Newent II - held in England on 26/11/2003


1Martin B101000591530
2Robert S10613392619
3James B10613302119
4Mark W10424242414
5Nazim C1020827346
6Pete S1000103620

Team ATeam BABExtra
Nazim CMark W14
Martin BPete S71
James BRobert S53
Mark WPete S41
Robert SNazim C43
James BMartin B13
Robert SMark W62
Pete SJames B08
Nazim CMartin B15
Mark WJames B12
Martin BRobert S93
Nazim CPete S50
Martin BMark W51
James BNazim C53
Robert SPete S70
Mark WNazim C32
Pete SMartin B08
Robert SJames B10
Pete SMark W06
Nazim CRobert S13
Martin BJames B60
Mark WRobert S00
James BPete S30
Martin BNazim C53
James BMark W22
Robert SMartin B46
Pete SNazim C16
Mark WMartin B15
Nazim CJames B24
Pete SRobert S08

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The next KOA tournament will be Birmingham XLIV, organised by Mark W, which will be held on the 3rd August 2014 in UK CHAMPIONSHIPS 2014
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