Birmingham VIII - held in England on 4/05/2008


1Jon G141112864034
2Steve C141040672834
3Robert S141112683234
4Steve E141022653632
5James B14824493726
6Wayne L14743394325
7Mandhir S14725463823
8Garry C14536464118
9Mark W14536344618
10Andy E14428324614
11Greg N14338273712
12John W14338245012
13Andy H14221033538
14Darren G14121122535
15Nick H14101318763

Team ATeam BABExtra
Darren GNick H01
Steve EMandhir S52
Garry CSteve C26
Jon GWayne L82
James BRobert S35
Greg NMark W13
Andy EAndy H33
Steve EJohn W81
Garry CNick H70
Jon GMandhir S82
James BSteve C34
Greg NWayne L50
Andy ERobert S18
Andy HMark W12
Garry CDarren G72
Jon GJohn W63
James BNick H41
Greg NMandhir S14
Andy ESteve C16
Andy HWayne L12
Mark WRobert S16
Jon GSteve E65
James BDarren G51
Greg NJohn W22
Andy ENick H51
Andy HMandhir S15
Mark WSteve C15
Robert SWayne L72
James BGarry C21
Greg NSteve E13
Andy EDarren G23
Andy HJohn W12
Mark WNick H52
Robert SMandhir S52
Wayne LSteve C55
Greg NJon G04
Andy EGarry C36
Andy HSteve E12
Mark WDarren G21
Robert SJohn W71
Wayne LNick H30
Steve CMandhir S22
Andy EJames B20
Andy HJon G58
Mark WGarry C33
Robert SSteve E24
Wayne LDarren G42
Steve CJohn W50
Mandhir SNick H73
Andy HGreg N31
Mark WJames B55
Robert SJon G15
Wayne LGarry C31
Steve CSteve E33
Mandhir SDarren G21
Nick HJohn W12
Mark WAndy E22
Robert SGreg N51
Wayne LJames B43
Steve CJon G52
Mandhir SGarry C32
Nick HSteve E25
John WDarren G22
Robert SAndy H52
Wayne LAndy E31
Steve CGreg N42
Mandhir SJames B23
Nick HJon G216
John WGarry C23
Darren GSteve E28
Wayne LMark W32
Steve CAndy H104
Mandhir SAndy E34
Nick HGreg N15
John WJames B23
Darren GJon G27
Steve EGarry C63
Steve CRobert S33
Mandhir SMark W50
Nick HAndy H16
John WAndy E21
Darren GGreg N12
Steve EJames B34
Garry CJon G33
Mandhir SWayne L22
Nick HRobert S35
John WMark W24
Darren GAndy H33
Steve EAndy E31
Garry CGreg N33
Jon GJames B57
Nick HSteve C06
John WWayne L22
Darren GRobert S25
Steve EMark W64
Garry CAndy H31
Jon GAndy E43
James BGreg N11
John WMandhir S15
Darren GSteve C03
Steve EWayne L44
Garry CRobert S24
Jon GMark W40
James BAndy H61
Greg NAndy E23

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The next KOA tournament will be Birmingham XLIV, organised by Mark W, which will be held on the 3rd August 2014 in UK CHAMPIONSHIPS 2014
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