Milan XIX - held in Italy on 24/02/2007


1Gianni T1513111064040
2Mario F151311874140
3Robert S151203674136
4Spyros P151104914133
5Marco D151014673331
6Michael O15933673530
7Fabio F15807655224
8Sandro T15735555324
9Thomas K15708464821
10Maurizio L15618536119
11Alessandro V15537545518
12Sascha W154110535613
13Andrej S153111276910
14Sascha S15211216827
15Michael Mu15021318862
16Thorsten B1502138872

Team ATeam BABExtra
Alessandro VMario F04
Fabio FSascha S71
Gianni TRobert S75
Marco DMaurizio L62
Michael OAndrej S30
Sandro TSpyros P64
Thomas KMichael Mu30
Thorsten BSascha W11
Andrej SThomas K14
Mario FSandro T63
Maurizio LThorsten B91
Michael MuFabio F18
Robert SMarco D42
Sascha SGianni T09
Sascha WAlessandro V35
Spyros PMichael O63
Alessandro VMaurizio L55
Fabio FAndrej S81
Gianni TMichael Mu102
Marco DSascha S51
Mario FSascha W53
Sandro TMichael O22
Thomas KSpyros P35
Thorsten BRobert S09
Andrej SGianni T19
Maurizio LMario F27
Michael MuMarco D18
Michael OThomas K10
Robert SAlessandro V62
Sascha SThorsten B30
Sascha WSandro T32
Spyros PFabio F62
Alessandro VSascha S52
Fabio FMichael O17
Gianni TSpyros P86
Marco DAndrej S41
Mario FRobert S94
Sandro TThomas K54
Sascha WMaurizio L35
Thorsten BMichael Mu11
Andrej SThorsten B21
Maurizio LSandro T63
Michael MuAlessandro V11
Michael OGianni T45
Robert SSascha W42
Sascha SMario F07
Spyros PMarco D34
Thomas KFabio F43
Alessandro VAndrej S60
Gianni TThomas K73
Marco DMichael O34
Mario FMichael Mu50
Maurizio LRobert S12
Sandro TFabio F54
Sascha WSascha S120
Thorsten BSpyros P18
Andrej SMario F45
Fabio FGianni T110
Michael MuSascha W111
Michael OThorsten B90
Robert SSandro T53
Sascha SMaurizio L06
Spyros PAlessandro V53
Thomas KMarco D26
Alessandro VMichael O33
Marco DFabio F51
Mario FSpyros P85
Maurizio LMichael Mu62
Robert SSascha S61
Sandro TGianni T16
Sascha WAndrej S60
Thorsten BThomas K13
Andrej SMaurizio L34
Fabio FThorsten B70
Gianni TMarco D22
Michael MuRobert S24
Michael OMario F44
Sascha SSandro T22
Spyros PSascha W81
Thomas KAlessandro V46
Alessandro VFabio F35
Mario FThomas K61
Maurizio LSpyros P08
Robert SAndrej S51
Sandro TMarco D43
Sascha SMichael Mu31
Sascha WMichael O23
Thorsten BGianni T18
Andrej SSascha S41
Fabio FMario F62
Gianni TAlessandro V53
Marco DThorsten B80
Michael MuSandro T25
Michael OMaurizio L72
Spyros PRobert S31
Thomas KSascha W51
Alessandro VMarco D35
Mario FGianni T87
Maurizio LThomas K24
Michael MuAndrej S37
Robert SMichael O43
Sandro TThorsten B61
Sascha SSpyros P07
Sascha WFabio F27
Fabio FMaurizio L31
Gianni TSascha W61
Marco DMario F23
Michael OSascha S82
Sandro TAndrej S11
Spyros PMichael Mu80
Thomas KRobert S34
Thorsten BAlessandro V05
Alessandro VSandro T47
Andrej SSpyros P19
Mario FThorsten B80
Maurizio LGianni T27
Michael MuMichael O16
Robert SFabio F42
Sascha SThomas K03
Sascha WMarco D24

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