Thomas K (#42 - 1159 pts)

Tournaments played13
Tournaments won1 (7.69%)
World cups played2
Games played175
Games won103 (58.86%)
Games drawn25 (14.29%)
Games lost47 (26.86%)
Goals for664 (3.79)
Goals against451 (2.58)
Last tournamentCologne I (22-Sep-07)
Games per month in the last year0.00
1st easiest opponentDesiree R (vs)
2nd easiest opponentManuel R (vs)
3rd easiest opponentLaurent L (vs)
1st hardest opponentAlkis P (vs)
2nd hardest opponentMario F (vs)
3rd hardest opponentSpyros P (vs)
Easiest opponent for0 player(s)
Hardest opponent for8 player(s)
Different opponents70
Opponents' countries14
More frequent opponentSascha W (20 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets29 (16.57%)
No goals scored8 (4.57%)
Scored double figures1 (0.57%)
Conceded double figures0 (0.00%)
Biggest winThomas K - Christian D: 9 - 0
Biggest defeatThomas K - Michael O: 1 - 9
Danger rating0.11

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Thomas KAndreas G51Homburg
Thomas KManuel R91Homburg
Thomas KVolker K42Homburg
Thomas KSven S40Homburg
Thomas KStefan H51Homburg
Thomas KMichael O23Homburg
Thomas KChristoph K22Homburg
Sven SThomas K17Homburg
Stefan HThomas K17Homburg
Michael OThomas K22Homburg
Christoph KThomas K22Homburg
Christoph KThomas K25Homburg
Thomas KStefan V63Homburg II
Thomas KWolf H71Homburg II
Thomas KAndreas K71Homburg II
Thomas KSascha W82Homburg II
Thomas KJorg P61Homburg II
Thomas KMichael O23Homburg II
Thomas KChristian D90Homburg II
Andreas KThomas K04Homburg II
Sascha WThomas K20Homburg II
Stefan VThomas K80Homburg II
Wolf HThomas K26Homburg II
Jorg PThomas K45Homburg II
Michael OThomas K31Homburg II
Christian DThomas K15Homburg II
Thomas KNick P32World Cup V
Thomas KRiemer P44World Cup V
Thomas KRobert S33World Cup V
Thomas KDaniel T30World Cup V
Thomas KSascha F40World Cup V
Thomas KVolker K101World Cup V
Thomas KFrank F55World Cup V
Thomas KSteve C44World Cup V
Thomas KOliver St44World Cup V
Thomas KJohn H46World Cup V
Thomas KJorg P31World Cup V
Thomas KAndreas Be61World Cup V
Sascha FThomas K22World Cup V
Volker KThomas K33World Cup V
Frank FThomas K34World Cup V
Nick PThomas K22World Cup V
Riemer PThomas K31World Cup V
Robert SThomas K41World Cup V
Daniel TThomas K16World Cup V
Steve CThomas K44World Cup V
Oliver StThomas K43World Cup V
John HThomas K05World Cup V
Jorg PThomas K33World Cup V
Andreas BeThomas K53World Cup V
Thomas KMichael O26Kelkheim III
Thomas KSascha W46Kelkheim III
Thomas KMichael Mu40Kelkheim III
Michael MuThomas K00Kelkheim III
Michael OThomas K32Kelkheim III
Sascha WThomas K25Kelkheim III
Thomas KMichael O33Kelkheim IV
Thomas KMichael Mu53Kelkheim IV
Thomas KMichael O07Kelkheim IV
Thomas KSascha W22Kelkheim IV
Thomas KPatrick D31Kelkheim IV
Sascha WThomas K13Kelkheim IV
Patrick DThomas K25Kelkheim IV
Michael MuThomas K04Kelkheim IV
Thomas KHenrik R40World Cup VI
Thomas KOliver V30World Cup VI
Thomas KJon G23World Cup VI
Thomas KKlaus Lo47World Cup VI
Thomas KWayne L41World Cup VI
Thomas KOliver St53World Cup VI
Thomas KSascha W62World Cup VI
Thomas KJames B34World Cup VI
Thomas KBen C23World Cup VI
Thomas NThomas K02World Cup VI
Alex BThomas K62World Cup VI
Spyros PThomas K92World Cup VI
Steve CThomas K98World Cup VI
Rodolfo MThomas K85World Cup VI
Haydn HThomas K23World Cup VI
Oliver StThomas K43World Cup VI
Sascha WThomas K34World Cup VI
James BThomas K33World Cup VI
Ben CThomas K13World Cup VI
Thomas KMichael Mu51Kelkheim V
Thomas KSascha W21Kelkheim V
Thomas KPatrick D32Kelkheim V
Sascha WThomas K13Kelkheim V
Patrick DThomas K53Kelkheim V
Michael MuThomas K03Kelkheim V
Thomas KMichael Mu43Kelkheim VI
Thomas KSascha W24Kelkheim VI
Thomas KPatrick D20Kelkheim VI
Sascha WThomas K20Kelkheim VI
Patrick DThomas K24Kelkheim VI
Michael MuThomas K05Kelkheim VI
Thomas KMark B43Kelkheim VII
Thomas KSascha W61Kelkheim VII
Thomas KGunther W30Kelkheim VII
Thomas KPatrick D21Kelkheim VII
Thomas KStefan V33Kelkheim VII
Thomas KMark B33Kelkheim VII
Thomas KMichael O19Kelkheim VII
Thomas KSascha W20Kelkheim VII
Desiree RThomas K08Kelkheim VII
Mandhir SThomas K24Kelkheim VII
Oliver StThomas K65Kelkheim VII
Kai KThomas K08Kelkheim VII
Thorsten BThomas K14Kelkheim VII
Michael OThomas K61Kelkheim VII
Mark BThomas K35Kelkheim VII
Michael OThomas K62Kelkheim VII
Sascha WThomas K34Kelkheim VII
Thomas KGunther W84Kelkheim VIII
Thomas KLaurent L70Kelkheim VIII
Michael OThomas K30Kelkheim VIII
Desiree RThomas K07Kelkheim VIII
Sascha WThomas K12Kelkheim VIII
Thomas KMichael Mu30Milan XIX
Thomas KSpyros P35Milan XIX
Thomas KFabio F43Milan XIX
Thomas KMarco D26Milan XIX
Thomas KAlessandro V46Milan XIX
Thomas KSascha W51Milan XIX
Thomas KRobert S34Milan XIX
Andrej SThomas K14Milan XIX
Michael OThomas K10Milan XIX
Sandro TThomas K54Milan XIX
Gianni TThomas K73Milan XIX
Thorsten BThomas K13Milan XIX
Mario FThomas K61Milan XIX
Maurizio LThomas K24Milan XIX
Sascha SThomas K03Milan XIX
Thomas KJohn H53Reading XIII
Thomas KSteve C42Reading XIII
Thomas KNazim C72Reading XIII
Thomas KSimon K21Reading XIII
Thomas KStephen D33Reading XIII
Thomas KMark W22Reading XIII
Thomas KRobert S43Reading XIII
Thomas KDarren G85Reading XIII
Thomas KWolf H42Reading XIII
Thomas KMark B04Reading XIII
Thomas KAlkis P39Reading XIII
Thomas KMichael Mu60Reading XIII
Gianni TThomas K74Reading XIII
Jon GThomas K63Reading XIII
Garry CThomas K22Reading XIII
Simon BThomas K44Reading XIII
James BuThomas K24Reading XIII
Peter SThomas K24Reading XIII
Mandhir SThomas K24Reading XIII
Wayne LThomas K24Reading XIII
Steve EThomas K16Reading XIII
Sascha WThomas K35Reading XIII
Michael OThomas K32Reading XIII
Thomas KMarkus Ha40Cologne I
Thomas KHaydn H22Cologne I
Thomas KThomas Ni31Cologne I
Thomas KDesiree R90Cologne I
Thomas KRobin H50Cologne I
Thomas KStefan V20Cologne I
Thomas KMichael Mu51Cologne I
Thomas KOliver St32Cologne I
Thomas KSascha W33Cologne I
Thomas KSandro T27Cologne I
Alessandro VThomas K34Cologne I
Volker BThomas K15Cologne I
Kai HThomas K17Cologne I
Frank FThomas K26Cologne I
Kai KThomas K05Cologne I
Heiko WThomas K26Cologne I
Michael MuThomas K14Cologne I
Oliver StThomas K25Cologne I
Sascha WThomas K61Cologne I
Sandro TThomas K52Cologne I

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Patrick D7vs
Jorg P4vs
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Robert S4vs
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