Koenigswinter XIX - held in Germany on 17/04/2010


1Oliver St1212001071336
2Cornelius H12912451428
3Carsten P12615523819
4Volker B12606483518
5Michael L12507274415
6Patrick S1220108676
7Udo T12101110863

Team ATeam BABExtra
Michael LUdo T51
Oliver StVolker B42
Carsten PCornelius H22
Patrick SUdo T32
Michael LVolker B14
Oliver StCarsten P81
Cornelius HPatrick S31
Carsten PVolker B24
Udo TOliver St015
Patrick SCarsten P15
Michael LCornelius H02
Volker BUdo T91
Oliver StMichael L101
Carsten PUdo T51
Cornelius HVolker B51
Michael LPatrick S50
Cornelius HOliver St23
Carsten PMichael L60
Volker BPatrick S81
Udo TCornelius H07
Patrick SOliver St016
Udo TMichael L16
Volker BOliver St39
Cornelius HCarsten P71
Udo TPatrick S20
Volker BMichael L91
Carsten POliver St27
Patrick SCornelius H07
Volker BCarsten P25
Oliver StUdo T160
Carsten PPatrick S100
Cornelius HMichael L20
Udo TVolker B15
Michael LOliver St26
Udo TCarsten P110
Volker BCornelius H03
Patrick SMichael L01
Oliver StCornelius H60
Michael LCarsten P53
Patrick SVolker B21
Cornelius HUdo T50
Oliver StPatrick S70

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The next KOA tournament will be Birmingham XLIV, organised by Mark W, which will be held on the 3rd August 2014 in UK CHAMPIONSHIPS 2014
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