Seeshaupt V - held in Germany on 11/09/2011


1Frank F770055221
2Thorsten B760131618
3Klaus Le7502401215
4Robert St740381512
5Jorg D52123117
6Andreas M52122127
7Jorg A51221185
8Herbert K51132144
9Tim R51131164
10Thomas H51046133
11Markus B51042163
12Norbert K50050160


Round 1 Group A
Team ATeam BABExtra
Jorg AKlaus Le09
Tim RThorsten B07
Norbert KAndreas M01
Tim RJorg A00
Norbert KKlaus Le08
Andreas MThorsten B03
Jorg ANorbert K10
Andreas MTim R10
Thorsten BKlaus Le42
Andreas MJorg A00
Thorsten BNorbert K50
Klaus LeTim R80
Jorg AThorsten B09
Klaus LeAndreas M90
Tim RNorbert K10

Round 1 Group B
Team ATeam BABExtra
Thomas HFrank F18
Jorg DRobert St01
Herbert KMarkus B01
Jorg DThomas H10
Herbert KFrank F09
Markus BRobert St01
Thomas HHerbert K12
Markus BJorg D12
Robert StFrank F09
Markus BThomas H04
Robert StHerbert K30
Frank FJorg D90
Thomas HRobert St02
Frank FMarkus B90
Jorg DHerbert K00

Semi Finals
Team ATeam BABExtra
Thorsten BRobert St30
Frank FKlaus Le71

3rd Place Final
Team ATeam BABExtra
Robert StKlaus Le13

Team ATeam BABExtra
Frank FThorsten B40

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The next KOA tournament will be Birmingham XLIV, organised by Mark W, which will be held on the 3rd August 2014 in UK CHAMPIONSHIPS 2014
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