Duesseldorf III - held in Germany on 15/03/2009


1Oliver St660059718
2Frederic B6402241712
3Carsten P6312182110
4Volker B621314207
5Michael L620414266
6Cornelius H612314265
7Thomas Ni60247332

Team ATeam BABExtra
Volker BCornelius H34
Frederic BMichael L30
Thomas NiCarsten P13
Frederic BOliver St06
Thomas NiCornelius H11
Carsten PMichael L70
Thomas NiVolker B11
Carsten POliver St112
Michael LCornelius H43
Carsten PFrederic B35
Michael LVolker B23
Cornelius HOliver St210
Michael LThomas Ni80
Cornelius HFrederic B26
Oliver StVolker B71
Cornelius HCarsten P22
Oliver StThomas Ni143
Volker BFrederic B54
Oliver StMichael L100
Volker BCarsten P12
Frederic BThomas Ni61

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