Athens L - held in Greece on 18/11/2007


1Ektoras K6510351016
2Filippos M6321261711
3Kostas O522115138
4George Ka6312202210
5Marios M613215196
6Kostas Ka50147221
7Nikos Al40045200

Team ATeam BABExtra
Filippos MKostas Ka72
Kostas OGeorge Ka63
Nikos AlMarios M02
Kostas OEktoras K17
Marios MGeorge Ka14
Nikos AlFilippos M25
Marios MEktoras K44
George KaKostas Ka10
Marios MKostas O22
George KaFilippos M55
Kostas KaEktoras K26
George KaNikos Al72
Kostas KaKostas O05
Ektoras KFilippos M42
Kostas KaMarios M33
Ektoras KNikos Al61
Filippos MKostas O11
Ektoras KGeorge Ka80
Filippos MMarios M63

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