Lars A (#266 - 960 pts)

Tournaments played16
Tournaments won0 (0.00%)
World cups played0
Games played125
Games won44 (35.20%)
Games drawn12 (9.60%)
Games lost69 (55.20%)
Goals for291 (2.33)
Goals against427 (3.42)
Last tournamentTromso XV (12-Jun-10)
Games per month in the last year0.00
1st easiest opponentMorten H (vs)
2nd easiest opponentOystein S (vs)
3rd easiest opponentGeir H (vs)
1st hardest opponentJohn H (vs)
2nd hardest opponentAlex B (vs)
3rd hardest opponentFrank F (vs)
Easiest opponent for4 player(s)
Hardest opponent for10 player(s)
Different opponents28
Opponents' countries3
More frequent opponentJorn F (27 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets28 (22.40%)
No goals scored18 (14.40%)
Scored double figures1 (0.80%)
Conceded double figures5 (4.00%)
Biggest winLars A - Morten H: 10 - 0
Biggest defeatLars A - John H: 0 - 12
Danger rating0.21

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Lars AJorn F23Tromso
Lars AHektor T21Tromso
Lars AKetil B23Tromso
Jorn FLars A62Tromso
Hektor TLars A11Tromso
Ketil BLars A40Tromso
Lars AMattias N03Ostersund
Lars AJohnny O20Ostersund
Lars AKent H41Ostersund
Lars AJohn H14Ostersund
Lars AMattias N13Ostersund
Lars AKetil B11Ostersund
Lars AJohn L30Ostersund
Lars ABjorn P21Ostersund
Lars AJohn H25Ostersund
Lars AJorn F02Ostersund
Ketil BLars A41Ostersund
John LLars A05Ostersund
Jorn FLars A61Ostersund
Bjorn PLars A55Ostersund
Johnny OLars A02Ostersund
Kent HLars A21Ostersund
Lars ATor-Henning A62Tromso II
Lars ASindre B13Tromso II
Lars AJohn H012Tromso II
Lars AJorn F44Tromso II
Lars ABjorn P16Tromso II
Lars AAlex B19Tromso II
John HLars A111Tromso II
Jorn FLars A81Tromso II
Bjorn PLars A31Tromso II
Alex BLars A50Tromso II
Tor-Henning ALars A43Tromso II
Sindre BLars A20Tromso II
Lars ASindre B53Tromso III
Lars APreben E20Tromso III
Lars ATommy H21Tromso III
Lars ASindre B06Tromso III
Lars APreben E30Tromso III
Lars ATommy H30Tromso III
Jorn FLars A61Tromso III
Ketil BLars A41Tromso III
Jorn FLars A30Tromso III
Ketil BLars A43Tromso III
Lars AKetil B12Tromso IV
Lars ARune P21Tromso IV
Lars AKetil B00Tromso IV
Lars ARune P02Tromso IV
Jorn FLars A44Tromso IV
Jorn FLars A11Tromso IV
Lars AKetil B03Tromso V
Lars ASindre B25Tromso V
Lars ARune P32Tromso V
Lars ATommy H42Tromso V
Lars AGeir H60Tromso V
Lars ATom L60Tromso V
Lars AJoakim P71Tromso V
Jorn FLars A62Tromso V
Lars ASindre B16Tromso VI
Lars ATommy H41Tromso VI
Jorn FLars A51Tromso VI
Lars ASindre B15Tromso VII
Lars ATommy H51Tromso VII
Jorn FLars A40Tromso VII
Lars ASindre B04Tromso VIII
Lars ATommy H40Tromso VIII
Lars AKetil B10Tromso VIII
Jorn FLars A91Tromso VIII
Lars ASvein T60Tromso IX
Lars AMorten H50Tromso IX
Lars AKristian J31Tromso IX
Lars AJorn F35Tromso IX
Lars ASvein T40Tromso IX
Lars AMorten H100Tromso IX
Lars AJorn F28Tromso IX
Sindre BLars A40Tromso IX
Sindre BLars A33Tromso IX
Lars AKetil B41Tromso X
Lars AJorn F27Tromso X
Lars ASindre B28Tromso X
Jorn FLars A71Tromso X
Sindre BLars A60Tromso X
Ketil BLars A33Tromso X
Lars ASindre B28Tromso XI
Lars AJorn F29Tromso XI
Ketil BLars A22Tromso XI
Lars AThomas E30Tromso XII
Lars ARune P50Tromso XII
Lars ASindre B06Tromso XII
Lars AJorn F04Tromso XII
Sindre BLars A91Tromso XII
Jorn FLars A31Tromso XII
Thomas ELars A05Tromso XII
Rune PLars A31Tromso XII
Lars AJorn F14Tromso XIII
Lars ARune P21Tromso XIII
Lars APreben E60Tromso XIII
Rune PLars A11Tromso XIII
Preben ELars A12Tromso XIII
Jorn FLars A52Tromso XIII
Lars AGaute M30Tromso XIV
Lars ASindre B25Tromso XIV
Lars APaul Ar50Tromso XIV
Lars AOystein S60Tromso XIV
Lars AJorn F27Tromso XIV
Paul ArLars A02Tromso XIV
Oystein SLars A07Tromso XIV
Jorn FLars A71Tromso XIV
Gaute MLars A05Tromso XIV
Sindre BLars A80Tromso XIV
Lars ASindre B15Tromso XV
Lars AThorsten B25Tromso XV
Lars AJohn H111Tromso XV
Lars AJorn F45Tromso XV
Lars AVilde F60Tromso XV
Lars ARune P24Tromso XV
Lars AFrank F24Tromso XV
Jorn FLars A73Tromso XV
Vilde FLars A05Tromso XV
Rune PLars A22Tromso XV
Frank FLars A101Tromso XV
Sindre BLars A63Tromso XV
Thorsten BLars A63Tromso XV
John HLars A101Tromso XV

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Jorn F27vs
Sindre B19vs
Ketil B13vs
Rune P9vs
John H6vs
Bjorn P4vs
Preben E4vs
Alex B2vs
Frank F2vs
Gaute M2vs