Reading IX - held in England on 20/04/2007


1Robert S141400882642
2Mark B141202802836
3Mandhir S14905494827
4Garry C14716443522
5Steve E14527314217
6Darren G14509314715
7Randhir S14111222724
8Rob H14021215622

Team ATeam BABExtra
Randhir SMark B03
Mandhir SSteve E21
Darren GRobert S15
Garry CRob H60
Mandhir SRandhir S93
Darren GMark B36
Garry CSteve E30
Rob HRobert S08
Randhir SDarren G14
Garry CMandhir S24
Rob HMark B07
Robert SSteve E32
Garry CRandhir S31
Rob HDarren G03
Robert SMandhir S73
Steve EMark B16
Randhir SRob H22
Robert SGarry C73
Steve EDarren G31
Mark BMandhir S61
Robert SRandhir S91
Steve ERob H21
Mark BGarry C43
Mandhir SDarren G43
Randhir SSteve E25
Mark BRobert S58
Mandhir SRob H31
Darren GGarry C23
Mark BRandhir S82
Steve EMandhir S43
Robert SDarren G62
Rob HGarry C16
Randhir SMandhir S24
Mark BDarren G81
Steve EGarry C11
Robert SRob H52
Darren GRandhir S40
Mandhir SGarry C51
Mark BRob H72
Steve ERobert S24
Randhir SGarry C16
Darren GRob H20
Mandhir SRobert S26
Mark BSteve E72
Rob HRandhir S24
Garry CRobert S17
Darren GSteve E42
Mandhir SMark B09
Randhir SRobert S09
Rob HSteve E22
Garry CMark B12
Darren GMandhir S14
Steve ERandhir S43
Robert SMark B42
Rob HMandhir S25
Garry CDarren G50

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The next KOA tournament will be Birmingham XLIV, organised by Mark W, which will be held on the 3rd August 2014 in UK CHAMPIONSHIPS 2014
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