Athens XVII - held in Greece on 10/05/2003


1Panayotis P12912663328
2Spyros P12903643227
3George K12705634521
4Alkis P12705665021
5Vasilis K12525444017
6Yakos T1212921735
7Apostolos T1203921723

Team ATeam BABExtra
Alkis PYakos T81
Spyros PVasilis K51
George KPanayotis P26
Yakos TApostolos T11
Vasilis KAlkis P34
George KSpyros P43
Vasilis KYakos T70
Apostolos TPanayotis P16
Alkis PGeorge K71
Yakos TPanayotis P34
George KVasilis K51
Spyros PApostolos T122
George KYakos T131
Panayotis PSpyros P54
Apostolos TAlkis P26
Yakos TSpyros P04
Alkis PPanayotis P25
Apostolos TVasilis K22
Spyros PAlkis P75
George KApostolos T103
Panayotis PVasilis K63
Yakos TAlkis P210
Vasilis KSpyros P26
Panayotis PGeorge K74
Apostolos TYakos T11
Alkis PVasilis K39
Spyros PGeorge K24
Yakos TVasilis K15
Panayotis PApostolos T101
George KAlkis P92
Panayotis PYakos T81
Vasilis KGeorge K32
Apostolos TSpyros P36
Yakos TGeorge K95
Spyros PPanayotis P31
Alkis PApostolos T102
Spyros PYakos T71
Panayotis PAlkis P45
Vasilis KApostolos T42
Alkis PSpyros P45
Apostolos TGeorge K14
Vasilis KPanayotis P44

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