Vienna I - held in Austria on 22/05/2010


1Frank F1515001081545
2Klaus Le151005434130
3Helmut H15726343923
4Thorsten B15717394022
5Michael Ma15131127676
6Michael F15041114634

Team ATeam BABExtra
Klaus LeMichael F31
Helmut HThorsten B32
Michael MaFrank F29
Helmut HKlaus Le23
Michael MaMichael F22
Frank FThorsten B41
Klaus LeMichael Ma82
Frank FHelmut H70
Thorsten BMichael F41
Frank FKlaus Le111
Thorsten BMichael Ma63
Michael FHelmut H22
Klaus LeThorsten B31
Michael FFrank F08
Helmut HMichael Ma30
Michael FKlaus Le02
Thorsten BHelmut H10
Frank FMichael Ma81
Klaus LeHelmut H13
Michael FMichael Ma22
Thorsten BFrank F27
Michael MaKlaus Le02
Helmut HFrank F15
Michael FThorsten B15
Klaus LeFrank F08
Michael MaThorsten B21
Helmut HMichael F51
Thorsten BKlaus Le04
Frank FMichael F70
Michael MaHelmut H34
Klaus LeMichael F51
Helmut HThorsten B22
Michael MaFrank F211
Helmut HKlaus Le04
Michael MaMichael F11
Frank FThorsten B63
Klaus LeMichael Ma43
Frank FHelmut H41
Thorsten BMichael F61
Frank FKlaus Le61
Thorsten BMichael Ma21
Michael FHelmut H14
Klaus LeThorsten B23
Michael FFrank F07
Helmut HMichael Ma43

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The next KOA tournament will be Birmingham XLIV, organised by Mark W, which will be held on the 3rd August 2014 in UK CHAMPIONSHIPS 2014
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