Nazim C (#185 - 985 pts)

Tournaments played14
Tournaments won0 (0.00%)
World cups played2
Games played201
Games won96 (47.76%)
Games drawn18 (8.96%)
Games lost87 (43.28%)
Goals for756 (3.76)
Goals against729 (3.63)
Last tournamentReading XIII (30-Jun-07)
Games per month in the last year0.00
1st easiest opponentTim K (vs)
2nd easiest opponentDanny D (vs)
3rd easiest opponentNick H (vs)
1st hardest opponentGianni T (vs)
2nd hardest opponentMichael O (vs)
3rd hardest opponentMartin J (vs)
Easiest opponent for1 player(s)
Hardest opponent for6 player(s)
Different opponents65
Opponents' countries12
More frequent opponentRobert S (22 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets15 (7.46%)
No goals scored7 (3.48%)
Scored double figures2 (1.00%)
Conceded double figures6 (2.99%)
Biggest winNazim C - Tim K: 17 - 0
Biggest defeatRobert S - Nazim C: 10 - 0
Danger rating0.08

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Nazim CTim K170World Cup I
Nazim CMartin B34World Cup I
Nazim CJacob K83World Cup I
Nazim CGianluca T14World Cup I
Nazim CMark P42World Cup I
Pim VNazim C27World Cup I
Steve SNazim C25World Cup I
Alkis PNazim C33World Cup I
Franco CNazim C05World Cup I
James LNazim C01World Cup I
Vasilis KNazim C23World Cup I
Mark PNazim C74World Cup I
Nazim CJames L34London I
Nazim CRikki F43London I
Nazim CRobert S42London I
Nazim CSimon B44London I
Robert SNazim C13London I
Simon BNazim C34London I
James LNazim C21London I
Rikki FNazim C71London I
Nazim CMark E71London II
Nazim CSimon B63London II
Nazim CRikki F33London II
Nazim CJames L23London II
Nazim CRobert S71London II
Nazim CBill V62London II
Robert SNazim C32London II
James LNazim C22London II
Rikki FNazim C62London II
Bill VNazim C43London II
Mark ENazim C06London II
Simon BNazim C44London II
Nazim CJames B51Gloucester I
Nazim CMalcolm A25Gloucester I
Nazim CMark E60Gloucester I
Nazim CPaul A83Gloucester I
Nazim CRobert S31Gloucester I
Nazim CSteve C42Gloucester I
Nazim CSteve S32Gloucester I
Nazim CAndy E31Gloucester I
Nazim CAnthony K72Gloucester I
Nazim CDanny D80Gloucester I
Nazim CDan S54Gloucester I
Nazim CJamie A50Gloucester I
Jacob KNazim C24Gloucester I
Martin BNazim C14Gloucester I
Mark WNazim C23Gloucester I
Bill VNazim C24Gloucester I
Rikki FNazim C74Gloucester I
Simon BNazim C43Gloucester I
Simon LNazim C24Gloucester I
Andy HNazim C44Gloucester I
Carl NNazim C14Gloucester I
Dan GNazim C36Gloucester I
Greg NNazim C02Gloucester I
Nazim CSimon B54Gloucester I Cup
Nazim CSteve S24Gloucester I Cup
Steve CNazim C02Gloucester I Cup
Nazim CSimon B64London III
Nazim CGlenn L52London III
Nazim CKlaus Lo44London III
Nazim CBill V56London III
Nazim CRobert S51London III
Nazim CJames L45London III
Nazim CRikki F37London III
Robert SNazim C43London III
James LNazim C35London III
Rikki FNazim C107London III
Simon BNazim C35London III
Glenn LNazim C24London III
Klaus LoNazim C83London III
Bill VNazim C46London III
Nazim CMark E62London V
Nazim CSteve C43London V
Nazim CSimon B52London V
Nazim CRobert S83London V
Nazim CMark E72London V
Nazim CSimon B41London V
Nazim CRobert S64London V
Nazim CSteve C44London V
Robert SNazim C25London V
Steve CNazim C32London V
Mark ENazim C22London V
Simon BNazim C41London V
Robert SNazim C81London V
Steve CNazim C54London V
Mark ENazim C45London V
Simon BNazim C63London V
Nazim CDavid C33Jerez International
Nazim CDaniel M33Jerez International
Nazim CKaribe A31Jerez International
Nazim CRodolfo M52Jerez International
Karibe ANazim C10Jerez International
Rodolfo MNazim C54Jerez International
David CNazim C23Jerez International
Daniel MNazim C45Jerez International
Nazim CSimon B43London X
Nazim CSteve C26London X
Nazim CRobert S14London X
Nazim CSimon B15London X
Nazim CSteve C44London X
Nazim CRobert S45London X
Steve CNazim C51London X
Robert SNazim C100London X
Simon BNazim C51London X
Steve CNazim C63London X
Robert SNazim C71London X
Simon BNazim C22London X
Nazim CSteve C54Sheffield
Nazim CDan S42Sheffield
Nazim CMark W62Sheffield
Nazim CJames B43Sheffield
Nazim CMalcolm A62Sheffield
Nazim CAndy B52Sheffield
Nazim CRikki F710Sheffield
Nazim CTrevor D14Sheffield
Nazim CNick H71Sheffield
Nazim CPaul A83Sheffield
Nazim CJacob K52Sheffield
Nazim CMartin J39Sheffield
Nazim CJon G133Sheffield
Nazim CRobert S26Sheffield
Nazim CMartin B16Sheffield
Nazim CJames L33Sheffield
Nick HNazim C08Sheffield
Paul ANazim C64Sheffield
Jacob KNazim C30Sheffield
Martin JNazim C73Sheffield
Jon GNazim C32Sheffield
Robert SNazim C52Sheffield
Martin BNazim C62Sheffield
James LNazim C82Sheffield
Steve CNazim C104Sheffield
Dan SNazim C03Sheffield
Mark WNazim C25Sheffield
James BNazim C60Sheffield
Malcolm ANazim C64Sheffield
Andy BNazim C05Sheffield
Rikki FNazim C113Sheffield
Trevor DNazim C62Sheffield
Nazim CMark W14Newent II
Nazim CMartin B15Newent II
Nazim CPete S50Newent II
Nazim CRobert S13Newent II
Nazim CJames B24Newent II
Robert SNazim C43Newent II
James BNazim C53Newent II
Mark WNazim C32Newent II
Martin BNazim C53Newent II
Pete SNazim C16Newent II
Nazim CMark W14Newent III
Nazim CMartin B47Newent III
Nazim CJames B42Newent III
Nazim CRobert S64Newent III
Nazim CHaydn H42Newent III
James BNazim C44Newent III
Robert SNazim C62Newent III
Haydn HNazim C17Newent III
Mark WNazim C40Newent III
Martin BNazim C22Newent III
Nazim CHaydn H43World Cup IV
Nazim CMarco D20World Cup IV
Nazim CMichael Mu51World Cup IV
Nazim CGianluca T28World Cup IV
Nazim CGianni T17World Cup IV
Nazim CWolf H81World Cup IV
Nazim CPatrick D52World Cup IV
Nazim CNikos A14World Cup IV
Nazim CLuigi F53World Cup IV
Michael MuNazim C15World Cup IV
Gianluca TNazim C83World Cup IV
Gianni TNazim C51World Cup IV
Wolf HNazim C19World Cup IV
Haydn HNazim C54World Cup IV
Marco DNazim C35World Cup IV
Nikos ANazim C72World Cup IV
Patrick DNazim C24World Cup IV
Luigi FNazim C81World Cup IV
Nazim CJames Bu34Reading XIII
Nazim CPeter S64Reading XIII
Nazim CMandhir S50Reading XIII
Nazim CWayne L64Reading XIII
Nazim CSteve E76Reading XIII
Nazim CSascha W48Reading XIII
Nazim CMichael O06Reading XIII
Nazim CAlkis P15Reading XIII
Nazim CMichael Mu22Reading XIII
Nazim CJohn H35Reading XIII
Nazim CSteve C22Reading XIII
Darren GNazim C23Reading XIII
Wolf HNazim C14Reading XIII
Thomas KNazim C72Reading XIII
Gianni TNazim C100Reading XIII
Jon GNazim C72Reading XIII
Garry CNazim C27Reading XIII
Simon BNazim C41Reading XIII
Mark BNazim C63Reading XIII
Simon KNazim C54Reading XIII
Stephen DNazim C54Reading XIII
Mark WNazim C42Reading XIII
Robert SNazim C51Reading XIII

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Steve C13vs
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Rikki F9vs
Mark W8vs
Martin B8vs
James B7vs
Mark E7vs
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