Birmingham XXI - held in England on 22/05/2010


1Steve E121020972432
2Jon G12921773429
3Robert S12921642629
4Simon K12732582924
5Steve C12723593623
6Garry C12714503122
7Mark W12516264516
8Mandhir S12507324515
9Graham S12426424814
10Andy E12336284212
11Andy H12201020466
12Grant N1210119563
13Steve Sm12001211010

Team ATeam BABExtra
Steve EGraham S51
Grant NSimon K05
Steve SmGarry C09
Steve CAndy E51
Mandhir SAndy H21
Mark WJon G26
Grant NSteve E07
Steve SmGraham S011
Steve CGarry C55
Mandhir SRobert S14
Mark WAndy E22
Jon GAndy H90
Steve ESteve Sm180
Steve CGraham S55
Mandhir SSimon K13
Mark WGarry C53
Jon GRobert S45
Andy HAndy E12
Steve CSteve Sm100
Mandhir SGrant N30
Mark WGraham S53
Jon GSimon K77
Andy HGarry C15
Andy ERobert S22
Steve ESteve C82
Mark WSteve Sm10
Jon GGrant N51
Andy HGraham S15
Andy ESimon K15
Robert SGarry C21
Mandhir SSteve E110
Mark WSteve C23
Andy HSteve Sm70
Andy EGrant N82
Robert SGraham S51
Garry CSimon K43
Steve EMark W112
Jon GMandhir S72
Andy HSteve C13
Robert SSteve Sm120
Garry CGrant N30
Simon KGraham S81
Jon GSteve E55
Andy HMark W02
Andy EMandhir S23
Robert SSteve C42
Simon KSteve Sm80
Graham SGrant N71
Steve EAndy H53
Andy EJon G36
Robert SMark W92
Garry CMandhir S84
Simon KSteve C26
Grant NSteve Sm20
Andy ESteve E210
Robert SAndy H70
Garry CJon G04
Simon KMark W60
Graham SMandhir S43
Grant NSteve C07
Steve ERobert S84
Garry CAndy E40
Simon KAndy H42
Graham SJon G37
Grant NMark W02
Steve SmMandhir S09
Garry CSteve E17
Simon KRobert S44
Graham SAndy E11
Grant NAndy H23
Steve SmJon G010
Steve CMandhir S51
Steve ESimon K33
Graham SGarry C07
Grant NRobert S16
Steve SmAndy E14
Steve CJon G67
Mandhir SMark W21

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The next KOA tournament will be Birmingham XLIV, organised by Mark W, which will be held on the 3rd August 2014 in UK CHAMPIONSHIPS 2014
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