Peter S (#366 - 866 pts)

Tournaments played18
Tournaments won0 (0.00%)
World cups played12
Games played326
Games won75 (23.01%)
Games drawn30 (9.20%)
Games lost221 (67.79%)
Goals for738 (2.26)
Goals against1455 (4.46)
Last tournamentWorld Cup XVI (12-Nov-16)
Games per month in the last year1.33
1st easiest opponentGary P (vs)
2nd easiest opponentSimone C (vs)
3rd easiest opponentMick N (vs)
1st hardest opponentGianni T (vs)
2nd hardest opponentAlkis P (vs)
3rd hardest opponentOliver St (vs)
Easiest opponent for5 player(s)
Hardest opponent for2 player(s)
Different opponents114
Opponents' countries16
More frequent opponentJorg P (20 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets20 (6.13%)
No goals scored43 (13.19%)
Scored double figures0 (0.00%)
Conceded double figures25 (7.67%)
Biggest winPeter S - Michael F: 9 - 1
Biggest defeatGianni T - Peter S: 16 - 1
Danger rating-0.03

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Peter SJorg P15Osnabruck I
Peter SThomas N01Osnabruck I
Peter SWolf H24Osnabruck I
Wolf HPeter S53Osnabruck I
Thomas NPeter S70Osnabruck I
Jorg PPeter S133Osnabruck I
Peter SSpyros P57World Cup IV
Peter SGiacomo T26World Cup IV
Peter SFilippo D11World Cup IV
Peter SPatrick D15World Cup IV
Peter SFulvio O10World Cup IV
Peter SMario F30World Cup IV
Filippo DPeter S30World Cup IV
Patrick DPeter S54World Cup IV
Fulvio OPeter S22World Cup IV
Mario FPeter S60World Cup IV
Spyros PPeter S63World Cup IV
Giacomo TPeter S51World Cup IV
Peter SJorg P00World Cup V
Peter SMartin O52World Cup V
Peter SThorsten B51World Cup V
Peter SMarco S25World Cup V
Peter SGianni T04World Cup V
Peter SMark B31World Cup V
Peter SSpyros P310World Cup V
Gianni TPeter S100World Cup V
Mark BPeter S50World Cup V
Spyros PPeter S61World Cup V
Jorg PPeter S93World Cup V
Martin OPeter S21World Cup V
Thorsten BPeter S01World Cup V
Marco SPeter S51World Cup V
Peter SSandro T11World Cup V KOA Cup
Peter SFabian K01World Cup V KOA Cup
Peter SJan T11World Cup V KOA Cup
Bjorn PPeter S12World Cup V KOA Cup
Jorn FPeter S14World Cup V KOA Cup
Philipp HPeter S41World Cup V KOA Cup
Peter SSimon B12World Cup VI
Peter SRobert S14World Cup VI
Peter SJacob K03World Cup VI
Peter SKnut L23World Cup VI
Peter SDan C07World Cup VI
Peter SMark B14World Cup VI
Peter SDarren G21World Cup VI
Peter SHaakon E11World Cup VI
Peter SJesper K12World Cup VI
Ben CPeter S43World Cup VI
Marco DPeter S83World Cup VI
Alkis PPeter S80World Cup VI
Jorg PPeter S72World Cup VI
Darren GPeter S32World Cup VI
Claus HPeter S21World Cup VI
Mark BPeter S53World Cup VI
Darren GPeter S01World Cup VI
Haakon EPeter S34World Cup VI
Jesper KPeter S21World Cup VI
Peter SStephen D34Reading XIII
Peter SMark W12Reading XIII
Peter SRobert S29Reading XIII
Peter SDarren G12Reading XIII
Peter SWolf H11Reading XIII
Peter SThomas K24Reading XIII
Peter SGianni T113Reading XIII
Peter SJon G04Reading XIII
Peter SGarry C23Reading XIII
Peter SSimon B13Reading XIII
Peter SJames Bu26Reading XIII
Peter SMark B36Reading XIII
Wayne LPeter S54Reading XIII
Steve EPeter S22Reading XIII
Sascha WPeter S50Reading XIII
Michael OPeter S72Reading XIII
Alkis PPeter S102Reading XIII
Michael MuPeter S42Reading XIII
John HPeter S71Reading XIII
Steve CPeter S71Reading XIII
Nazim CPeter S64Reading XIII
Simon KPeter S73Reading XIII
Mandhir SPeter S61Reading XIII
Peter SMandhir S04World Cup VII
Peter SWayne L36World Cup VII
Peter SJohn H38World Cup VII
Peter SFabio F35World Cup VII
Peter SMichael F91World Cup VII
Peter SAstrid L21World Cup VII
Peter SThorsten B23World Cup VII
Peter SHarald B23World Cup VII
Luca FPeter S73World Cup VII
Jorn FPeter S50World Cup VII
Spyros PPeter S96World Cup VII
Flavio ZPeter S41World Cup VII
Alessandro GuPeter S02World Cup VII
Simone CPeter S17World Cup VII
Andreas KlPeter S25World Cup VII
Michael FPeter S05World Cup VII
Peter SSteve E27World Cup VIII
Peter SKostas O33World Cup VIII
Peter SRobert S19World Cup VIII
Peter SEktoras K39World Cup VIII
Peter SAntonis T35World Cup VIII
Peter SAndreas Kl41World Cup VIII
Peter SAstrid L50World Cup VIII
Peter SThorsten B01World Cup VIII
Peter SApostolos T23World Cup VIII
Gianni TPeter S161World Cup VIII
Wolf HPeter S24World Cup VIII
Wayne LPeter S41World Cup VIII
Kostas KaPeter S63World Cup VIII
Knut LPeter S52World Cup VIII
Vagelis DPeter S64World Cup VIII
Wolf HPeter S33World Cup VIII
Yakos TPeter S23World Cup VIII
Peter SJorg P33Langenfeld X
Peter SFrank F23Langenfeld X
Peter SThorsten B35Langenfeld X
Peter SVolker B33Langenfeld X
Peter SCornelius H21Langenfeld X
Peter SFrederic B21Langenfeld X
Volker BPeter S21Langenfeld X
Cornelius HPeter S30Langenfeld X
Frederic BPeter S41Langenfeld X
Jorg PPeter S75Langenfeld X
Frank FPeter S44Langenfeld X
Thorsten BPeter S01Langenfeld X
Peter SWolf H13Hamburg V
Peter SNils B39Hamburg V
Peter SHeiko W22Hamburg V
Peter SThorsten B43Hamburg V
Peter SJan K51Hamburg V
Peter SCarsten R11Hamburg V
Peter SCarsten R61Hamburg V
Frank FPeter S141Hamburg V
Tom SPeter S42Hamburg V
Jorg PPeter S42Hamburg V
Jan GPeter S21Hamburg V
Volker BPeter S42Hamburg V
Jan KPeter S13Hamburg V
Carsten RPeter S34Hamburg V
Peter SCarsten P24Langenfeld XIII
Peter SWolfgang H31Langenfeld XIII
Peter SVolker B34Langenfeld XIII
Peter SMalte R35Langenfeld XIII
Thomas NPeter S22Langenfeld XIII
Jorg PPeter S64Langenfeld XIII
Cornelius HPeter S41Langenfeld XIII
Wolf HPeter S41Langenfeld XIII
Peter SJan K52Osnabruck II
Peter SJorg P47Osnabruck II
Peter SThorsten B31Osnabruck II
Peter SFrank F09Osnabruck II
Peter SThomas N33Osnabruck II
Peter SWolf H22Osnabruck II
Tom SPeter S12Osnabruck II
Volker BPeter S82Osnabruck II
Thomas NPeter S32Osnabruck II
Wolf HPeter S54Osnabruck II
Jan KPeter S08Osnabruck II
Thorsten BPeter S31Osnabruck II
Peter SOliver St014World Cup X
Peter SSascha W06World Cup X
Peter SHelmut H22World Cup X
Peter SLorenzo C25World Cup X
Peter SRodolfo M06World Cup X
Peter SVolker B36World Cup X
Peter SLorenzo L45World Cup X
Peter SHelmut H25World Cup X
Peter SCornelius H35World Cup X
Alex BPeter S63World Cup X
Gianni TPeter S62World Cup X
Dirk BPeter S24World Cup X
Thomas NPeter S23World Cup X
Steve CPeter S53World Cup X
Jan KPeter S24World Cup X
Jan GPeter S20World Cup X
Flavio ZPeter S42World Cup X
Klaus LPeter S82World Cup X
Alex BPeter S21World Cup X
Helmut HPeter S51World Cup X
Cornelius HPeter S10World Cup X
Peter SSteve C02World Cup XI
Peter SFrederic B26World Cup XI
Peter SMichael Ma33World Cup XI
Peter SGraham S14World Cup XI
Peter SAlkis P214World Cup XI
Peter SMark W14World Cup XI
Peter SWayne L27World Cup XI
Peter SGarry C24World Cup XI
Peter SCornelius H41World Cup XI
Peter SFrederic B25World Cup XI
Peter SThomas N22World Cup XI
Peter SKlaus Le24World Cup XI
Mark WPeter S20World Cup XI
Wayne LPeter S114World Cup XI
Garry CPeter S72World Cup XI
Steve CPeter S105World Cup XI
Frederic BPeter S40World Cup XI
Michael MaPeter S100World Cup XI
Graham SPeter S72World Cup XI
Alkis PPeter S90World Cup XI
Wayne LPeter S41World Cup XI
Mandhir SPeter S32World Cup XI
Mark WPeter S23World Cup XI
Steve SPeter S72World Cup XI
Helmut HPeter S23World Cup XI
Graham SPeter S31World Cup XI
James BuPeter S13World Cup XI
Cornelius HPeter S31World Cup XI
Peter SDenny M62World Cup XII
Peter SGeorge Ka33World Cup XII
Peter SMark W36World Cup XII
Peter SGianni T213World Cup XII
Peter SMassimo M00World Cup XII
Peter SLorenzo C09World Cup XII
Peter SMario F27World Cup XII
Peter SLorenzo L04World Cup XII
Peter SOliver St211World Cup XII
Peter SDino D30World Cup XII
Peter SHelmut H05World Cup XII
Peter SJorg P45World Cup XII
Peter SGeorge Ka32World Cup XII
Peter SJorg P36World Cup XII
Peter SJorn F36World Cup XII
Lorenzo CPeter S54World Cup XII
Mario FPeter S142World Cup XII
Lorenzo LPeter S81World Cup XII
Oliver StPeter S110World Cup XII
Denny MPeter S23World Cup XII
George KaPeter S122World Cup XII
Mark WPeter S62World Cup XII
Gianni TPeter S82World Cup XII
Massimo MPeter S22World Cup XII
Dino DPeter S01World Cup XII
Helmut HPeter S34World Cup XII
Jorg PPeter S91World Cup XII
Kostas KaPeter S41World Cup XII
Thorsten BPeter S23World Cup XII
Cornelius HPeter S73World Cup XII
Fabio RPeter S12World Cup XII
Peter SChristopher D16World Cup XIII
Peter SMichele L41World Cup XIII
Peter SOliver St37World Cup XIII
Peter SAlkis P010World Cup XIII
Peter SHelmut H22World Cup XIII
Peter SSteve C111World Cup XIII
Peter SKlaus Le33World Cup XIII
Peter SMark W57World Cup XIII
Peter SAndy G310World Cup XIII
Peter SChristopher D37World Cup XIII
Peter SJorn F31World Cup XIII
Peter SJorg P36World Cup XIII
Peter SMichele L64World Cup XIII
Lorenzo LPeter S21World Cup XIII
Jorg PPeter S83World Cup XIII
Jorn FPeter S84World Cup XIII
Michael MaPeter S41World Cup XIII
Andy GPeter S123World Cup XIII
Michael FPeter S13World Cup XIII
Rodolfo MPeter S65World Cup XIII
Dino DPeter S04World Cup XIII
Gianni TPeter S113World Cup XIII
Jorn FPeter S74World Cup XIII
Andy GPeter S93World Cup XIII
Christopher DPeter S82World Cup XIII
Jorg PPeter S61World Cup XIII
Michele LPeter S42World Cup XIII
Peter SWolf H21World Cup XIV
Peter SMichele L56World Cup XIV
Peter SMark W24World Cup XIV
Peter SJohn H18World Cup XIV
Peter SMario F06World Cup XIV
Peter SChristopher D34World Cup XIV
Peter SJorg P46World Cup XIV
Peter SHelmut H34World Cup XIV
Peter SEktoras K27World Cup XIV
Helmut HPeter S23World Cup XIV
Jorn FPeter S32World Cup XIV
Andy GPeter S42World Cup XIV
Sandro TPeter S80World Cup XIV
Gianluca TPeter S91World Cup XIV
Gianni TPeter S131World Cup XIV
Gunther WPeter S66World Cup XIV
Michele LPeter S43World Cup XIV
Torgny APeter S32World Cup XIV
Thomas NPeter S60World Cup XIV
Wolf HPeter S14World Cup XIV
Peter SFabio F013World Cup 2015
Peter STomasz A20World Cup 2015
Peter SJorg P02World Cup 2015
Peter SSteve C24World Cup 2015
Peter SOlly D21World Cup 2015
Peter SOlly D42World Cup 2015
Peter SThomas N22World Cup 2015
Peter SLee W12World Cup 2015
Peter SLuke D62World Cup 2015
Peter SHelmut H21World Cup 2015
Peter SJorg P24World Cup 2015
Peter SIan Ka11World Cup 2015
Michele LPeter S46World Cup 2015
Gary PPeter S17World Cup 2015
John HPeter S63World Cup 2015
Dino DPeter S16World Cup 2015
Mick NPeter S05World Cup 2015
Ian KaPeter S32World Cup 2015
Stephen DPeter S42World Cup 2015
Helmut HPeter S32World Cup 2015
Jorg PPeter S62World Cup 2015
Ian KaPeter S64World Cup 2015
Peter SMichele L03World Cup XVI
Peter SLee W22World Cup XVI
Peter SOliver St08World Cup XVI
Peter SFrank F16World Cup XVI
Peter SGianni T214World Cup XVI
Peter SPeter K42World Cup XVI
Peter SMaurizio D30World Cup XVI
Florian KPeter S32World Cup XVI
Maurizio DPeter S02World Cup XVI
Alessandro VPeter S71World Cup XVI
Lorenzo CPeter S50World Cup XVI
Denny MPeter S12World Cup XVI
Denny MPeter S24World Cup XVI
Andrea RPeter S02World Cup XVI
Koney KPeter S03World Cup XVI
Jaume PPeter S56World Cup XVI

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Jorg P20vs
Helmut H11vs
Wolf H11vs
Gianni T10vs
Thorsten B10vs
Mark W9vs
Thomas N9vs
Cornelius H8vs
Jorn F7vs
Michele L7vs