Michael Mu (#332 - 911 pts)

Tournaments played17
Tournaments won1 (5.88%)
World cups played3
Games played214
Games won64 (29.91%)
Games drawn29 (13.55%)
Games lost121 (56.54%)
Goals for495 (2.31)
Goals against772 (3.61)
Last tournamentCologne I (22-Sep-07)
Games per month in the last year0.00
1st easiest opponentJan S (vs)
2nd easiest opponentOscar L (vs)
3rd easiest opponentSaskia B (vs)
1st hardest opponentSimon B (vs)
2nd hardest opponentSpyros P (vs)
3rd hardest opponentGianni T (vs)
Easiest opponent for4 player(s)
Hardest opponent for3 player(s)
Different opponents67
Opponents' countries14
More frequent opponentSascha W (33 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets26 (12.15%)
No goals scored26 (12.15%)
Scored double figures0 (0.00%)
Conceded double figures6 (2.80%)
Biggest winMichael Mu - Oscar L: 9 - 0
Biggest defeatGianni T - Michael Mu: 14 - 1
Danger rating-0.01

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Michael MuNazim C15World Cup IV
Michael MuMarco D30World Cup IV
Michael MuHaydn H33World Cup IV
Michael MuWolf H40World Cup IV
Michael MuGianni T36World Cup IV
Michael MuGianluca T28World Cup IV
Michael MuSascha W24World Cup IV
Wolf HMichael Mu23World Cup IV
Gianni TMichael Mu41World Cup IV
Gianluca TMichael Mu61World Cup IV
Nazim CMichael Mu51World Cup IV
Marco DMichael Mu10World Cup IV
Haydn HMichael Mu53World Cup IV
Sascha WMichael Mu21World Cup IV
Michael MuStefan V11Kelkheim
Michael MuPatrick D22Kelkheim
Michael MuMichael O17Kelkheim
Michael MuSascha W22Kelkheim
Michael MuStefan V04Kelkheim
Michael MuPatrick D01Kelkheim
Michael MuMichael O04Kelkheim
Michael MuSascha W55Kelkheim
Michael MuPatrick D20Kelkheim
Michael MuMichael O45Kelkheim
Michael MuSascha W11Kelkheim
Michael MuStefan V22Kelkheim
Michael OMichael Mu71Kelkheim
Sascha WMichael Mu56Kelkheim
Stefan VMichael Mu55Kelkheim
Patrick DMichael Mu12Kelkheim
Michael OMichael Mu63Kelkheim
Sascha WMichael Mu60Kelkheim
Stefan VMichael Mu50Kelkheim
Patrick DMichael Mu41Kelkheim
Sascha WMichael Mu43Kelkheim
Stefan VMichael Mu71Kelkheim
Patrick DMichael Mu51Kelkheim
Michael OMichael Mu60Kelkheim
Michael MuSteve C32World Cup V
Michael MuStefan V33World Cup V
Michael MuAndreas Be14World Cup V
Michael MuMarkus H42World Cup V
Michael MuGlenn L17World Cup V
Michael MuGunther W32World Cup V
Michael MuMaurizio L23World Cup V
Markus HMichael Mu37World Cup V
Glenn LMichael Mu61World Cup V
Gunther WMichael Mu41World Cup V
Maurizio LMichael Mu32World Cup V
Steve CMichael Mu102World Cup V
Stefan VMichael Mu53World Cup V
Andreas BeMichael Mu42World Cup V
Michael MuMaurizio L04World Cup V KOA Cup
Michael MuGunther W32World Cup V KOA Cup
Michael MuPascal V33World Cup V KOA Cup
Michael MuBjorn P55World Cup V KOA Cup
Volker KMichael Mu13World Cup V KOA Cup
Riemer PMichael Mu32World Cup V KOA Cup
Pascal VMichael Mu14World Cup V KOA Cup
Bjorn PMichael Mu43World Cup V KOA Cup
Michael MuOscar L90Frankfurt
Michael MuSascha W25Frankfurt
Michael MuGaetano R51Frankfurt
Michael MuGaetano R62Frankfurt
Michael MuSascha W27Frankfurt
Gaetano RMichael Mu01Frankfurt
Oscar LMichael Mu23Frankfurt
Sascha WMichael Mu53Frankfurt
Gaetano RMichael Mu22Frankfurt
Sascha WMichael Mu31Frankfurt
Michael MuPatrick D11Kelkheim II
Michael MuSascha W68Kelkheim II
Michael MuKai K53Kelkheim II
Kai KMichael Mu02Kelkheim II
Patrick DMichael Mu34Kelkheim II
Sascha WMichael Mu30Kelkheim II
Michael MuThomas K00Kelkheim III
Michael MuSascha W12Kelkheim III
Michael MuMichael O23Kelkheim III
Sascha WMichael Mu44Kelkheim III
Michael OMichael Mu52Kelkheim III
Thomas KMichael Mu40Kelkheim III
Michael MuSascha W13Kelkheim IV
Michael MuPatrick D31Kelkheim IV
Michael MuThomas K04Kelkheim IV
Michael MuMichael O09Kelkheim IV
Thomas KMichael Mu53Kelkheim IV
Michael OMichael Mu93Kelkheim IV
Sascha WMichael Mu51Kelkheim IV
Patrick DMichael Mu15Kelkheim IV
Michael MuBen G23World Cup VI
Michael MuOliver St17World Cup VI
Michael MuMichael O06World Cup VI
Michael MuGarry C12World Cup VI
Michael MuSaskia B50World Cup VI
Michael MuJames Bu10World Cup VI
Michael MuNick P36World Cup VI
Michael MuHenrik R43World Cup VI
Michael MuJames Bu41World Cup VI
Michael MuGarry C31World Cup VI
Michael MuClaus H04World Cup VI
James BMichael Mu41World Cup VI
Gianni TMichael Mu141World Cup VI
Sascha WMichael Mu32World Cup VI
Jesper KMichael Mu01World Cup VI
John HMichael Mu41World Cup VI
Henrik RMichael Mu33World Cup VI
James BuMichael Mu51World Cup VI
Garry CMichael Mu43World Cup VI
Claus HMichael Mu63World Cup VI
Michael MuPatrick D12Kelkheim V
Michael MuThomas K03Kelkheim V
Michael MuSascha W02Kelkheim V
Thomas KMichael Mu51Kelkheim V
Sascha WMichael Mu22Kelkheim V
Patrick DMichael Mu24Kelkheim V
Michael MuPatrick D23Kelkheim VI
Michael MuThomas K05Kelkheim VI
Michael MuSascha W05Kelkheim VI
Thomas KMichael Mu43Kelkheim VI
Sascha WMichael Mu82Kelkheim VI
Patrick DMichael Mu33Kelkheim VI
Michael MuFabio F18Milan XIX
Michael MuMarco D18Milan XIX
Michael MuAlessandro V11Milan XIX
Michael MuSascha W111Milan XIX
Michael MuRobert S24Milan XIX
Michael MuSandro T25Milan XIX
Michael MuAndrej S37Milan XIX
Michael MuMichael O16Milan XIX
Thomas KMichael Mu30Milan XIX
Gianni TMichael Mu102Milan XIX
Thorsten BMichael Mu11Milan XIX
Mario FMichael Mu50Milan XIX
Maurizio LMichael Mu62Milan XIX
Sascha SMichael Mu31Milan XIX
Spyros PMichael Mu80Milan XIX
Michael MuThorsten B22Wiesbaden I
Michael MuKai K41Wiesbaden I
Michael MuSascha W43Wiesbaden I
Michael MuJan S80Wiesbaden I
Michael MuJan K30Wiesbaden I
Jan SMichael Mu09Wiesbaden I
Jan KMichael Mu08Wiesbaden I
Thorsten BMichael Mu11Wiesbaden I
Kai KMichael Mu37Wiesbaden I
Sascha WMichael Mu12Wiesbaden I
Michael MuJon G15Reading XIII
Michael MuGarry C31Reading XIII
Michael MuSimon B210Reading XIII
Michael MuJames Bu31Reading XIII
Michael MuPeter S42Reading XIII
Michael MuMandhir S25Reading XIII
Michael MuWayne L06Reading XIII
Michael MuSteve E33Reading XIII
Michael MuSascha W33Reading XIII
Michael MuMichael O27Reading XIII
Michael MuAlkis P05Reading XIII
Gianni TMichael Mu81Reading XIII
Mark BMichael Mu32Reading XIII
John HMichael Mu91Reading XIII
Steve CMichael Mu83Reading XIII
Nazim CMichael Mu22Reading XIII
Simon KMichael Mu32Reading XIII
Stephen DMichael Mu54Reading XIII
Mark WMichael Mu21Reading XIII
Robert SMichael Mu71Reading XIII
Darren GMichael Mu31Reading XIII
Wolf HMichael Mu32Reading XIII
Thomas KMichael Mu60Reading XIII
Michael MuJan K70Wiesbaden II
Michael MuThorsten B52Wiesbaden II
Michael MuSascha W64Wiesbaden II
Sascha WMichael Mu82Wiesbaden II
Jan KMichael Mu02Wiesbaden II
Thorsten BMichael Mu11Wiesbaden II
Michael MuJan K60Wiesbaden III
Michael MuPatrick D24Wiesbaden III
Michael MuThorsten B10Wiesbaden III
Michael MuKai K32Wiesbaden III
Michael MuSascha W26Wiesbaden III
Kai KMichael Mu01Wiesbaden III
Sascha WMichael Mu72Wiesbaden III
Jan KMichael Mu05Wiesbaden III
Patrick DMichael Mu13Wiesbaden III
Thorsten BMichael Mu12Wiesbaden III
Michael MuLaurent L55Cologne I
Michael MuJan K30Cologne I
Michael MuJuan S30Cologne I
Michael MuOliver St23Cologne I
Michael MuGianni T113Cologne I
Michael MuThomas K14Cologne I
Michael MuHaydn H34Cologne I
Michael MuHeiko W43Cologne I
Michael MuRobin H42Cologne I
Sascha WMichael Mu63Cologne I
Jan GMichael Mu45Cologne I
Denis HMichael Mu32Cologne I
Frederic BMichael Mu31Cologne I
Thorsten BMichael Mu23Cologne I
Sandro TMichael Mu53Cologne I
Thomas KMichael Mu51Cologne I
Haydn HMichael Mu32Cologne I
Heiko WMichael Mu20Cologne I
Robin HMichael Mu22Cologne I
Michael MuJan K50Cologne II
Michael MuMarkus Ha43Cologne II
Michael MuDenis H32Cologne II
Michael MuKai H30Cologne II
Michael MuStefan V24Cologne II
Laurent LMichael Mu22Cologne II
Thorsten BMichael Mu03Cologne II
Robin HMichael Mu01Cologne II
Sascha WMichael Mu51Cologne II

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Sascha W33vs
Patrick D16vs
Michael O13vs
Thomas K12vs
Stefan V9vs
Thorsten B9vs
Jan K8vs
Gianni T6vs
Kai K6vs
Gaetano R4vs