A73
Rodolfo MDanny D60
Danny DAlessandro V12
Luca AThomas N72
Mark BRodolfo M511
Luca ADanny D100
Rodolfo MMark P56
Thomas NAlessandro V12
Alessandro VLuca A61
Mark BDanny D00
Mark PThomas N110
Danny DMark P19
Luca ARodolfo M54
Thomas NMark B20
Alessandro VMark P17
Mark BLuca A27
Rodolfo MThomas N81
Alessandro VRodolfo M35
Mark PMark B81
Thomas NDanny D20
Danny DRodolfo M16
Luca AMark P412
Mark BAlessandro V19
Alessandro VDanny D40
Rodolfo MMark B113
Thomas NLuca A34

Round 1 - Group D
Team ATeam BABExtra
Jorg PSandro T84
Maurizio LSascha W43
Steve CLuigi F210
Maurizio LFabio F31
Sandro TSteve C15
Sascha WJorg P35
Fabio FSandro T32
Luigi FSascha W51
Steve CMaurizio L70
Sandro TLuigi F45
Sascha WFabio F80
Steve CJorg P40
Fabio FSteve C26
Luigi FJorg P50
Maurizio LSandro T52
Jorg PFabio F51
Luigi FMaurizio L71
Steve CSascha W44
Fabio FLuigi F28
Maurizio LJorg P51
Sascha WSandro T53
Luigi FSteve C113
Sandro TJorg P36
Sascha WMaurizio L33
Fabio FMaurizio L30
Jorg PSascha W44
Steve CSandro T102
Maurizio LSteve C33
Sandro TFabio F21
Sascha WLuigi F18
Fabio FSascha W17
Jorg PSteve C27
Luigi FSandro T72
Jorg PLuigi F57
Sandro TMaurizio L36
Steve CFabio F100
Fabio FJorg P02
Maurizio LLuigi F310
Sascha WSteve C37
Jorg PMaurizio L41
Luigi FFabio F20
Sandro TSascha W42

Round 1 - Group E
Team ATeam BABExtra
Filippo DPeter S30
Fulvio OMario F40
Spyros PGiacomo T83
Fulvio OPatrick D11
Mario FFilippo D25
Peter SSpyros P57
Giacomo TMario F10
Patrick DPeter S54
Spyros PFulvio O82
Mario FPatrick D34
Peter SGiacomo T26
Spyros PFilippo D110
Fulvio OPeter S22
Giacomo TFilippo D01
Patrick DSpyros P17
Filippo DPatrick D13
Giacomo TFulvio O40
Spyros PMario F51
Fulvio OFilippo D50
Mario FPeter S60
Patrick DGiacomo T35
Giacomo TSpyros P36
Mario FFulvio O42
Peter SFilippo D11
Filippo DMario F41
Patrick DFulvio O23
Spyros PPeter S63
Fulvio OSpyros P14
Mario FGiacomo T10
Peter SPatrick D15
Filippo DSpyros P04
Giacomo TPeter S51
Patrick DMario F14
Filippo DGiacomo T12
Peter SFulvio O10
Spyros PPatrick D62
Fulvio OGiacomo T35
Mario FSpyros P34
Patrick DFilippo D35
Filippo DFulvio O40
Giacomo TPatrick D60
Peter SMario F30

Round 1 - Group F
Team ATeam BABExtra
Kees VFabio A41
Nikos ARiemer P40
Riccardo PCristian Z03
Cristian ZKees V02
Fabio ANikos A110
Riccardo PAngelo S70
Angelo SFabio A31
Nikos ARiccardo P72
Riemer PCristian Z32
Cristian ZAngelo S42
Fabio ARiemer P13
Nikos AKees V30
Angelo SNikos A05
Riccardo PFabio A12
Riemer PKees V24
Kees VAngelo S52
Nikos ACristian Z90
Riemer PRiccardo P14
Angelo SRiemer P02
Cristian ZFabio A23
Riccardo PKees V64
Cristian ZRiccardo P33
Fabio AKees V05
Riemer PNikos A07
Angelo SRiccardo P26
Kees VCristian Z62
Nikos AFabio A51
Cristian ZRiemer P32
Fabio AAngelo S32
Riccardo PNikos A27
Angelo SCristian Z12
Kees VNikos A13
Riemer PFabio A11
Fabio ARiccardo P12
Kees VRiemer P46
Nikos AAngelo S101
Angelo SKees V31
Cristian ZNikos A04
Riccardo PRiemer P62
Fabio ACristian Z22
Kees VRiccardo P25
Riemer PAngelo S51

Round 2 - Group G
Team ATeam BABExtra
Gianni TGiacomo T23
Gianni TJorg P62
Jorg PGiacomo T05
Giacomo TJorg P52
Giacomo TGianni T65
Jorg PGianni T56

Round 2 - Group H
Team ATeam BABExtra
Gianluca TMark W71
Gianluca TRiemer P81
Mark WRiemer P30
Mark WGianluca T02
Riemer PMark W23
Riemer PGianluca T26

Round 2 - Group I
Team ATeam BABExtra
Robert SAlessandro V52
Robert SKees V80
Alessandro VKees V13
Alessandro VRobert S32
Kees VAlessandro V42
Kees VRobert S10

Round 2 - Group J
Team ATeam BABExtra
Spyros PRodolfo M91
Spyros PDiego D94
Rodolfo MDiego D85
Rodolfo MSpyros P47
Diego DRodolfo M34
Diego DSpyros P16

Round 2 - Group K
Team ATeam BABExtra
Luigi FFilippo D52
Luigi FHaydn H100
Filippo DHaydn H31
Filippo DLuigi F14
Haydn HFilippo D31
Haydn HLuigi F411

Round 2 - Group L
Team ATeam BABExtra
Nikos ANazim C72
Nikos APatrick D41
Nazim CPatrick D52
Nazim CNikos A14
Patrick DNazim C24
Patrick DNikos A38

Round 2 - Group M
Team ATeam BABExtra
Mark PRiccardo P42
Mark PMaurizio L90
Riccardo PMaurizio L33
Riccardo PMark P110
Maurizio LRiccardo P43
Maurizio LMark P48

Round 2 - Group N
Team ATeam BABExtra
Steve CLuca A62
Steve CAlex B51
Luca AAlex B10
Luca ASteve C27
Alex BLuca A50
Alex BSteve C27

Round 3
Team ATeam BABExtra
Giacomo TMark W20
Mark WGiacomo T32
Maurizio LSteve C32
Steve CMaurizio L436-4 e.t.
Robert SSpyros P74
Spyros PRobert S636-4 e.t.
Nazim CLuigi F53
Luigi FNazim C81
Nikos AFilippo D70
Filippo DNikos A35
Kees VRodolfo M36
Rodolfo MKees V42
Mark PAlex B61
Alex BMark P44
Gianluca TGianni T73
Gianni TGianluca T15

Quarter Finals
Team ATeam BABExtra
Giacomo TSteve C45
Steve CGiacomo T31
Robert SLuigi F64
Luigi FRobert S63
Nikos ARodolfo M51
Rodolfo MNikos A010
Mark PGianluca T57
Gianluca TMark P52

Semi Finals
Team ATeam BABExtra
Steve CLuigi F55
Luigi FSteve C62
Nikos AGianluca T35
Gianluca TNikos A44

3rd Place Final
Team ATeam BABExtra
Steve CNikos A13
Nikos ASteve C56

Team ATeam BABExtra
Luigi FGianluca T27
Gianluca TLuigi F61

KOA Cup - Round 1
Team ATeam BABExtra
Michael MuSascha W24
Sascha WMichael Mu21
Fulvio OMarco D21
Marco DFulvio O04
Cristian ZDanny D50
Danny DCristian Z02WG
Mark BSandro T20WG
Sandro TMark B02WG
Mario FWolf H21
Wolf HMario F03
Angelo SJorn F13
Jorn FAngelo S12
Damiano SFranco C32
Franco CDamiano S25

KOA Cup - Round 2
Team ATeam BABExtra
Cristian ZMark B51
Mark BCristian Z02
Fulvio OLuca A35
Luca AFulvio O53
Damiano SAlessandro V34
Alessandro VDamiano S31
Jacopo AJorn F21
Jorn FJacopo A11
Patrick DMario F21
Mario FPatrick D62
Diego LRiccardo P24
Riccardo PDiego L51
Sascha WRiemer P21
Riemer PSascha W31
Haydn HJorg P32
Jorg PHaydn H212-2 e.t.

KOA Cup - Quarter Finals
Team ATeam BABExtra
Cristian ZLuca A15
Luca ACristian Z70
Alessandro VJacopo A34
Jacopo AAlessandro V36
Mario FRiccardo P14
Riccardo PMario F31
Riemer PHaydn H32
Haydn HRiemer P04

KOA Cup - Semi Finals
Team ATeam BABExtra
Luca AAlessandro V61
Alessandro VLuca A51
Riccardo PRiemer P51
Riemer PRiccardo P25

KOA Cup - 3rd Place Final
Team ATeam BABExtra
Alessandro VRiemer P54
Riemer PAlessandro V323-5 e.t.

KOA Cup - Final
Team ATeam BABExtra
Luca ARiccardo P31
Riccardo PLuca A43

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