Athens LXXVIII - held in Greece on 3/04/2011


1Gianni T131012914631
2Spyros P131003715430
3Nikos A13922614029
4Alkis P13913773528
5Panayotis P13814514525
6George Ka13814524725
7Robert S13814655225
8Ektoras K13715845622
9Stelios T13535455418
10Vasilis K13247365010
11Kostas O13201135666
12Michael Ma13121029615
13Kostas Ka13121027665
14Antonis T13111136884

Team ATeam BABExtra
Michael MaAlkis P19
Antonis TStelios T44
Kostas KaEktoras K413
Kostas OGeorge Ka13
Spyros PVasilis K53
Robert SPanayotis P54
Nikos AGianni T35
Antonis TMichael Ma15
Kostas KaAlkis P210
Kostas OStelios T34
Spyros PEktoras K64
Robert SGeorge Ka26
Nikos AVasilis K54
Gianni TPanayotis P63
Michael MaKostas Ka22
Kostas OAntonis T54
Spyros PAlkis P52
Robert SStelios T52
Nikos AEktoras K34
Gianni TGeorge Ka57
Panayotis PVasilis K33
Kostas OMichael Ma10
Spyros PKostas Ka42
Robert SAntonis T105
Nikos AAlkis P54
Gianni TStelios T44
Panayotis PEktoras K64
Vasilis KGeorge Ka12
Michael MaSpyros P16
Robert SKostas O72
Nikos AKostas Ka42
Gianni TAntonis T93
Panayotis PAlkis P32
Vasilis KStelios T12
George KaEktoras K28
Robert SMichael Ma76
Nikos ASpyros P41
Gianni TKostas O83
Panayotis PKostas Ka43
Vasilis KAntonis T71
George KaAlkis P45
Ektoras KStelios T62
Michael MaNikos A14
Gianni TRobert S43
Panayotis PSpyros P46
Vasilis KKostas O41
George KaKostas Ka51
Ektoras KAntonis T111
Stelios TAlkis P17
Gianni TMichael Ma71
Panayotis PNikos A24
Vasilis KRobert S17
George KaSpyros P64
Ektoras KKostas O85
Stelios TKostas Ka43
Alkis PAntonis T110
Michael MaPanayotis P25
Vasilis KGianni T39
George KaNikos A55
Ektoras KRobert S45
Stelios TSpyros P47
Alkis PKostas O73
Antonis TKostas Ka32
Vasilis KMichael Ma22
George KaPanayotis P25
Ektoras KGianni T511
Stelios TNikos A33
Alkis PRobert S22
Antonis TSpyros P57
Kostas KaKostas O42
Michael MaGeorge Ka12
Ektoras KVasilis K44
Stelios TPanayotis P34
Alkis PGianni T53
Antonis TNikos A36
Kostas KaRobert S15
Kostas OSpyros P47
Ektoras KMichael Ma92
Stelios TGeorge Ka62
Alkis PVasilis K82
Antonis TPanayotis P35
Kostas KaGianni T09
Kostas ONikos A37
Spyros PRobert S74
Michael MaStelios T56
Alkis PEktoras K54
Antonis TGeorge Ka36
Kostas KaVasilis K11
Kostas OPanayotis P23
Spyros PGianni T611
Robert SNikos A38

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