London X - held in England on 19/07/2003


1Robert S12822683626
2Steve C12732584124
3Simon B12417384913
4Nazim C1212924625

Team ATeam BABExtra
Steve CNazim C51
Robert SSimon B91
Nazim CSimon B43
Robert SSteve C33
Robert SNazim C100
Simon BSteve C37
Nazim CSteve C26
Simon BRobert S42
Simon BNazim C51
Steve CRobert S44
Nazim CRobert S14
Steve CSimon B54
Steve CNazim C63
Robert SSimon B36
Nazim CSimon B15
Robert SSteve C84
Robert SNazim C71
Simon BSteve C13
Nazim CSteve C44
Simon BRobert S36
Simon BNazim C22
Steve CRobert S57
Nazim CRobert S45
Steve CSimon B61

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The next KOA tournament will be Birmingham XLIV, organised by Mark W, which will be held on the 3rd August 2014 in UK CHAMPIONSHIPS 2014
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