Sheffield - held in England on 2/08/2003


1Martin J3229122316788
2Rikki F3228132278185
3Trevor D3223271639871
4Robert S3221381539366
5Steve C32202101429362
6James B32184101158858
7Martin B321831114810357
8James L321821213410256
9Dan S321511610211446
10Nazim C321411712914143
11Malcolm A321131810413736
12Mark W32105178611835
13Jacob K3291228912128
14Paul A3276196914227
15Jon G3281236515625
16Andy B3241274214013
17Nick H320131242291

Team ATeam BABExtra
Rikki FRobert S96
James BJacob K40
Martin BJames L53
Paul AMalcolm A35
Mark WMartin J26
Nazim CSteve C54
Dan SAndy B10
Jon GNick H32
Robert SJacob K64
James LRikki F58
Malcolm AJames B23
Trevor DMartin B64
Martin JPaul A111
Andy BMark W12
Nick HNazim C08
Jon GDan S14
James LRobert S53
Jacob KMalcolm A21
Rikki FTrevor D82
James BMartin J16
Martin BSteve C41
Paul AAndy B21
Mark WJon G61
Nazim CDan S42
Robert SMalcolm A63
Trevor DJames L72
Martin JJacob K40
Steve CRikki F41
Andy BJames B13
Nick HMartin B36
Jon GPaul A72
Nazim CMark W62
Trevor DRobert S32
Malcolm AMartin J25
James LSteve C53
Jacob KAndy B40
Rikki FNick H110
James BJon G42
Martin BDan S72
Paul ANazim C64
Robert SMartin J24
Steve CTrevor D26
Andy BMalcolm A23
Nick HJames L19
Jon GJacob K20
Dan SRikki F65
Nazim CJames B43
Mark WMartin B33
Steve CRobert S35
Martin JAndy B72
Trevor DNick H100
Malcolm AJon G92
James LDan S43
Jacob KNazim C30
Rikki FMark W70
Martin BPaul A82
Robert SAndy B71
Nick HSteve C16
Jon GMartin J38
Dan STrevor D47
Nazim CMalcolm A62
Mark WJames L21
Paul ARikki F28
Martin BJames B11
Nick HRobert S17
Andy BJon G02
Steve CDan S55
Martin JNazim C73
Trevor DMark W32
James LPaul A61
Jacob KMartin B34
Rikki FJames B44
Robert SJon G71
Dan SNick H50
Nazim CAndy B52
Mark WSteve C22
Paul ATrevor D33
Martin BMalcolm A53
James BJames L27
Rikki FJacob K82
Dan SRobert S35
Jon GNazim C32
Nick HMark W27
Steve CPaul A21
Martin JMartin B72
Trevor DJames B52
Malcolm ARikki F45
James LJacob K62
Robert SNazim C52
Mark WDan S43
Paul ANick H33
Martin BAndy B73
James BSteve C32
Rikki FMartin J73
Jacob KTrevor D24
James LMalcolm A23
Mark WRobert S24
Dan SPaul A41
Jon GMartin B26
Nick HJames B06
Andy BRikki F04
Steve CJacob K82
Martin JJames L62
Trevor DMalcolm A122
Paul AMark W22
Martin BNazim C62
James BDan S43
Rikki FJon G60
Jacob KNick H80
James LAndy B80
Malcolm ASteve C28
Trevor DMartin J23
Paul ARobert S17
Mark WJames B12
Nazim CRikki F710
Dan SJacob K53
Jon GJames L39
Nick HMalcolm A06
Andy BTrevor D33
Steve CMartin J17
Robert SMartin B52
James BPaul A33
Jacob KMark W62
James LNazim C82
Malcolm ADan S25
Trevor DJon G62
Martin JNick H91
Steve CAndy B80
James BRobert S36
Martin BRikki F49
Paul AJacob K21
Mark WMalcolm A53
Nazim CTrevor D14
Dan SMartin J23
Jon GSteve C16
Nick HAndy B02
Robert SRikki F23
Jacob KJames B34
James LMartin B54
Malcolm APaul A50
Martin JMark W82
Steve CNazim C104
Andy BDan S12
Nick HJon G02
Jacob KRobert S60
Rikki FJames L42
James BMalcolm A62
Martin BTrevor D34
Paul AMartin J43
Mark WAndy B80
Nazim CNick H71
Dan SJon G54
Robert SJames L62
Malcolm AJacob K72
Trevor DRikki F67
Martin JJames B73
Steve CMartin B21
Andy BPaul A23
Jon GMark W24
Dan SNazim C03
Malcolm ARobert S32
James LTrevor D36
Jacob KMartin J25
Rikki FSteve C113
James BAndy B82
Martin BNick H101
Paul AJon G33
Mark WNazim C25
Robert STrevor D43
Martin JMalcolm A121
Steve CJames L62
Andy BJacob K41
Nick HRikki F014
Jon GJames B10
Dan SMartin B63
Nazim CPaul A83
Martin JRobert S44
Trevor DSteve C37
Malcolm AAndy B34
James LNick H52
Jacob KJon G81
Rikki FDan S81
James BNazim C60
Martin BMark W71
Robert SSteve C54
Andy BMartin J111
Nick HTrevor D06
Jon GMalcolm A13
Dan SJames L10
Nazim CJacob K52
Mark WRikki F17
Paul AMartin B25
Andy BRobert S05
Steve CNick H80
Martin JJon G100
Trevor DDan S51
Malcolm ANazim C64
James LMark W71
Rikki FPaul A101
James BMartin B76
Robert SNick H100
Jon GAndy B31
Dan SSteve C04
Nazim CMartin J39
Mark WTrevor D35
Paul AJames L02
Martin BJacob K41
James BRikki F03
Jon GRobert S25
Nick HDan S19
Andy BNazim C05
Steve CMark W53
Trevor DPaul A51
Malcolm AMartin B22
James LJames B41
Jacob KRikki F49
Robert SDan S63
Nazim CJon G133
Mark WNick H70
Paul ASteve C13
Martin BMartin J38
James BTrevor D53
Rikki FMalcolm A122
Jacob KJames L35
Nazim CRobert S26
Dan SMark W43
Nick HPaul A14
Andy BMartin B13
Steve CJames B31
Martin JRikki F43
Trevor DJacob K81
Malcolm AJames L33
Robert SMark W71
Paul ADan S32
Martin BJon G101
James BNick H120
Rikki FAndy B71
Jacob KSteve C17
James LMartin J48
Malcolm ATrevor D56
Mark WPaul A32
Nazim CMartin B16
Dan SJames B12
Jon GRikki F24
Nick HJacob K15
Andy BJames L23
Steve CMalcolm A42
Martin JTrevor D101
Robert SPaul A44
James BMark W62
Rikki FNazim C113
Jacob KDan S14
James LJon G21
Malcolm ANick H43
Trevor DAndy B61
Martin JSteve C81
Martin BRobert S72
Paul AJames B24
Mark WJacob K00
Nazim CJames L33
Dan SMalcolm A43
Jon GTrevor D37
Nick HMartin J016
Andy BSteve C06
Robert SJames B22
Rikki FMartin B40
Jacob KPaul A71
Malcolm AMark W11
Trevor DNazim C62
Martin JDan S122
Steve CJon G41
Andy BNick H40

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