Hertford VIII - held in England on 8/10/2008


1Mark B12822533726
2Wayne L12624493720
3Haydn H12426394814
4Darren G1222832518

Team ATeam BABExtra
Mark BHaydn H51
Wayne LDarren G31
Wayne LMark B70
Darren GHaydn H23
Mark BDarren G21
Haydn HWayne L38
Haydn HMark B47
Darren GWayne L22
Mark BWayne L53
Haydn HDarren G62
Darren GMark B16
Wayne LHaydn H30
Mark BHaydn H33
Wayne LDarren G75
Wayne LMark B63
Darren GHaydn H51
Mark BDarren G72
Haydn HWayne L33
Haydn HMark B35
Darren GWayne L52
Mark BWayne L51
Haydn HDarren G71
Darren GMark B55
Wayne LHaydn H45

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