Athens XI - held in Greece on 22/12/2002


1Panayotis P12912553628
2George K12804503824
3Nikos A12633442821
4Alkis P12543453919
5Spyros P12534363218
6Vasilis K12201031566
7Yakos T12111020524

Team ATeam BABExtra
Yakos TNikos A14
Nikos AYakos T50
Spyros PGeorge K51
George KSpyros P41
Vasilis KAlkis P14
Alkis PVasilis K54
Panayotis PYakos T40
Yakos TPanayotis P25
George KVasilis K62
Vasilis KGeorge K35
Nikos ASpyros P23
Spyros PNikos A33
Alkis PPanayotis P25
Panayotis PAlkis P55
Vasilis KNikos A12
Nikos AVasilis K60
Yakos TGeorge K46
George KYakos T82
Spyros PAlkis P43
Alkis PSpyros P33
Nikos APanayotis P74
Panayotis PNikos A43
Yakos TVasilis K41
Vasilis KYakos T52
George KAlkis P65
Alkis PGeorge K32
Panayotis PSpyros P21
Spyros PPanayotis P35
Nikos AGeorge K14
George KNikos A25
Alkis PYakos T62
Yakos TAlkis P13
Vasilis KPanayotis P37
Panayotis PVasilis K74
Nikos AAlkis P33
Alkis PNikos A33
Spyros PVasilis K63
Vasilis KSpyros P42
George KPanayotis P42
Panayotis PGeorge K52
Yakos TSpyros P00
Spyros PYakos T52

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