Milan XXIII - held in Italy on 10/05/2008


1Gianni T1615101383846
2Luigi F1613211215641
3Panayotis P1612131205337
4Luca F161213875137
5Marco D161114784634
6John H1610241035432
7Sandro T161024824932
8Robert S161006875130
9Alessandro V16907856727
10Maurizio L16808606224
11Angelo S165110407016
12Volker B164111287213
13Flavio Z163211327211
14Thorsten B16221222908
15Alessandro Gu16111413954
16Simone C161114111014
17Alessandro C1602149892

Team ATeam BABExtra
Alessandro VJohn H57
Alessandro GuRobert S17
Luigi FSimone C130
Marco DLuca F55
Maurizio LFlavio Z62
Sandro TAngelo S70
Gianni TThorsten B83
Panayotis PVolker B103
Alessandro GuAlessandro C10
Luigi FJohn H44
Marco DRobert S43
Maurizio LSimone C61
Sandro TLuca F34
Gianni TFlavio Z73
Panayotis PAngelo S103
Volker BThorsten B50
Luigi FAlessandro V108
Marco DAlessandro C70
Maurizio LJohn H17
Sandro TRobert S64
Gianni TSimone C81
Panayotis PLuca F65
Volker BFlavio Z21
Thorsten BAngelo S12
Marco DAlessandro Gu91
Maurizio LAlessandro V35
Sandro TAlessandro C60
Gianni TJohn H106
Panayotis PRobert S45
Volker BSimone C31
Thorsten BLuca F27
Angelo SFlavio Z22
Maurizio LLuigi F49
Sandro TAlessandro Gu61
Gianni TAlessandro V113
Panayotis PAlessandro C102
Volker BJohn H04
Thorsten BRobert S07
Angelo SSimone C30
Flavio ZLuca F07
Sandro TMarco D45
Gianni TLuigi F77
Panayotis PAlessandro Gu110
Volker BAlessandro V23
Thorsten BAlessandro C00
Angelo SJohn H17
Flavio ZRobert S16
Luca FSimone C71
Gianni TMaurizio L73
Panayotis PMarco D63
Volker BLuigi F37
Thorsten BAlessandro Gu32
Angelo SAlessandro V23
Flavio ZAlessandro C21
Luca FJohn H65
Simone CRobert S09
Panayotis PSandro T55
Volker BMaurizio L15
Thorsten BMarco D06
Angelo SLuigi F29
Flavio ZAlessandro Gu41
Luca FAlessandro V65
Simone CAlessandro C30
Robert SJohn H63
Volker BGianni T011
Thorsten BSandro T110
Angelo SMaurizio L35
Flavio ZMarco D35
Luca FLuigi F47
Simone CAlessandro Gu11
Robert SAlessandro V57
John HAlessandro C82
Thorsten BPanayotis P011
Angelo SGianni T19
Flavio ZSandro T24
Luca FMaurizio L42
Simone CMarco D16
Robert SLuigi F57
John HAlessandro Gu80
Alessandro CAlessandro V08
Angelo SVolker B31
Flavio ZPanayotis P08
Luca FGianni T110
Simone CSandro T06
Robert SMaurizio L71
John HMarco D54
Alessandro CLuigi F07
Alessandro VAlessandro Gu81
Flavio ZThorsten B22
Luca FVolker B60
Simone CPanayotis P010
Robert SGianni T56
John HSandro T55
Alessandro CMaurizio L15
Alessandro VMarco D35
Alessandro GuLuigi F011
Luca FAngelo S52
Simone CThorsten B14
Robert SVolker B71
John HPanayotis P56
Alessandro CGianni T011
Alessandro VSandro T35
Alessandro GuMaurizio L05
Luigi FMarco D53
Simone CFlavio Z05
Robert SAngelo S43
John HThorsten B102
Alessandro CVolker B11
Alessandro VPanayotis P48
Alessandro GuGianni T110
Luigi FSandro T43
Marco DMaurizio L42
Robert SLuca F26
John HFlavio Z71
Alessandro CAngelo S16
Alessandro VThorsten B81
Alessandro GuVolker B12
Luigi FPanayotis P38
Marco DGianni T16
Maurizio LSandro T35
John HSimone C121
Alessandro CLuca F09
Alessandro VFlavio Z41
Alessandro GuAngelo S15
Luigi FThorsten B82
Marco DVolker B60
Maurizio LPanayotis P65
Sandro TGianni T18
Alessandro CRobert S15
Alessandro VSimone C80
Alessandro GuLuca F15
Luigi FFlavio Z103
Marco DAngelo S52
Maurizio LThorsten B31
Sandro TVolker B64
Gianni TPanayotis P92

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