Lund II - held in Sweden on 10/10/2009


1Dagh N121200941936
2John H121002813230
3Jacob K12804434024
4Torgny A12327265411
5Regis B12318345810
6Volker B12318286110
7Thorsten B12021016582

Team ATeam BABExtra
John HRegis B73
Dagh NVolker B120
Torgny AThorsten B30
Dagh NJacob K81
Torgny ARegis B12
Thorsten BVolker B25
Torgny AJohn H311
Thorsten BJacob K15
Volker BRegis B53
Thorsten BDagh N09
Volker BJohn H28
Regis BJacob K23
Volker BTorgny A35
Regis BDagh N310
Jacob KJohn H17
Regis BThorsten B40
Jacob KTorgny A60
John HDagh N25
Jacob KVolker B41
John HThorsten B81
Dagh NTorgny A51
Regis BJohn H26
Volker BDagh N06
Thorsten BTorgny A11
Jacob KDagh N47
Regis BTorgny A44
Volker BThorsten B22
John HTorgny A81
Jacob KThorsten B43
Regis BVolker B25
Dagh NThorsten B81
John HVolker B94
Jacob KRegis B52
Torgny AVolker B41
Dagh NRegis B92
John HJacob K84
Thorsten BRegis B35
Torgny AJacob K12
Dagh NJohn H43
Volker BJacob K04
Thorsten BJohn H24
Torgny ADagh N211

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