Cologne I - held in Germany on 22/09/2007


1Gianni T1919002022657
2Sascha W1914141185543
3Sandro T191504966145
4Thomas K201523833947
5Alessandro V2015141075246
6Oliver St19946886331
7Frank F201316897140
8Stefan V201226924038
9Haydn H201136684636
10Frederic B19829485326
11Denis H19919495528
12Jan G197111496822
13Heiko W209011506627
14Kai K209011528927
15Michael Mu196211486920
16Robin H207112527122
17Laurent L191117575734
18Volker B201037535133
19Thomas Ni207013445621
20Markus Ha207310495824
21Kai H206014337618
22Thorsten B195113326416
23Jan K19221510928
24Juan S2022164988
25Desiree R2101202991


Round 1
Team ATeam BABExtra
Kai KFrank F211
Desiree RHaydn H07
Heiko WKai H31
Thomas KMarkus Ha40
Robin HVolker B32
Alessandro VStefan V32
Desiree RThomas Ni04
Heiko WFrank F13
Thomas KHaydn H22
Robin HKai H51
Alessandro VMarkus Ha83
Stefan VVolker B141
Heiko WKai K01
Thomas KThomas Ni31
Robin HFrank F25
Alessandro VHaydn H42
Stefan VKai H61
Volker BMarkus Ha33
Thomas KDesiree R90
Robin HKai K20
Alessandro VThomas Ni70
Stefan VFrank F32
Volker BHaydn H14
Markus HaKai H61
Robin HHeiko W20
Alessandro VDesiree R30
Stefan VKai K42
Volker BThomas Ni52
Markus HaFrank F12
Kai HHaydn H14
Alessandro VThomas K34
Stefan VHeiko W90
Volker BDesiree R60
Markus HaKai K24
Kai HThomas Ni42
Haydn HFrank F24
Stefan VRobin H31
Volker BThomas K15
Markus HaHeiko W03
Kai HDesiree R20
Haydn HKai K13
Frank FThomas Ni62
Volker BAlessandro V14
Markus HaRobin H04
Kai HThomas K17
Haydn HHeiko W23
Frank FDesiree R90
Thomas NiKai K13
Markus HaStefan V08
Kai HAlessandro V18
Haydn HRobin H63
Frank FThomas K26
Thomas NiHeiko W23
Kai KDesiree R70
Kai HVolker B03
Haydn HStefan V44
Frank FAlessandro V311
Thomas NiRobin H41
Kai KThomas K05
Desiree RHeiko W04
Haydn HMarkus Ha61
Frank FVolker B42
Thomas NiStefan V18
Kai KAlessandro V211
Desiree RRobin H06
Heiko WThomas K26
Frank FKai H100
Thomas NiMarkus Ha13
Kai KVolker B23
Desiree RStefan V07
Heiko WAlessandro V25
Thomas KRobin H50
Thomas NiHaydn H34
Kai KKai H52
Desiree RMarkus Ha04
Heiko WVolker B21
Thomas KStefan V20
Robin HAlessandro V38
Sascha WMichael Mu63
Laurent LSandro T07
Jan GGianni T213
Jan KThorsten B12
Denis HOliver St34
Juan SFrederic B03
Laurent LSascha W07
Jan GMichael Mu45
Jan KSandro T18
Denis HGianni T111
Juan SThorsten B03
Frederic BOliver St44
Sascha WJan G71
Jan KLaurent L03
Denis HMichael Mu32
Juan SSandro T08
Frederic BGianni T18
Oliver StThorsten B60
Jan KSascha W015
Denis HJan G11
Juan SLaurent L07
Frederic BMichael Mu31
Oliver StSandro T34
Thorsten BGianni T08
Sascha WDenis H60
Juan SJan K00
Frederic BJan G34
Oliver StLaurent L73
Thorsten BMichael Mu23
Gianni TSandro T82
Juan SSascha W014
Frederic BDenis H21
Oliver StJan K110
Thorsten BJan G14
Gianni TLaurent L110
Sandro TMichael Mu53
Sascha WFrederic B52
Oliver StJuan S100
Thorsten BDenis H15
Gianni TJan K172
Sandro TJan G61
Michael MuLaurent L55
Oliver StSascha W67
Thorsten BFrederic B23
Gianni TJuan S150
Sandro TDenis H30
Michael MuJan K30
Laurent LJan G14
Sascha WThorsten B60
Gianni TOliver St114
Sandro TFrederic B43
Michael MuJuan S30
Laurent LDenis H35
Jan GJan K30
Gianni TSascha W132
Sandro TThorsten B81
Michael MuOliver St23
Laurent LFrederic B42
Jan GJuan S40
Jan KDenis H07
Sascha WSandro T72
Michael MuGianni T113
Laurent LThorsten B31
Jan GOliver St47
Jan KFrederic B16
Denis HJuan S50

Team ATeam BABExtra
Thomas NiVolker B23
Markus HaDesiree R50
Kai HJuan S30
Thorsten BJan K30
Markus HaLaurent L16
Kai HVolker B17
Thorsten BDesiree R70
Jan KJuan S01
Kai HThomas Ni04
Thorsten BLaurent L13
Jan KVolker B11
Juan SDesiree R11
Thorsten BMarkus Ha22
Jan KThomas Ni04
Juan SLaurent L06
Desiree RVolker B01
Jan KKai H10
Juan SMarkus Ha18
Desiree RThomas Ni03
Volker BLaurent L32
Juan SThorsten B03
Desiree RKai H07
Volker BMarkus Ha11
Laurent LThomas Ni20
Desiree RJan K03
Volker BThorsten B61
Laurent LKai H32
Thomas NiMarkus Ha13
Volker BJuan S20
Laurent LJan K30
Thomas NiThorsten B41
Markus HaKai H13
Laurent LDesiree R31
Thomas NiJuan S30
Markus HaJan K50
Kai HThorsten B21

Round 2
Team ATeam BABExtra
Thomas KMichael Mu51
Michael MuThomas K14
Alessandro VJan G42
Jan GAlessandro V24
Stefan VDenis H30
Denis HStefan V16
Frank FFrederic B50
Frederic BFrank F33
Haydn HOliver St44
Oliver StHaydn H42
Robin HSandro T34
Sandro TRobin H82
Heiko WSascha W110
Sascha WHeiko W74
Kai KGianni T210
Gianni TKai K120

Places 9-16
Team ATeam BABExtra
Michael MuHaydn H34
Haydn HMichael Mu32
Jan GRobin H32
Robin HJan G17
Denis HHeiko W24
Heiko WDenis H25
Frederic BKai K30
Kai KFrederic B43

Places 13-16
Team ATeam BABExtra
Michael MuHeiko W43
Heiko WMichael Mu20
Robin HKai K64
Kai KRobin H52

Places 9-12
Team ATeam BABExtra
Haydn HDenis H51
Denis HHaydn H21
Jan GFrederic B23
Frederic BJan G30

Place 15 Final
Team ATeam BABExtra
Michael MuRobin H42
Robin HMichael Mu22

Place 13 Final
Team ATeam BABExtra
Heiko WKai K60
Kai KHeiko W65

Place 11 Final
Team ATeam BABExtra
Denis HJan G61
Jan GDenis H01

Place 9 Final
Team ATeam BABExtra
Haydn HFrederic B31
Frederic BHaydn H02

Quarter Finals
Team ATeam BABExtra
Thomas KOliver St32
Oliver StThomas K25
Alessandro VSandro T47
Sandro TAlessandro V64
Stefan VSascha W32
Sascha WStefan V53
Gianni TFrank F83
Frank FGianni T114

Places 5-8
Team ATeam BABExtra
Oliver StStefan V44
Stefan VOliver St02
Alessandro VFrank F24
Frank FAlessandro V37

Place 7 Final
Team ATeam BABExtra
Stefan VFrank F24
Frank FStefan V53

Place 5 Final
Team ATeam BABExtra
Oliver StAlessandro V33
Alessandro VOliver St42

Semi Finals
Team ATeam BABExtra
Thomas KSascha W33
Sascha WThomas K61
Gianni TSandro T90
Sandro TGianni T28

3rd Place Final
Team ATeam BABExtra
Thomas KSandro T27
Sandro TThomas K52

Team ATeam BABExtra
Sascha WGianni T07
Gianni TSascha W63

24th Place Final
Team ATeam BABExtra
Desiree RJuan S01

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