World Cup III - held in WC on 8/11/2003


1Gianluca T2415541076250
2Martin J2622131615767
3Alkis P2620241655462
4Nikos A2618351237057
5Klaus Lo2218221645156
6Panayotis P2015231044847
7Martin B201253935441
8Mark P2215071077145
9Spyros P2012261156438
10Steve C201145856137
11Robert S2012081055336
12Riemer P209110517128
13Mark W208111637625
14Giacomo T208012426724
15James B18639425121
16Glenn L207112587622
17Christian D14707474121
18Evert V14617426319
19Jorg P14617396819
20Kees V14527464517
21Rodolfo M12426404914
22Knut L14428285714
23Matthias D14419437413
24Luitzen B12201016626
25Pascal V14201217636
26Mark E14201221756
27Alex B1210118473
28Gunther W14101315973
29Nick H1410136943
30Niels T14011310601
31Wolf H14001412910


Round 1 - Group A
Team ATeam BABExtra
Knut LNiels T21
Mark EAlkis P110
Giacomo TNikos A35
Riemer PChristian D43
Niels TAlkis P010
Nikos AKnut L93
Christian DMark E121
Riemer PGiacomo T51
Nikos ANiels T61
Alkis PChristian D70
Knut LRiemer P33
Mark EGiacomo T14
Niels TChristian D13
Riemer PNikos A37
Giacomo TAlkis P15
Mark EKnut L12
Riemer PNiels T41
Christian DGiacomo T13
Nikos AMark E70
Alkis PKnut L80
Niels TGiacomo T23
Mark ERiemer P02
Knut LChristian D06
Alkis PNikos A52
Mark ENiels T31
Giacomo TKnut L12
Riemer PAlkis P06
Christian DNikos A14
Niels TKnut L00
Alkis PMark E110
Nikos AGiacomo T71
Christian DRiemer P42
Alkis PNiels T121
Knut LNikos A410
Mark EChristian D48
Giacomo TRiemer P34
Niels TNikos A05
Christian DAlkis P29
Riemer PKnut L42
Giacomo TMark E41
Christian DNiels T20
Nikos ARiemer P71
Alkis PGiacomo T100
Knut LMark E51
Niels TRiemer P25
Giacomo TChristian D42
Mark ENikos A35
Knut LAlkis P37
Giacomo TNiels T20
Riemer PMark E42
Christian DKnut L30
Nikos AAlkis P64
Niels TMark E03
Knut LGiacomo T23
Alkis PRiemer P80
Nikos AChristian D20

Round 1 - Group B
Team ATeam BABExtra
Matthias DNick H60
Gunther WKlaus Lo113
Evert VMark P16
Glenn LRobert S06
Nick HKlaus Lo19
Mark PMatthias D81
Robert SGunther W121
Glenn LEvert V31
Mark PNick H80
Klaus LoRobert S61
Matthias DGlenn L24
Gunther WEvert V37
Nick HRobert S08
Glenn LMark P26
Evert VKlaus Lo112
Gunther WMatthias D03
Glenn LNick H81
Robert SEvert V91
Mark PGunther W30
Klaus LoMatthias D121
Nick HEvert V14
Gunther WGlenn L15
Matthias DRobert S09
Klaus LoMark P73
Gunther WNick H31
Evert VMatthias D33
Glenn LKlaus Lo04
Robert SMark P43
Nick HMatthias D06
Klaus LoGunther W131
Mark PEvert V50
Robert SGlenn L31
Klaus LoNick H150
Matthias DMark P57
Gunther WRobert S010
Evert VGlenn L32
Nick HMark P06
Robert SKlaus Lo46
Glenn LMatthias D52
Evert VGunther W81
Robert SNick H91
Mark PGlenn L54
Klaus LoEvert V72
Matthias DGunther W61
Nick HGlenn L06
Evert VRobert S07
Gunther WMark P210
Matthias DKlaus Lo212
Evert VNick H60
Glenn LGunther W51
Robert SMatthias D82
Mark PKlaus Lo15
Nick HGunther W10
Matthias DEvert V45
Klaus LoGlenn L101
Mark PRobert S52

Round 1 - Group C
Team ATeam BABExtra
Luitzen BPanayotis P110
Rodolfo MGianluca T34
James BMartin B33
Gianluca TAlex B61
Martin BLuitzen B90
James BRodolfo M14
Panayotis PMartin B51
Alex BJames B02
Luitzen BRodolfo M32
James BGianluca T16
Rodolfo MPanayotis P37
Luitzen BAlex B30
Martin BRodolfo M53
Gianluca TLuitzen B71
Panayotis PAlex B50
Luitzen BJames B05
Alex BMartin B39
Panayotis PGianluca T35
Rodolfo MAlex B50
James BPanayotis P15
Martin BGianluca T33
Panayotis PLuitzen B81
Gianluca TRodolfo M66
Martin BJames B53
Alex BGianluca T05
Luitzen BMartin B25
Rodolfo MJames B22
Martin BPanayotis P44
James BAlex B31
Rodolfo MLuitzen B52
Gianluca TJames B13
Panayotis PRodolfo M101
Alex BLuitzen B20
Rodolfo MMartin B49
Luitzen BGianluca T37
Alex BPanayotis P12
James BLuitzen B20
Martin BAlex B50
Gianluca TPanayotis P36
Alex BRodolfo M02
Panayotis PJames B43
Gianluca TMartin B22

Round 1 - Group D
Team ATeam BABExtra
Pascal VWolf H20
Jorg PMartin J26
Mark WSpyros P15
Kees VSteve C12
Wolf HMartin J010
Spyros PPascal V70
Steve CJorg P71
Kees VMark W22
Spyros PWolf H90
Martin JSteve C72
Pascal VKees V13
Jorg PMark W43
Wolf HSteve C08
Kees VSpyros P22
Mark WMartin J19
Jorg PPascal V32
Kees VWolf H60
Steve CMark W32
Spyros PJorg P141
Martin JPascal V72
Wolf HMark W06
Jorg PKees V35
Pascal VSteve C03
Martin JSpyros P63
Jorg PWolf H21
Mark WPascal V50
Kees VMartin J18
Steve CSpyros P42
Wolf HPascal V02
Martin JJorg P61
Spyros PMark W123
Steve CKees V10
Martin JWolf H121
Pascal VSpyros P05
Jorg PSteve C44
Mark WKees V43
Wolf HSpyros P38
Steve CMartin J48
Kees VPascal V91
Mark WJorg P41
Steve CWolf H100
Spyros PKees V94
Martin JMark W72
Pascal VJorg P13
Wolf HKees V35
Mark WSteve C17
Jorg PSpyros P610
Pascal VMartin J36
Mark WWolf H61
Kees VJorg P23
Steve CPascal V62
Spyros PMartin J54
Wolf HJorg P35
Pascal VMark W16
Martin JKees V63
Spyros PSteve C66

Round 2 - Group E
Team ATeam BABExtra
Glenn LAlkis P25
Gianluca TSteve C62
Alkis PSteve C60
Gianluca TGlenn L50
Gianluca TAlkis P35
Steve CGlenn L62
Alkis PGlenn L84
Steve CGianluca T25
Steve CAlkis P44
Glenn LGianluca T03
Alkis PGianluca T47
Glenn LSteve C44

Round 2 - Group F
Team ATeam BABExtra
Giacomo TKlaus Lo23
Spyros PMartin B35
Klaus LoMartin B33
Spyros PGiacomo T21
Spyros PKlaus Lo53
Martin BGiacomo T30
Klaus LoGiacomo T51
Martin BSpyros P50
Martin BKlaus Lo67
Giacomo TSpyros P43
Klaus LoSpyros P65
Giacomo TMartin B14

Round 2 - Group G
Team ATeam BABExtra
Mark WPanayotis P16
Riemer PMark P25
Panayotis PMark P35
Riemer PMark W21
Riemer PPanayotis P13
Mark PMark W43
Panayotis PMark W73
Mark PRiemer P74
Mark PPanayotis P45
Mark WRiemer P20
Panayotis PRiemer P41
Mark WMark P72

Round 2 - Group H
Team ATeam BABExtra
James BMartin J04
Robert SNikos A23
Martin JNikos A64
Robert SJames B31
Robert SMartin J05
Nikos AJames B33
Martin JJames B52
Nikos ARobert S52
Nikos AMartin J56
James BRobert S63
Martin JRobert S73
James BNikos A12

Quarter Finals
Team ATeam BABExtra
Alkis PKlaus Lo51
Klaus LoAlkis P55
Martin BGianluca T63
Gianluca TMartin B51
Mark PMartin J26
Martin JMark P82
Nikos APanayotis P42
Panayotis PNikos A55

Semi Finals
Team ATeam BABExtra
Alkis PMartin J16
Martin JAlkis P12
Gianluca TNikos A32
Nikos AGianluca T33

3rd Place Final
Team ATeam BABExtra
Nikos AAlkis P32
Alkis PNikos A62

Team ATeam BABExtra
Martin JGianluca T23
Gianluca TMartin J33

Playouts Group W
Team ATeam BABExtra
Christian DAlex B50
Kees VAlex B40
Christian DKees V62

Playouts Group X
Team ATeam BABExtra
Evert VNiels T21
Luitzen BPascal V10
Evert VPascal V44
Luitzen BNiels T50
Evert VLuitzen B50
Pascal VNiels T31

Playouts Group Y
Team ATeam BABExtra
Rodolfo MMark E52
Matthias DMark E53
Rodolfo MMatthias D93

Playouts Group Z
Team ATeam BABExtra
Knut LNick H100
Gunther WNick H00
Knut LGunther W21

Playouts Semi Finals
Team ATeam BABExtra
Christian DRodolfo M64
Rodolfo MChristian D535-4 e.t.
Evert VKnut L.12
Knut LEvert V05

Playouts Final
Team ATeam BABExtra
Christian DEvert V62
Evert VChristian D08

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