Milan XVII - held in Italy on 23/09/2006


1Luigi F101000683330
2Gianni T10712653822
3Marco D12615495319
4Mario F10325425611
5Alessandro V812522365
6Fabio F12426434514
7Maurizio L1010928563


Round 1
Team ATeam BABExtra
Fabio FMaurizio L51
Gianni TMarco D61
Luigi FMario F93
Marco DFabio F83
Maurizio LGianni T36
Alessandro VLuigi F38
Gianni TFabio F75
Maurizio LMarco D52
Alessandro VMario F36
Marco DGianni T37
Maurizio LFabio F35
Mario FLuigi F46
Fabio FMarco D34
Gianni TMaurizio L102
Luigi FAlessandro V72
Fabio FGianni T35
Marco DMaurizio L43
Mario FAlessandro V63

Quarter Finals
Team ATeam BABExtra
Mario FFabio F33
Fabio FMario F45
Marco DAlessandro V54
Alessandro VMarco D33
Luigi FMaurizio L53
Maurizio LLuigi F38

Semi Finals
Team ATeam BABExtra
Gianni TMario F113
Mario FGianni T55
Luigi FMarco D73
Marco DLuigi F45

Playouts 5-7
Team ATeam BABExtra
Maurizio LFabio F23
Fabio FMaurizio L83

5th Place Final
Team ATeam BABExtra
Fabio FAlessandro V11
Alessandro VFabio F30

3rd Place Final
Team ATeam BABExtra
Mario FMarco D36
Marco DMario F64

Team ATeam BABExtra
Gianni TLuigi F25
Luigi FGianni T86

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