Kitchen III - held in England on 10/12/2002


1Steve C141121582535
2Robert S141022612732
3Martin B141022722732
4James B14626444220
5Andy E14536264018
6Andy H14428254314
7Mark W14221024468
8Haydn H1401138681

Team ATeam BABExtra
Andy HRobert S16
Andy EMark W43
Mark WHaydn H21
Haydn HJames B14
Martin BSteve C35
James BAndy E12
Robert SMartin B55
Steve CAndy H80
Robert SAndy E52
Haydn HAndy H02
James BRobert S32
Andy ESteve C22
Andy HJames B36
Mark WMartin B14
Steve CMark W42
Martin BHaydn H100
Robert SMark W52
Mark WAndy H03
Andy HAndy E13
James BSteve C02
Andy EMartin B13
Steve CHaydn H91
Martin BJames B41
Haydn HRobert S04
Andy EHaydn H51
Andy HMartin B45
Robert SSteve C35
Mark WJames B24
Robert SAndy H33
Mark WAndy E31
Haydn HMark W11
James BHaydn H61
Steve CMartin B11
Andy EJames B44
Martin BRobert S34
Andy HSteve C14
Andy ERobert S07
Andy HHaydn H41
Robert SJames B41
Steve CAndy E20
James BAndy H41
Martin BMark W81
Mark WSteve C45
Haydn HMartin B07
Mark WRobert S12
Andy HMark W20
Andy EAndy H00
Steve CJames B54
Martin BAndy E70
Haydn HSteve C05
James BMartin B49
Robert SHaydn H70
Haydn HAndy E12
Martin BAndy H30
Steve CRobert S14
James BMark W22

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The next KOA tournament will be Birmingham XLIV, organised by Mark W, which will be held on the 3rd August 2014 in UK CHAMPIONSHIPS 2014
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