Cologne IV - held in Germany on 16/03/2008


1Oliver St8620571820
2Volker B8413292913
3Frederic B8332262412
4Malte R830519329
5Thomas Ni802611392

Team ATeam BABExtra
Frederic BThomas Ni11
Volker BMalte R23
Volker BOliver St55
Malte RThomas Ni52
Malte RFrederic B23
Thomas NiOliver St18
Thomas NiVolker B04
Oliver StFrederic B60
Oliver StMalte R122
Frederic BVolker B81
Thomas NiFrederic B44
Malte RVolker B25
Oliver StVolker B64
Thomas NiMalte R13
Frederic BMalte R21
Oliver StThomas Ni111
Volker BThomas Ni31
Frederic BOliver St44
Malte ROliver St15
Volker BFrederic B54

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The next KOA tournament will be Birmingham XLIV, organised by Mark W, which will be held on the 3rd August 2014 in UK CHAMPIONSHIPS 2014
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