Wolverhampton - held in England on 17/05/2003


1Martin J1614111164043
2Trevor D161312853740
3Steve C16934714330
4Robert S16925565429
5James L16835605127
6Paul M16529295417
7Mark W16439293915
8Greg N16211327727
9Haydn H160016181010

Team ATeam BABExtra
Martin JRobert S92
Trevor DSteve C43
Haydn HPaul M25
Greg NMark W03
Robert SSteve C34
James LMartin J37
Paul MTrevor D37
Greg NHaydn H50
James LRobert S34
Steve CPaul M40
Martin JMark W52
Trevor DGreg N42
Robert SPaul M33
Mark WJames L33
Greg NSteve C22
Haydn HMartin J36
Mark WRobert S12
Paul MGreg N31
James LHaydn H54
Martin JTrevor D73
Robert SGreg N32
Haydn HMark W02
Trevor DJames L50
Martin JSteve C86
Haydn HRobert S27
Mark WTrevor D13
Paul MMartin J27
James LSteve C44
Trevor DHaydn H130
Martin JGreg N111
Steve CMark W51
James LPaul M31
Trevor DRobert S42
Haydn HSteve C07
Greg NJames L16
Mark WPaul M11
Robert SMartin J27
Steve CTrevor D63
Paul MHaydn H51
Mark WGreg N21
Steve CRobert S24
Martin JJames L91
Trevor DPaul M60
Haydn HGreg N13
Robert SJames L18
Paul MSteve C04
Mark WMartin J33
Greg NTrevor D13
Paul MRobert S13
James LMark W21
Steve CGreg N93
Martin JHaydn H100
Robert SMark W20
Greg NPaul M02
Haydn HJames L26
Trevor DMartin J73
Greg NRobert S26
Mark WHaydn H61
James LTrevor D25
Steve CMartin J37
Robert SHaydn H71
Trevor DMark W72
Martin JPaul M80
Steve CJames L33
Haydn HTrevor D06
Greg NMartin J29
Mark WSteve C01
Paul MJames L03
Robert STrevor D55
Steve CHaydn H81
James LGreg N81
Paul MMark W31

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