Newent V - held in England on 25/03/2004


1Martin J12921803629
2Martin B12813724025
3Trevor D12723565023
4Ben G12606484718
5James B12507534515
6Jon G12417425513
7Nick H12001215930

Team ATeam BABExtra
James BJon G41
Martin BBen G92
Martin JNick H90
Jon GBen G56
Nick HMartin B08
Martin JTrevor D84
Ben GNick H80
James BMartin J64
Martin BTrevor D94
Jon GNick H61
Trevor DBen G32
Martin BJames B75
Martin JJon G61
Nick HTrevor D24
Ben GJames B31
Jon GTrevor D44
Martin BMartin J44
James BNick H90
Martin BJon G81
Trevor DJames B53
Martin JBen G72
Jon GJames B43
Ben GMartin B21
Nick HMartin J210
Ben GJon G30
Martin BNick H63
Trevor DMartin J44
Nick HBen G110
Martin JJames B65
Trevor DMartin B28
Nick HJon G37
Ben GTrevor D46
James BMartin B36
Jon GMartin J45
Trevor DNick H91
James BBen G54
Trevor DJon G83
Martin JMartin B82
Nick HJames B27
Jon GMartin B64
James BTrevor D23
Ben GMartin J29

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