Patrick S (#411 - 742 pts)

Tournaments played22
Tournaments won0 (0.00%)
World cups played0
Games played167
Games won26 (15.57%)
Games drawn10 (5.99%)
Games lost131 (78.44%)
Goals for169 (1.01)
Goals against723 (4.33)
Last tournamentKoenigswinter XLII (17-Mar-12)
Games per month in the last year0.00
1st easiest opponentUdo T (vs)
2nd easiest opponent-
3rd easiest opponent-
1st hardest opponentOliver St (vs)
2nd hardest opponentFrank F (vs)
3rd hardest opponentFrederic B (vs)
Easiest opponent for1 player(s)
Hardest opponent for0 player(s)
Different opponents10
Opponents' countries1
More frequent opponentCornelius H (40 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets18 (10.78%)
No goals scored69 (41.32%)
Scored double figures0 (0.00%)
Conceded double figures10 (5.99%)
Biggest winUdo T - Patrick S: 0 - 7
Biggest defeatOliver St - Patrick S: 18 - 0
Danger rating-0.10

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Patrick SCarsten P09Koenigswinter IX
Patrick SCornelius H07Koenigswinter IX
Udo TPatrick S00Koenigswinter IX
Volker BPatrick S40Koenigswinter IX
Michael LPatrick S20Koenigswinter IX
Patrick SUdo T10Koenigswinter X
Patrick SMichael L03Koenigswinter X
Carsten PPatrick S31Koenigswinter X
Cornelius HPatrick S90Koenigswinter X
Patrick SCornelius H04Koenigswinter XIV
Patrick SOliver St015Koenigswinter XIV
Patrick SCarsten P02Koenigswinter XIV
Patrick SFrederic B19Koenigswinter XIV
Patrick SMichael L110Koenigswinter XIV
Patrick SUdo T12Koenigswinter XIV
Frederic BPatrick S100Koenigswinter XIV
Michael LPatrick S40Koenigswinter XIV
Udo TPatrick S11Koenigswinter XIV
Cornelius HPatrick S70Koenigswinter XIV
Oliver StPatrick S160Koenigswinter XIV
Carsten PPatrick S41Koenigswinter XIV
Patrick SCornelius H07Koenigswinter XV
Patrick SMichael L03Koenigswinter XV
Carsten PPatrick S90Koenigswinter XV
Udo TPatrick S04Koenigswinter XV
Oliver StPatrick S180Koenigswinter XV
Patrick SCarsten P18Koenigswinter XVI
Patrick SUdo T10Koenigswinter XVI
Patrick SCornelius H05Koenigswinter XVI
Patrick SMichael L06Koenigswinter XVI
Cornelius HPatrick S51Koenigswinter XVI
Michael LPatrick S20Koenigswinter XVI
Carsten PPatrick S61Koenigswinter XVI
Udo TPatrick S02Koenigswinter XVI
Patrick SUdo T23Koenigswinter XVIII
Patrick SCornelius H25Koenigswinter XVIII
Patrick SMichael L40Koenigswinter XVIII
Patrick SCarsten P16Koenigswinter XVIII
Michael LPatrick S32Koenigswinter XVIII
Carsten PPatrick S41Koenigswinter XVIII
Udo TPatrick S12Koenigswinter XVIII
Cornelius HPatrick S42Koenigswinter XVIII
Patrick SUdo T32Koenigswinter XIX
Patrick SCarsten P15Koenigswinter XIX
Patrick SOliver St016Koenigswinter XIX
Patrick SCornelius H07Koenigswinter XIX
Patrick SMichael L01Koenigswinter XIX
Patrick SVolker B21Koenigswinter XIX
Cornelius HPatrick S31Koenigswinter XIX
Michael LPatrick S50Koenigswinter XIX
Volker BPatrick S81Koenigswinter XIX
Udo TPatrick S20Koenigswinter XIX
Carsten PPatrick S100Koenigswinter XIX
Oliver StPatrick S70Koenigswinter XIX
Patrick SCornelius H05Koenigswinter XXII
Patrick SCarsten P03Koenigswinter XXII
Patrick SUdo T41Koenigswinter XXII
Patrick SMichael L26Koenigswinter XXII
Patrick SCornelius H03Koenigswinter XXII
Patrick SCarsten P14Koenigswinter XXII
Udo TPatrick S14Koenigswinter XXII
Michael LPatrick S60Koenigswinter XXII
Cornelius HPatrick S41Koenigswinter XXII
Carsten PPatrick S41Koenigswinter XXII
Udo TPatrick S11Koenigswinter XXII
Michael LPatrick S20Koenigswinter XXII
Patrick SUdo T10Koenigswinter XXIII
Patrick SCornelius H34Koenigswinter XXIII
Jan KPatrick S20Koenigswinter XXIII
Frank FPatrick S70Koenigswinter XXIII
Carsten PPatrick S61Koenigswinter XXIII
Thorsten BPatrick S50Koenigswinter XXIII
Michael LPatrick S40Koenigswinter XXIII
Patrick SUdo T20Koenigswinter XXIV
Patrick SCarsten P15Koenigswinter XXIV
Patrick SMichael L12Koenigswinter XXIV
Patrick SCornelius H14Koenigswinter XXIV
Michael LPatrick S32Koenigswinter XXIV
Cornelius HPatrick S40Koenigswinter XXIV
Udo TPatrick S21Koenigswinter XXIV
Carsten PPatrick S90Koenigswinter XXIV
Patrick SCornelius H25Koenigswinter XXV
Patrick SCarsten P08Koenigswinter XXV
Patrick SUdo T00Koenigswinter XXV
Carsten PPatrick S81Koenigswinter XXV
Udo TPatrick S10Koenigswinter XXV
Cornelius HPatrick S11Koenigswinter XXV
Patrick SUdo T30Koenigswinter XXVI
Patrick SMichael L17Koenigswinter XXVI
Patrick SCornelius H14Koenigswinter XXVI
Cornelius HPatrick S50Koenigswinter XXVI
Udo TPatrick S01Koenigswinter XXVI
Michael LPatrick S33Koenigswinter XXVI
Patrick SMichael L23Koenigswinter XXX
Patrick SCarsten P06Koenigswinter XXX
Thorsten BPatrick S61Koenigswinter XXX
Udo TPatrick S04Koenigswinter XXX
Cornelius HPatrick S91Koenigswinter XXX
Patrick SUdo T03Koenigswinter XXXI
Patrick SCornelius H22Koenigswinter XXXI
Michael LPatrick S63Koenigswinter XXXI
Carsten PPatrick S53Koenigswinter XXXI
Patrick SCarsten P02Koenigswinter XXXII
Patrick SCornelius H32Koenigswinter XXXII
Patrick SUdo T10Koenigswinter XXXII
Patrick SMichael L01Koenigswinter XXXII
Patrick SCarsten P08Koenigswinter XXXII
Patrick SCornelius H26Koenigswinter XXXII
Patrick SUdo T21Koenigswinter XXXII
Patrick SMichael L23Koenigswinter XXXII
Udo TPatrick S13Koenigswinter XXXII
Michael LPatrick S52Koenigswinter XXXII
Carsten PPatrick S41Koenigswinter XXXII
Cornelius HPatrick S52Koenigswinter XXXII
Udo TPatrick S11Koenigswinter XXXII
Michael LPatrick S70Koenigswinter XXXII
Carsten PPatrick S30Koenigswinter XXXII
Cornelius HPatrick S61Koenigswinter XXXII
Patrick SCornelius H13Koenigswinter XXXIII
Patrick SFrank F113Koenigswinter XXXIII
Patrick SThorsten B14Koenigswinter XXXIII
Patrick SJan K01Koenigswinter XXXIII
Michael LPatrick S31Koenigswinter XXXIII
Carsten PPatrick S14Koenigswinter XXXIII
Udo TPatrick S10Koenigswinter XXXIII
Patrick SCarsten P35Koenigswinter XXXV
Patrick SCornelius H14Koenigswinter XXXV
Patrick SMichael L13Koenigswinter XXXV
Michael LPatrick S50Koenigswinter XXXV
Carsten PPatrick S70Koenigswinter XXXV
Cornelius HPatrick S90Koenigswinter XXXV
Patrick SMichael L03Koenigswinter XXXVI
Patrick SCornelius H27Koenigswinter XXXVI
Patrick SCarsten P110Koenigswinter XXXVI
Udo TPatrick S11Koenigswinter XXXVI
Patrick SCornelius H14Koenigswinter XXXVII
Patrick SMichael L01Koenigswinter XXXVII
Patrick SCarsten P05Koenigswinter XXXVII
Patrick SUdo T20Koenigswinter XXXVII
Patrick SCornelius H13Koenigswinter XXXVII
Patrick SMichael L43Koenigswinter XXXVII
Carsten PPatrick S40Koenigswinter XXXVII
Udo TPatrick S02Koenigswinter XXXVII
Cornelius HPatrick S60Koenigswinter XXXVII
Michael LPatrick S41Koenigswinter XXXVII
Carsten PPatrick S53Koenigswinter XXXVII
Udo TPatrick S01Koenigswinter XXXVII
Patrick SCarsten P05Koenigswinter XXXVIII
Patrick SMichael L06Koenigswinter XXXVIII
Cornelius HPatrick S41Koenigswinter XXXVIII
Patrick SCornelius H15Koenigswinter XL
Patrick SMichael L13Koenigswinter XL
Udo TPatrick S07Koenigswinter XL
Oliver StPatrick S110Koenigswinter XL
Carsten PPatrick S01Koenigswinter XL
Patrick SMichael L11Koenigswinter XLII
Patrick SCarsten P45Koenigswinter XLII
Patrick SCornelius H15Koenigswinter XLII
Patrick SMichael L05Koenigswinter XLII
Patrick SCarsten P05Koenigswinter XLII
Patrick SCornelius H09Koenigswinter XLII
Cornelius HPatrick S60Koenigswinter XLII
Michael LPatrick S41Koenigswinter XLII
Carsten PPatrick S60Koenigswinter XLII
Cornelius HPatrick S41Koenigswinter XLII
Michael LPatrick S30Koenigswinter XLII
Carsten PPatrick S41Koenigswinter XLII

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