Stats for Vagelis D (#330 - 894 pts)

Tournaments played13
Tournaments won0 (0.00%)
World cups played1
Games played173
Games won46 (26.59%)
Games drawn16 (9.25%)
Games lost111 (64.16%)
Goals for442 (2.55)
Goals against779 (4.50)
Last tournamentAthens LXXIX (05-Jun-11)
Games per month in the last year0.00
1st easiest opponentMinas K (vs)
2nd easiest opponentOrestis G (vs)
3rd easiest opponentGeorge A (vs)
1st hardest opponentBen G (vs)
2nd hardest opponentRikki F (vs)
3rd hardest opponentGianni T (vs)
Easiest opponent for3 player(s)
Hardest opponent for2 player(s)
Different opponents51
Opponents' countries10
Most frequent opponentAlkis P (21 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets10 (5.78%)
No goals scored15 (8.67%)
Scored double figures2 (1.16%)
Conceded double figures11 (6.36%)
Biggest winOrestis G - Vagelis D: 0 - 12
Biggest defeatAlkis P - Vagelis D: 13 - 0
Danger rating-0.02

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Vagelis DMarios K61Athens XIX
Vagelis DPanayotis P49Athens XIX
Vagelis DYakos T31Athens XIX
Vagelis DSpyros P33Athens XIX
Vagelis DAlkis P24Athens XIX
Spyros PVagelis D111Athens XIX
Alkis PVagelis D91Athens XIX
Marios KVagelis D31Athens XIX
Panayotis PVagelis D90Athens XIX
Yakos TVagelis D11Athens XIX
Vagelis DPanayotis P33Athens XX
Vagelis DVasilis K32Athens XX
Vagelis DAntonis T21Athens XX
Vagelis DNikos A39Athens XX
Vagelis DAlkis P38Athens XX
Nikos AVagelis D91Athens XX
Alkis PVagelis D130Athens XX
Panayotis PVagelis D103Athens XX
Vasilis KVagelis D72Athens XX
Antonis TVagelis D51Athens XX
Vagelis DVasilis K45Athens XXX
Vagelis DAlkis P310Athens XXX
Vagelis DMarios K25Athens XXX
Vagelis DKostas L41Athens XXX
Vagelis DNikos A16Athens XXX
Kostas LVagelis D03Athens XXX
Nikos AVagelis D62Athens XXX
Vasilis KVagelis D52Athens XXX
Alkis PVagelis D43Athens XXX
Marios KVagelis D21Athens XXX
Vagelis DWayne L00London Marathon
Ben GVagelis D132London Marathon
Darren GVagelis D35London Marathon
Fabio AVagelis D45London Marathon
Gianni TVagelis D111London Marathon
Gunther WVagelis D06London Marathon
Haydn HVagelis D16London Marathon
Jacob KVagelis D71London Marathon
Jan TVagelis D11London Marathon
Jon GVagelis D93London Marathon
Mandhir SVagelis D15London Marathon
Mark BVagelis D53London Marathon
Mark PVagelis D63London Marathon
Niels TVagelis D12London Marathon
Nikos AVagelis D80London Marathon
Riemer PVagelis D31London Marathon
Rikki FVagelis D111London Marathon
Robert SVagelis D82London Marathon
Sandro TVagelis D81London Marathon
Steve CVagelis D91London Marathon
Vagelis DApostolos T31Athens XXXIII
Vagelis DKostas O32Athens XXXIII
Vagelis DOrestis G31Athens XXXIII
Vagelis DNikos A39Athens XXXIII
Vagelis DChris K55Athens XXXIII
Vagelis DAlkis P113Athens XXXIII
Orestis GVagelis D012Athens XXXIII
Nikos AVagelis D51Athens XXXIII
Chris KVagelis D20Athens XXXIII
Alkis PVagelis D41Athens XXXIII
Apostolos TVagelis D22Athens XXXIII
Kostas OVagelis D05Athens XXXIII
Vagelis DKostas O21Athens XXXV
Vagelis DKostas O24Athens XXXV
Alkis PVagelis D81Athens XXXV
Chris KVagelis D51Athens XXXV
Spyros PVagelis D105Athens XXXV
Alkis PVagelis D82Athens XXXV
Chris KVagelis D10Athens XXXV
Spyros PVagelis D62Athens XXXV
Vagelis DMarios M12Athens XLII
Vagelis DAlkis P12Athens XLII
Vagelis DKostas O23Athens XLII
Vagelis DStelios T24Athens XLII
Vagelis DMarios K22Athens XLII
Vagelis DFilippos M45Athens XLII
Vagelis DNikos Al51Athens XLII
Nikos AlVagelis D22Athens XLII
Marios KVagelis D23Athens XLII
Stelios TVagelis D22Athens XLII
Filippos MVagelis D33Athens XLII
Kostas OVagelis D40Athens XLII
Marios MVagelis D43Athens XLII
Alkis PVagelis D60Athens XLII
Vagelis DSpyros P27Athens XLIV
Vagelis DLaurent L61Athens XLIV
Vagelis DEktoras K02Athens XLIV
Vagelis DKostas O35Athens XLIV
Vagelis DAlkis P29Athens XLIV
Kostas OVagelis D22Athens XLIV
Alkis PVagelis D52Athens XLIV
Spyros PVagelis D84Athens XLIV
Laurent LVagelis D14Athens XLIV
Ektoras KVagelis D61Athens XLIV
Vagelis DNikos Al13Athens LIII
Vagelis DNikos A17Athens LIII
Vagelis DKostas O23Athens LIII
Vagelis DVasilis K24Athens LIII
Vagelis DStelios T52Athens LIII
Vagelis DSpyros P07Athens LIII
Vagelis DFilippos M13Athens LIII
Vagelis DKostas Ka32Athens LIII
Vagelis DYakos T21Athens LIII
Vasilis KVagelis D51Athens LIII
Stelios TVagelis D76Athens LIII
Spyros PVagelis D63Athens LIII
Nikos AlVagelis D24Athens LIII
Nikos AVagelis D91Athens LIII
Kostas OVagelis D41Athens LIII
Yakos TVagelis D24Athens LIII
Filippos MVagelis D34Athens LIII
Kostas KaVagelis D11Athens LIII
Vagelis DAlkis P28World Cup VIII
Vagelis DAstrid L31World Cup VIII
Vagelis DStelios T34World Cup VIII
Vagelis DPeter S64World Cup VIII
Vagelis DApostolos T23World Cup VIII
Vagelis DWolf H12World Cup VIII
Vagelis DAntonis T53World Cup VIII
Vagelis DThorsten B53World Cup VIII
Vagelis DYakos T30World Cup VIII
Andreas KlVagelis D04World Cup VIII
Alessandro VVagelis D80World Cup VIII
Sandro TVagelis D102World Cup VIII
Jacob KVagelis D51World Cup VIII
Steve CVagelis D73World Cup VIII
Jorn FVagelis D31World Cup VIII
Flavio ZVagelis D31World Cup VIII
Astrid LVagelis D16World Cup VIII
Andreas KlVagelis D05World Cup VIII
Vagelis DKostas O13Athens LXVIII
Vagelis DPanayotis P14Athens LXVIII
Vagelis DAlkis P19Athens LXVIII
Vagelis DGeorge A61Athens LXVIII
Vagelis DKostas Ka11Athens LXVIII
Vagelis DSpyros P29Athens LXVIII
Vagelis DMichalis I61Athens LXVIII
Vagelis DMinas K91Athens LXVIII
Vagelis DGeorge Ka02Athens LXVIII
Vagelis DEktoras K17Athens LXVIII
Vagelis DNikos A24Athens LXVIII
Michalis IVagelis D05Athens LXVIII
Minas KVagelis D212Athens LXVIII
George KaVagelis D23Athens LXVIII
Ektoras KVagelis D63Athens LXVIII
Nikos AVagelis D63Athens LXVIII
Kostas OVagelis D20Athens LXVIII
Panayotis PVagelis D73Athens LXVIII
Alkis PVagelis D80Athens LXVIII
George AVagelis D07Athens LXVIII
Kostas KaVagelis D40Athens LXVIII
Spyros PVagelis D72Athens LXVIII
Vagelis DAlkis P110Athens LXXII
Vagelis DFilippos M62Athens LXXII
Vagelis DKostas Ka13Athens LXXII
Vagelis DMarios M42Athens LXXII
Vagelis DPanayotis P37Athens LXXII
Ektoras KVagelis D31Athens LXXII
George KaVagelis D82Athens LXXII
Kostas OVagelis D35Athens LXXII
Nikos AVagelis D81Athens LXXII
Vagelis DKostas O33Athens LXXIX
Vagelis DEktoras K48Athens LXXIX
Vagelis DNikos A46Athens LXXIX
Vagelis DAlkis P15Athens LXXIX
Vagelis DKostas O23Athens LXXIX
Vagelis DEktoras K39Athens LXXIX
Nikos AVagelis D72Athens LXXIX
Alkis PVagelis D51Athens LXXIX
Kostas OVagelis D31Athens LXXIX
Ektoras KVagelis D71Athens LXXIX
Nikos AVagelis D44Athens LXXIX
Alkis PVagelis D52Athens LXXIX

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Most frequent opponents

Alkis P21vs
Kostas O16vs
Nikos A15vs
Spyros P10vs
Ektoras K8vs
Panayotis P7vs
Marios K6vs
Vasilis K6vs
Filippos M5vs
Kostas Ka5vs