Stoke - held in England on 30/07/2005


1James B151302612739
2Rikki F1512121003537
3Lee M151122823735
4Steve C151104913833
5Ben G151023843332
6Martin B151023794732
7Robert S151005795030
8Jon G15906744427
9Paul M15708515221
10Haydn H15519395216
11Mark W15429335414
12Nick H153111198310
13Mark E15231019639
14Mark D15231013599
15Mark B15131119876
16Pete S1500155870

Team ATeam BABExtra
Robert SHaydn H63
Robert SMark B122
Robert SMark W61
Robert SMartin B80
Robert SJames B25
Robert SPaul M51
Robert SMark D40
Robert SNick H81
Robert SBen G49
Robert SJon G65
Robert SRikki F410
Robert SSteve C38
Robert SMark E31
Robert SLee M34
Robert SPete S50
Haydn HMark B31
Haydn HMark W13
Haydn HMartin B27
Haydn HJames B23
Haydn HPaul M27
Haydn HMark D21
Haydn HNick H31
Haydn HBen G25
Haydn HJon G05
Haydn HRikki F23
Haydn HSteve C45
Haydn HMark E41
Haydn HLee M44
Haydn HPete S50
Mark BMark W13
Mark BMartin B15
Mark BJames B08
Mark BPaul M15
Mark BMark D11
Mark BNick H22
Mark BBen G08
Mark BJon G210
Mark BRikki F010
Mark BSteve C110
Mark BMark E33
Mark BLee M06
Mark BPete S41
Mark WMartin B24
Mark WJames B34
Mark WPaul M13
Mark WMark D11
Mark WNick H21
Mark WBen G46
Mark WJon G13
Mark WRikki F34
Mark WSteve C011
Mark WMark E11
Mark WLee M28
Mark WPete S60
Martin BJames B34
Martin BPaul M53
Martin BMark D50
Martin BNick H91
Martin BBen G55
Martin BJon G73
Martin BRikki F76
Martin BSteve C56
Martin BMark E62
Martin BLee M44
Martin BPete S70
James BPaul M14
James BMark D70
James BNick H51
James BBen G32
James BJon G31
James BRikki F24
James BSteve C42
James BMark E21
James BLee M72
James BPete S30
Paul MMark D13
Paul MNick H51
Paul MBen G18
Paul MJon G32
Paul MRikki F27
Paul MSteve C56
Paul MMark E12
Paul MLee M58
Paul MPete S50
Mark DNick H12
Mark DBen G08
Mark DJon G15
Mark DRikki F08
Mark DSteve C07
Mark DMark E22
Mark DLee M15
Mark DPete S21
Nick HBen G06
Nick HJon G27
Nick HRikki F016
Nick HSteve C111
Nick HMark E20
Nick HLee M18
Nick HPete S30
Ben GJon G36
Ben GRikki F33
Ben GSteve C40
Ben GMark E61
Ben GLee M23
Ben GPete S91
Jon GRikki F35
Jon GSteve C64
Jon GMark E91
Jon GLee M45
Jon GPete S51
Rikki FSteve C45
Rikki FMark E61
Rikki FLee M43
Rikki FPete S100
Steve CMark E80
Steve CLee M01
Steve CPete S80
Mark ELee M09
Mark EPete S31
Lee MPete S120

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