Nick P (#75 - 1013 pts)

Tournaments played8
Tournaments won0 (0.00%)
World cups played3
Games played125
Games won65 (52.00%)
Games drawn17 (13.60%)
Games lost43 (34.40%)
Goals for482 (3.86)
Goals against399 (3.19)
Last tournamentCopenhagen IV (13-Mar-10)
Games per month in the last year0.00
1st easiest opponentSaskia B (vs)
2nd easiest opponentJesper K (vs)
3rd easiest opponentDan W (vs)
1st hardest opponentPanayotis P (vs)
2nd hardest opponentGianni T (vs)
3rd hardest opponentKostas O (vs)
Easiest opponent for1 player(s)
Hardest opponent for9 player(s)
Different opponents51
Opponents' countries9
More frequent opponentJacob K (10 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets11 (8.80%)
No goals scored3 (2.40%)
Scored double figures2 (1.60%)
Conceded double figures1 (0.80%)
Biggest winNick P - Saskia B: 16 - 0
Biggest defeatNick P - Robert S: 1 - 10
Danger rating0.16

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Nick PDaniel T51World Cup V
Nick PSascha F73World Cup V
Nick PVolker K53World Cup V
Nick PFrank F43World Cup V
Nick PThomas K22World Cup V
Nick PRiemer P33World Cup V
Nick PRobert S110World Cup V
Nick PStefan V33World Cup V
Nick PJorg P32World Cup V
Nick PKees V16World Cup V
Nick PMarco D33World Cup V
Nick PMarco S93World Cup V
Thomas KNick P32World Cup V
Riemer PNick P38World Cup V
Robert SNick P25World Cup V
Daniel TNick P25World Cup V
Sascha FNick P12World Cup V
Volker KNick P17World Cup V
Frank FNick P32World Cup V
Stefan VNick P31World Cup V
Jorg PNick P14World Cup V
Kees VNick P43World Cup V
Marco DNick P71World Cup V
Marco SNick P34World Cup V
Nick PDan W70Copenhagen
Nick PJacob K33Copenhagen
Nick PDennis H62Copenhagen
Jesper BNick P010Copenhagen
Claus HNick P24Copenhagen
Henrik RNick P12Copenhagen
Niki BNick P32Copenhagen
Nick PDan W83Copenhagen Cup
Claus HNick P26Copenhagen Cup
Niki BNick P51Copenhagen Cup
Nick PJesper B52Copenhagen II
Nick PHenrik R71Copenhagen II
Nick PFinn R42Copenhagen II
Nick PJohn H38Copenhagen II
Nick PClaus H32Copenhagen II
Nick PJonas S50Copenhagen II
Nick PJorn F63Copenhagen II
Nick PJacob K32Copenhagen II
Claus HNick P29Copenhagen II
Jonas SNick P25Copenhagen II
Jorn FNick P12Copenhagen II
Jacob KNick P33Copenhagen II
Jesper BNick P13Copenhagen II
Henrik RNick P15Copenhagen II
Finn RNick P14Copenhagen II
John HNick P22Copenhagen II
Nick PGarry C61World Cup VI
Nick PSaskia B160World Cup VI
Nick PJames Bu41World Cup VI
Nick PJames B32World Cup VI
Nick PGianni T27World Cup VI
Nick PSascha W32World Cup VI
Nick PAlex B62World Cup VI
Nick PJames B36World Cup VI
Nick PSascha W55World Cup VI
Nick PKnut L54World Cup VI
Jesper KNick P17World Cup VI
John HNick P43World Cup VI
Michael ONick P52World Cup VI
Ben GNick P73World Cup VI
Oliver StNick P32World Cup VI
Michael MuNick P36World Cup VI
Alex BNick P33World Cup VI
James BNick P80World Cup VI
Sascha WNick P42World Cup VI
Knut LNick P52World Cup VI
Nick PKent H73Ostersund VI
Nick PJacob K46Ostersund VI
Nick PNiclas L36Ostersund VI
Nick PBjorn P51Ostersund VI
Nick PMattias N33Ostersund VI
Nick PJohn H24Ostersund VI
Nick PJacob K66Ostersund VI
Nick PNiclas L22Ostersund VI
Bjorn PNick P12Ostersund VI
Mattias NNick P22Ostersund VI
John HNick P42Ostersund VI
Kent HNick P03Ostersund VI
Jacob KNick P71Ostersund VI
Niclas LNick P54Ostersund VI
Bjorn PNick P55Ostersund VI
Mattias NNick P01Ostersund VI
John HNick P91Ostersund VI
Nick PTorgny A51Copenhagen III
Nick PJohn H23Copenhagen III
Nick PDagh N13Copenhagen III
Nick PMattias E50Copenhagen III
Nick PNiki B42Copenhagen III
Nick PJonas S92Copenhagen III
Finn RNick P15Copenhagen III
Dennis NNick P26Copenhagen III
Jacob KNick P02Copenhagen III
Claus HNick P33Copenhagen III
Henrik RNick P22Copenhagen III
Nick PDagh N48Copenhagen III Cup
Torgny ANick P11Copenhagen III Cup
Claus HNick P24Copenhagen III Cup
Nick PApostolos T32World Cup VIII
Nick PMarco S64World Cup VIII
Nick PAlex B04World Cup VIII
Nick POliver St49World Cup VIII
Nick PJohn H28World Cup VIII
Nick PKostas O37World Cup VIII
Nick PHenrik R23World Cup VIII
Nick PJorn F45World Cup VIII
Nick PMark B41World Cup VIII
Nick PMarco S36World Cup VIII
Panayotis PNick P83World Cup VIII
Henrik RNick P08World Cup VIII
Vasilis KNick P03World Cup VIII
Yakos TNick P24World Cup VIII
Robert SNick P45World Cup VIII
Jacob KNick P43World Cup VIII
Rodolfo MNick P34World Cup VIII
Marco SNick P64World Cup VIII
Nick PJesper B20Copenhagen IV
Nick PDagh N36Copenhagen IV
Nick PJacob K47Copenhagen IV
Dagh NNick P60Copenhagen IV
Jacob KNick P54Copenhagen IV
Jesper BNick P37Copenhagen IV

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Jacob K10vs
John H8vs
Claus H6vs
Henrik R6vs
Jesper B5vs
Marco S5vs
Dagh N4vs
Alex B3vs
Bjorn P3vs
Finn R3vs