Athens XVIII - held in Greece on 22/06/2003


1Alkis P161321943541
2Spyros P161321813641
3Vasilis K16709726021
4Yakos T164012347312
5Marios K161015301073

Team ATeam BABExtra
Alkis PMarios K61
Spyros PYakos T50
Yakos TVasilis K76
Spyros PAlkis P33
Marios KSpyros P07
Vasilis KAlkis P34
Alkis PYakos T53
Vasilis KMarios K91
Spyros PVasilis K41
Yakos TMarios K42
Marios KAlkis P19
Yakos TSpyros P13
Vasilis KYakos T61
Alkis PSpyros P33
Spyros PMarios K42
Alkis PVasilis K71
Yakos TAlkis P06
Marios KVasilis K06
Vasilis KSpyros P58
Marios KYakos T43
Alkis PMarios K91
Spyros PYakos T41
Yakos TVasilis K35
Spyros PAlkis P54
Marios KSpyros P59
Vasilis KAlkis P46
Alkis PYakos T41
Vasilis KMarios K52
Spyros PVasilis K32
Yakos TMarios K42
Marios KAlkis P211
Yakos TSpyros P17
Vasilis KYakos T20
Alkis PSpyros P21
Spyros PMarios K83
Alkis PVasilis K65
Yakos TAlkis P19
Marios KVasilis K19
Vasilis KSpyros P37
Marios KYakos T34

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