Stephen D (#359 - 880 pts)

Tournaments played12
Tournaments won0 (0.00%)
World cups played1
Games played148
Games won46 (31.08%)
Games drawn19 (12.84%)
Games lost83 (56.08%)
Goals for353 (2.39)
Goals against531 (3.59)
Last tournamentLondon XXVII (14-May-16)
Games per month in the last year1.08
1st easiest opponentMick N (vs)
2nd easiest opponentWolf H (vs)
3rd easiest opponentOlly D (vs)
1st hardest opponentChristopher D (vs)
2nd hardest opponentGianni T (vs)
3rd hardest opponentMichael O (vs)
Easiest opponent for2 player(s)
Hardest opponent for0 player(s)
Different opponents52
Opponents' countries12
More frequent opponentSteve E (15 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets8 (5.41%)
No goals scored13 (8.78%)
Scored double figures0 (0.00%)
Conceded double figures3 (2.03%)
Biggest winSteve E - Stephen D: 0 - 5
Biggest defeatGianni T - Stephen D: 11 - 0
Danger rating-0.04

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Stephen DMandhir S41Reading XIII
Stephen DWayne L02Reading XIII
Stephen DSteve E02Reading XIII
Stephen DSascha W16Reading XIII
Stephen DMichael O18Reading XIII
Stephen DAlkis P37Reading XIII
Stephen DMichael Mu54Reading XIII
Stephen DJohn H46Reading XIII
Stephen DSteve C26Reading XIII
Stephen DNazim C54Reading XIII
Stephen DSimon K21Reading XIII
Mark WStephen D13Reading XIII
Robert SStephen D61Reading XIII
Darren GStephen D00Reading XIII
Wolf HStephen D26Reading XIII
Thomas KStephen D33Reading XIII
Gianni TStephen D101Reading XIII
Jon GStephen D51Reading XIII
Garry CStephen D22Reading XIII
Simon BStephen D23Reading XIII
James BuStephen D22Reading XIII
Peter SStephen D34Reading XIII
Mark BStephen D73Reading XIII
Stephen DJohn H33Reading XIV
Stephen DSteve E02Reading XIV
Stephen DGarry C22Reading XIV
Stephen DMark B22Reading XIV
Wayne LStephen D54Reading XIV
Simon KStephen D23Reading XIV
Mandhir SStephen D32Reading XIV
Stephen DGarry C21Dudley IV
Stephen DJon G37Dudley IV
Stephen DSteve E02Dudley IV
Stephen DMark B45Dudley IV
Steve EStephen D24Dudley IV
Mark BStephen D53Dudley IV
Garry CStephen D32Dudley IV
Jon GStephen D124Dudley IV
Stephen DMark B26Dudley VI
Stephen DSteve E15Dudley VI
Stephen DGarry C23Dudley VI
Stephen DSimon K11Dudley VI
Stephen DMark B05Dudley VI
Stephen DSteve E13Dudley VI
Garry CStephen D51Dudley VI
Simon KStephen D21Dudley VI
Mark BStephen D82Dudley VI
Steve EStephen D60Dudley VI
Garry CStephen D42Dudley VI
Simon KStephen D44Dudley VI
Stephen DSteve E24Dudley VII
Stephen DSimon K33Dudley VII
Stephen DGarry C33Dudley VII
Simon KStephen D41Dudley VII
Garry CStephen D11Dudley VII
Steve EStephen D33Dudley VII
Stephen DMark B26Heathrow VII
Stephen DWayne L16Heathrow VII
Stephen DMandhir S59Heathrow VII
Stephen DRob H41Heathrow VII
Mandhir SStephen D43Heathrow VII
Rob HStephen D01Heathrow VII
Mark BStephen D36Heathrow VII
Wayne LStephen D53Heathrow VII
Stephen DMark B26Heathrow VIII
Stephen DWayne L63Heathrow VIII
Mandhir SStephen D23Heathrow VIII
Stephen DWayne L62Heathrow IX
Stephen DRobert S23Heathrow IX
Stephen DMandhir S14Heathrow IX
Stephen DWayne L44Heathrow IX
Stephen DRobert S07Heathrow IX
Stephen DMandhir S51Heathrow IX
Mandhir SStephen D24Heathrow IX
Wayne LStephen D32Heathrow IX
Robert SStephen D21Heathrow IX
Mandhir SStephen D30Heathrow IX
Wayne LStephen D31Heathrow IX
Robert SStephen D64Heathrow IX
Stephen DJerry M32London XXII
Stephen DAlessandro V22London XXII
Stephen DMark B13London XXII
Stephen DGarry C36London XXII
Stephen DMandhir S54London XXII
Stephen DMark W21London XXII
Stephen DJon G35London XXII
Stephen DSandro T37London XXII
Stephen DDarren G34London XXII
Haydn HStephen D32London XXII
Wayne LStephen D54London XXII
Steve EStephen D73London XXII
Gianni TStephen D110London XXII
Lee MStephen D62London XXII
John WStephen D12London XXII
Karl BStephen D01London XXII
Fabio FStephen D53London XXII
Robert SStephen D03London XXII
Simon KStephen D23London XXII
Stephen DSimon K12Dudley VIII
Stephen DGreg N31Dudley VIII
Stephen DGarry C24Dudley VIII
Stephen DSteve E33Dudley VIII
Stephen DSimon K22Dudley VIII
Stephen DGreg N21Dudley VIII
Stephen DGarry C38Dudley VIII
Stephen DSteve E21Dudley VIII
Garry CStephen D32Dudley VIII
Steve EStephen D42Dudley VIII
Simon KStephen D31Dudley VIII
Greg NStephen D13Dudley VIII
Garry CStephen D11Dudley VIII
Steve EStephen D05Dudley VIII
Simon KStephen D12Dudley VIII
Greg NStephen D12Dudley VIII
Stephen DRobert S34World Cup 2015
Stephen DMichael Ma16World Cup 2015
Stephen DSteve S23World Cup 2015
Stephen DOlly D41World Cup 2015
Stephen DThomas N41World Cup 2015
Stephen DPeter S42World Cup 2015
Stephen DJorg P23World Cup 2015
Stephen DHelmut H21World Cup 2015
Ian KaStephen D20World Cup 2015
Jacob KStephen D50World Cup 2015
Alan BStephen D01World Cup 2015
Andy GStephen D92World Cup 2015
Pedro QStephen D24World Cup 2015
Ian KaStephen D52World Cup 2015
Lee WStephen D23World Cup 2015
Luke DStephen D12World Cup 2015
Mick NStephen D05World Cup 2015
Jorg PStephen D01World Cup 2015
Helmut HStephen D34World Cup 2015
Steve SStephen D22World Cup 2015
Stephen DAndy G17London XXVII
Stephen DSteve C36London XXVII
Stephen DMark V24London XXVII
Stephen DRobert S24London XXVII
Stephen DSteve E35London XXVII
Stephen DChristopher D09London XXVII
Sandro TStephen D42London XXVII
Ian KStephen D62London XXVII
Wayne LStephen D52London XXVII
John VStephen D25London XXVII
Mark EStephen D23London XXVII
Gianni TStephen D82London XXVII
Alessandro VStephen D32London XXVII

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Steve E15vs
Garry C14vs
Simon K12vs
Mark B11vs
Wayne L11vs
Mandhir S10vs
Robert S8vs
Greg N4vs
Jon G4vs
Steve S3vs