Manchester II - held in England on 29/07/2006


1Dan C141301723939
2Ben G141121782135
3Jon G141121582535
4Robert S141022682832
5James L14914524528
6Steve C14824654326
7Ben C14725423823
8Paul M14446314816
9Mark W14437274215
10Mark B14428344914
11Haydn H14419385313
12Wayne L14338345412
13Steve B14221025588
14Garry C14111212504
15Simon K14011321641

Team ATeam BABExtra
Steve BHaydn H30
Jon GSteve C44
Mark BJames L05
Wayne LHaydn H32
Mark BPaul M40
Simon KBen G09
Dan CGarry C40
Robert SWayne L32
Paul MJon G00
Ben CSimon K21
Paul MBen C81
Ben GDan C82
Paul MRobert S08
Garry CMark B13
James LHaydn H81
Wayne LSteve B24
Steve CMark W64
Dan CBen C42
Haydn HDan C36
Jon GSteve B51
Ben GSteve C51
Mark WJames L12
Garry CSteve C14
Wayne LMark W22
Steve CPaul M70
Steve CSimon K41
Simon KWayne L45
James LJon G37
Haydn HGarry C41
Jon GMark B61
Robert SMark B32
Ben CSteve B30
Mark WBen C15
Steve BRobert S06
Ben GMark W30
Mark BSteve C26
Robert SBen G44
Steve BMark W14
Mark WHaydn H54
Dan CSteve B61
Haydn HSimon K51
Ben CGarry C50
Simon KJon G37
James LRobert S19
Haydn HMark B31
Ben GBen C33
Garry CRobert S17
Mark WSimon K21
Paul MWayne L22
Wayne LJames L35
Jon GGarry C41
Wayne LBen G04
Dan CSimon K51
Robert SMark W20
Garry CWayne L12
Steve BJames L14
Ben CJames L13
Mark BMark W33
Simon KSteve B33
Steve CWayne L63
Mark WGarry C10
Jon GRobert S32
James LDan C16
Steve CDan C56
Ben CMark B21
Mark WJon G04
Dan CPaul M61
Steve CHaydn H71
Robert SSteve C44
Paul MBen G35
Garry CBen G05
James LSimon K52
Simon KGarry C12
Steve BGarry C22
Simon KMark B28
Haydn HPaul M40
Ben CJon G23
Ben GSteve B91
Robert SHaydn H84
Dan CJon G43
Mark BWayne L22
Garry CJames L26
Paul MMark W22
Jon GBen G32
Ben GHaydn H53
Steve BPaul M45
Ben GMark B100
Mark BDan C24
Haydn HBen C22
Robert SBen C41
James LBen G16
Jon GWayne L60
Mark WDan C27
Wayne LDan C56
Simon KPaul M14
Ben CSteve C65
Wayne LBen C37
Steve BSteve C24
Haydn HJon G23
Paul MJames L44
Dan CRobert S65
Simon KRobert S03
Steve CJames L24
Mark BSteve B52
Garry CPaul M02

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The next KOA tournament will be Birmingham XLIV, organised by Mark W, which will be held on the 3rd August 2014 in UK CHAMPIONSHIPS 2014
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