World Cup I - held in WC on 3/11/2001


1Alkis P151320791641
2Mark P141103632733
3Gianluca T151311752140
4Riemer P15645313922
5Nazim C12813592925
6Steve C12642311922
7Klaus Le12525223217
8James B11425191914
9Robert S10604282318
10Kees V10523311417
11Martin B10523331717
12Jacob K10523342517
13James L10523221417
14Gunther W10514141916
15Anthony K9504202015
16Vasilis K930616209
17Danny D7313101910
18Steve S730416239
19Oliver S722317208
20Helmut H722317218
21Filippo D6213797
22Franco C720521186
23Michael Q72059246
24Carl N71157164
25Jan T71068193
26Mark E61058223
27Pim V710612293
28Fabio A70258242
29Andy M70166271
30Niels T60150231
31Tim K70071790


Round 1 - Group A
Team ATeam BABExtra
Carl NFabio A41
Steve CHelmut H33
Gunther WOliver S41
Riemer PJames L22
Fabio ASteve C18
Helmut HCarl N21
James LGunther W30
Oliver SRiemer P51
Carl NOliver S11
Steve CJames L32
Gunther WFabio A20
Riemer PHelmut H53
Fabio ARiemer P22
Helmut HGunther W12
James LCarl N10
Oliver SSteve C02
Carl NSteve C15
Fabio AHelmut H23
Gunther WRiemer P02
Oliver SJames L27
Riemer PCarl N50
James LFabio A30
Steve CGunther W22
Helmut HOliver S36
Gunther WCarl N10
Fabio AOliver S22
Helmut HJames L22
Riemer PSteve C22

Round 1 - Group B
Team ATeam BABExtra
Steve SFranco C52
Martin BAlkis P03
Pim VNazim C27
Tim KJacob K011
Franco CMartin B23
Alkis PSteve S80
Jacob KPim V30
Nazim CTim K170
Steve SNazim C25
Martin BJacob K33
Pim VFranco C03
Tim KAlkis P017
Franco CTim K120
Alkis PPim V82
Jacob KSteve S21
Nazim CMartin B34
Steve SMartin B04
Franco CAlkis P02
Pim VTim K70
Nazim CJacob K83
Tim KSteve S15
Jacob KFranco C32
Martin BPim V50
Alkis PNazim C33
Pim VSteve S13
Franco CNazim C05
Alkis PJacob K31
Tim KMartin B010

Round 1 - Group C
Team ATeam BABExtra
Anthony KFilippo D30
James BVasilis K20
Niels TMark E02
Filippo DJames B31
Vasilis KAnthony K02
Mark EMark P08
Anthony KMark E32
Niels TFilippo D00
Mark PVasilis K41
Filippo DMark P13
Vasilis KNiels T60
Mark EJames B24
Anthony KJames B41
Filippo DVasilis K01
Niels TMark P04
Mark PAnthony K50
James BNiels T30
Vasilis KMark E41
Niels TAnthony K08
Filippo DMark E31
Mark PJames B31

Round 1 - Group D
Team ATeam BABExtra
Michael QGianluca T06
Andy MKlaus Le11
Jan TDanny D01
Kees VRobert S12
Gianluca TAndy M81
Klaus LeMichael Q41
Robert SJan T10
Danny DKees V22
Michael QDanny D02
Andy MRobert S14
Jan TGianluca T05
Kees VKlaus Le40
Gianluca TKees V33
Klaus LeJan T31
Robert SMichael Q42
Danny DAndy M31
Michael QAndy M31
Gianluca TKlaus Le60
Jan TKees V05
Danny DRobert S27
Kees VMichael Q50
Robert SGianluca T16
Andy MJan T15
Klaus LeDanny D30
Jan TMichael Q23
Gianluca TDanny D60
Klaus LeRobert S32
Kees VAndy M30

Round 2 - Group E
Team ATeam BABExtra
Steve CJacob K21
Robert SJames B10
James BSteve C30
Robert SJacob K45
Steve CRobert S32
Jacob KJames B22

Round 2 - Group F
Team ATeam BABExtra
Alkis PRiemer P70
Anthony KKees V03
Kees VAlkis P34
Anthony KRiemer P04
Alkis PAnthony K50
Riemer PKees V32

Round 2 - Group G
Team ATeam BABExtra
Mark PKlaus Le51
Martin BGunther W01
Gunther WMark P07
Martin BKlaus Le22
Mark PMartin B32
Klaus LeGunther W32

Round 2 - Group H
Team ATeam BABExtra
Gianluca TVasilis K72
James LNazim C01
Nazim CGianluca T14
James LVasilis K10
Gianluca TJames L41
Vasilis KNazim C23

Quarter Finals
Team ATeam BABExtra
Riemer PSteve C11
Steve CRiemer P01
James BAlkis P13
Alkis PJames B11
Nazim CMark P42
Mark PNazim C74
Klaus LeGianluca T13
Gianluca TKlaus Le51

Semi Finals
Team ATeam BABExtra
Riemer PAlkis P15
Alkis PRiemer P41
Mark PGianluca T63
Gianluca TMark P43

3rd Place Final
Team ATeam BABExtra
Gianluca TRiemer P51

Team ATeam BABExtra
Mark PAlkis P36

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