Hamburg VI - held in Germany on 26/09/2009


1Frank F121011851931
2Tom S12714442822
3Heiko W12714413722
4Thorsten B12615322819
5Jan G12534393318
6Jan K1221910497
7Florian T1210119663

Team ATeam BABExtra
Jan GJan K23
Frank FFlorian T100
Tom SThorsten B21
Frank FHeiko W80
Tom SJan K51
Thorsten BFlorian T42
Tom SJan G54
Thorsten BHeiko W45
Florian TJan K21
Thorsten BFrank F15
Florian TJan G16
Jan KHeiko W05
Florian TTom S15
Jan KFrank F09
Heiko WJan G44
Jan KThorsten B06
Heiko WTom S15
Jan GFrank F22
Heiko WFlorian T51
Jan GThorsten B22
Frank FTom S73
Jan KJan G15
Florian TFrank F017
Thorsten BTom S10
Heiko WFrank F37
Jan KTom S00
Florian TThorsten B12
Jan GTom S53
Heiko WThorsten B23
Jan KFlorian T10
Frank FThorsten B42
Jan GFlorian T20
Heiko WJan K51
Tom SFlorian T90
Frank FJan K60
Jan GHeiko W13
Thorsten BJan K42
Tom SHeiko W24
Frank FJan G73
Florian THeiko W14
Thorsten BJan G23
Tom SFrank F53

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The next KOA tournament will be Birmingham XLIV, organised by Mark W, which will be held on the 3rd August 2014 in UK CHAMPIONSHIPS 2014
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