Stats for Jacob K (#34 - 1291 pts)

Tournaments played26
Tournaments won7 (26.92%)
World cups played7
Games played385
Games won187 (48.57%)
Games drawn36 (9.35%)
Games lost162 (42.08%)
Goals for1414 (3.67)
Goals against1266 (3.29)
Last tournamentLandskrona I (27-Dec-14)
Games per month in the last year2.58
1st easiest opponentTim K (vs)
2nd easiest opponentSam B (vs)
3rd easiest opponentJoakim F (vs)
1st hardest opponentBill V (vs)
2nd hardest opponentDagh N (vs)
3rd hardest opponentRikki F (vs)
Easiest opponent for2 player(s)
Hardest opponent for12 player(s)
Different opponents115
Opponents' countries13
Most frequent opponentRobert S (20 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets47 (12.21%)
No goals scored17 (4.42%)
Scored double figures6 (1.56%)
Conceded double figures5 (1.30%)
Biggest winJacob K - Dennis N: 12 - 0
Biggest defeatJacob K - John H: 1 - 11
Danger rating0.09

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Jacob KPim V30World Cup I
Jacob KSteve S21World Cup I
Jacob KFranco C32World Cup I
Jacob KJames B22World Cup I
Tim KJacob K011World Cup I
Martin BJacob K33World Cup I
Nazim CJacob K83World Cup I
Alkis PJacob K31World Cup I
Steve CJacob K21World Cup I
Robert SJacob K45World Cup I
Jacob KKlaus Lo18Lund
Jacob KJames L02Lund
Jacob KKlaus Lo13Lund
Jacob KJames L24Lund
Jacob KGlenn L13Lund
Jacob KRobert S23Lund
Jacob KGlenn L12Lund
Jacob KRobert S13Lund
Glenn LJacob K43Lund
Robert SJacob K32Lund
Glenn LJacob K52Lund
Robert SJacob K41Lund
Klaus LoJacob K40Lund
James LJacob K61Lund
Klaus LoJacob K62Lund
James LJacob K31Lund
Jacob KNazim C24Gloucester I
Jacob KRikki F18Gloucester I
Jacob KSimon B23Gloucester I
Jacob KSimon L51Gloucester I
Jacob KAndy H30Gloucester I
Jacob KCarl N24Gloucester I
Jacob KDan G01Gloucester I
Jacob KGreg N10Gloucester I
Jacob KJames B16Gloucester I
Jacob KBill V28Gloucester I
Jacob KMartin B36Gloucester I
Mark WJacob K02Gloucester I
Paul AJacob K22Gloucester I
Robert SJacob K32Gloucester I
Steve CJacob K20Gloucester I
Steve SJacob K11Gloucester I
Andy EJacob K20Gloucester I
Anthony KJacob K13Gloucester I
Danny DJacob K03Gloucester I
Dan SJacob K32Gloucester I
Jamie AJacob K44Gloucester I
Malcolm AJacob K61Gloucester I
Mark EJacob K12Gloucester I
Jacob KAndy H31Gloucester I Cup
Andy EJacob K32Gloucester I Cup
Jacob KAlkis P27World Cup II
Jacob KApostolos T23World Cup II
Jacob KMartin B37World Cup II
Jacob KLeonardo C60World Cup II
Jacob KGeorge K45World Cup II
Jacob KYakos T11World Cup II
Jacob KMark W14World Cup II
Martin BJacob K32World Cup II
Leonardo CJacob K06World Cup II
George KJacob K82World Cup II
Alkis PJacob K91World Cup II
Apostolos TJacob K91World Cup II
Nikos AJacob K81World Cup II
Darren GJacob K33World Cup II
Jacob KMalcolm A21Sheffield
Jacob KAndy B40Sheffield
Jacob KNazim C30Sheffield
Jacob KMartin B34Sheffield
Jacob KTrevor D24Sheffield
Jacob KNick H80Sheffield
Jacob KMark W62Sheffield
Jacob KJames B34Sheffield
Jacob KRobert S60Sheffield
Jacob KMartin J25Sheffield
Jacob KJon G81Sheffield
Jacob KRikki F49Sheffield
Jacob KJames L35Sheffield
Jacob KSteve C17Sheffield
Jacob KDan S14Sheffield
Jacob KPaul A71Sheffield
James BJacob K40Sheffield
Robert SJacob K64Sheffield
Martin JJacob K40Sheffield
Jon GJacob K20Sheffield
Rikki FJacob K82Sheffield
James LJacob K62Sheffield
Steve CJacob K82Sheffield
Dan SJacob K53Sheffield
Paul AJacob K21Sheffield
Malcolm AJacob K72Sheffield
Andy BJacob K41Sheffield
Nazim CJacob K52Sheffield
Martin BJacob K41Sheffield
Trevor DJacob K81Sheffield
Nick HJacob K15Sheffield
Mark WJacob K00Sheffield
Jacob KJon G62Nottingham
Jacob KSteve R32Nottingham
Jacob KMartin B34Nottingham
Jacob KDan G41Nottingham
Jacob KDanny D70Nottingham
Jacob KSam B100Nottingham
Jacob KSteve C46Nottingham
Jacob KJames B43Nottingham
Jacob KJames L41Nottingham
Jacob KMalcolm A52Nottingham
Jacob KRobert S13Nottingham
Jacob KPaul A40Nottingham
Jacob KNick H60Nottingham
Jacob KMartin J17Nottingham
Jacob KHaydn H41Nottingham
Jacob KMark W52Nottingham
James LJacob K51Nottingham
Malcolm AJacob K33Nottingham
Robert SJacob K80Nottingham
Paul AJacob K12Nottingham
Nick HJacob K27Nottingham
Martin JJacob K91Nottingham
Haydn HJacob K04Nottingham
Mark WJacob K32Nottingham
Jon GJacob K22Nottingham
Steve RJacob K33Nottingham
Martin BJacob K123Nottingham
Dan GJacob K42Nottingham
Danny DJacob K16Nottingham
Sam BJacob K010Nottingham
Steve CJacob K61Nottingham
James BJacob K40Nottingham
Jacob KNiki B51Copenhagen
Jacob KJesper B52Copenhagen
Jacob KHenrik R51Copenhagen
Dan WJacob K07Copenhagen
Nick PJacob K33Copenhagen
Claus HJacob K27Copenhagen
Dennis HJacob K22Copenhagen
Jacob KJesper B60Copenhagen Cup
Jacob KNiki B13Copenhagen Cup
Jacob KClaus H53Copenhagen Cup
Jacob KJames L08London Marathon
Jacob KJan T10London Marathon
Jacob KJon G35London Marathon
Jacob KMandhir S53London Marathon
Jacob KMark B50London Marathon
Jacob KMark P55London Marathon
Jacob KNiels T51London Marathon
Jacob KNikos A14London Marathon
Jacob KRiemer P55London Marathon
Jacob KRikki F16London Marathon
Jacob KRobert S210London Marathon
Jacob KSandro T11London Marathon
Jacob KSteve C37London Marathon
Jacob KVagelis D71London Marathon
Jacob KWayne L33London Marathon
Ben GJacob K30London Marathon
Darren GJacob K04London Marathon
Fabio AJacob K34London Marathon
Gianni TJacob K91London Marathon
Gunther WJacob K25London Marathon
Haydn HJacob K13London Marathon
Jacob KJesper B40Copenhagen II
Jacob KNick P33Copenhagen II
Jacob KJohn H34Copenhagen II
Jacob KFinn R11Copenhagen II
Jacob KClaus H62Copenhagen II
Jacob KJonas S62Copenhagen II
Jacob KHenrik R71Copenhagen II
Jacob KJorn F35Copenhagen II
John HJacob K73Copenhagen II
Finn RJacob K63Copenhagen II
Claus HJacob K24Copenhagen II
Jonas SJacob K03Copenhagen II
Henrik RJacob K16Copenhagen II
Jorn FJacob K23Copenhagen II
Jesper BJacob K13Copenhagen II
Nick PJacob K32Copenhagen II
Jacob KClaus H51World Cup VI
Jacob KJorg P54World Cup VI
Jacob KDarren G43World Cup VI
Jacob KDan C58World Cup VI
Jacob KSimon B34World Cup VI
Jacob KRobert S63World Cup VI
Jacob KGlenn L51World Cup VI
Jacob KRobert S11World Cup VI
Jacob KKnut L31World Cup VI
Jacob KSascha W52World Cup VI
Alkis PJacob K63World Cup VI
Knut LJacob K62World Cup VI
Peter SJacob K03World Cup VI
Ben CJacob K43World Cup VI
Marco DJacob K42World Cup VI
Glenn LJacob K22World Cup VI
Robert SJacob K43World Cup VI
Knut LJacob K32World Cup VI
Sascha WJacob K37World Cup VI
Jacob KJohn H35Ostersund VI
Jacob KNiclas L50Ostersund VI
Jacob KKent H60Ostersund VI
Jacob KNick P71Ostersund VI
Jacob KBjorn P30Ostersund VI
Jacob KMattias N63Ostersund VI
Jacob KJohn H111Ostersund VI
Jacob KNiclas L23Ostersund VI
Nick PJacob K46Ostersund VI
Bjorn PJacob K07Ostersund VI
Mattias NJacob K38Ostersund VI
John HJacob K40Ostersund VI
Niclas LJacob K33Ostersund VI
Kent HJacob K25Ostersund VI
Nick PJacob K66Ostersund VI
Bjorn PJacob K26Ostersund VI
Mattias NJacob K43Ostersund VI
Jacob KJohn H46Copenhagen III
Jacob KDagh N48Copenhagen III
Jacob KNick P02Copenhagen III
Jacob KFinn R62Copenhagen III
Jacob KDennis N40Copenhagen III
Jacob KMattias E61Copenhagen III
Henrik RJacob K14Copenhagen III
Niki BJacob K32Copenhagen III
Jonas SJacob K05Copenhagen III
Torgny AJacob K22Copenhagen III
Claus HJacob K16Copenhagen III
Jacob KClaus H23Copenhagen III Cup
Jonas SJacob K36Copenhagen III Cup
Jacob KJorn F44World Cup VIII
Jacob KSteve C28World Cup VIII
Jacob KAstrid L30World Cup VIII
Jacob KVagelis D51World Cup VIII
Jacob KFlavio Z42World Cup VIII
Jacob KAlessandro V52World Cup VIII
Jacob KMark B23World Cup VIII
Jacob KNick P43World Cup VIII
Jacob KRobert S33World Cup VIII
Jacob KKostas Ka54World Cup VIII
Stelios TJacob K53World Cup VIII
Sandro TJacob K52World Cup VIII
Andreas KlJacob K19World Cup VIII
Alkis PJacob K52World Cup VIII
Jorn FJacob K13World Cup VIII
Rodolfo MJacob K43World Cup VIII
Kostas OJacob K65World Cup VIII
Henrik RJacob K02World Cup VIII
Kostas KaJacob K13World Cup VIII
Jacob KTorgny A94Helsingborg I
Jacob KMattias E82Helsingborg I
Jacob KDennis N63Helsingborg I
Dennis NJacob K15Helsingborg I
Torgny AJacob K13Helsingborg I
Mattias EJacob K59Helsingborg I
Jacob KMattias E53Helsinborg II
Jacob KTorgny A31Helsinborg II
Jacob KDennis N42Helsinborg II
Dennis NJacob K36Helsinborg II
Mattias EJacob K25Helsinborg II
Torgny AJacob K11Helsinborg II
Jacob KMattias E43Helsinborg III
Jacob KTorgny A61Helsinborg III
Jacob KDennis N34Helsinborg III
Dennis NJacob K34Helsinborg III
Mattias EJacob K47Helsinborg III
Torgny AJacob K64Helsinborg III
Jacob KJohn H17Lund II
Jacob KTorgny A60Lund II
Jacob KVolker B41Lund II
Jacob KDagh N47Lund II
Jacob KThorsten B43Lund II
Jacob KRegis B52Lund II
Dagh NJacob K81Lund II
Thorsten BJacob K15Lund II
Regis BJacob K23Lund II
John HJacob K84Lund II
Torgny AJacob K12Lund II
Volker BJacob K04Lund II
Jacob KAlessandro V29World Cup IX
Jacob KOliver St43World Cup IX
Jacob KKostas Ka32World Cup IX
Jacob KSteve C24World Cup IX
Jacob KMichael Ma62World Cup IX
Jacob KHelmut H82World Cup IX
Jacob KRodolfo M84World Cup IX
Jacob KSpyros P33World Cup IX
Jacob KEktoras K34World Cup IX
Jacob KGeorge Ka34World Cup IX
Jacob KFrank F23World Cup IX
Jacob KRobert S32World Cup IX
Jacob KEktoras K35World Cup IX
Steve CJacob K53World Cup IX
Michael MaJacob K08World Cup IX
Helmut HJacob K23World Cup IX
Rodolfo MJacob K35World Cup IX
Alessandro VJacob K33World Cup IX
Oliver StJacob K56World Cup IX
Kostas KaJacob K29World Cup IX
Ektoras KJacob K63World Cup IX
George KaJacob K83World Cup IX
Spyros PJacob K43World Cup IX
Frank FJacob K12World Cup IX
Robert SJacob K24World Cup IX
Ektoras KJacob K21World Cup IX
Jacob KNick P54Copenhagen IV
Jacob KJesper B80Copenhagen IV
Jacob KDagh N27Copenhagen IV
Jesper BJacob K03Copenhagen IV
Dagh NJacob K102Copenhagen IV
Nick PJacob K47Copenhagen IV
Jacob KKnut L52World Cup X
Jacob KMichael F70World Cup X
Jacob KAlessandro C90World Cup X
Jacob KCornelius H92World Cup X
Jacob KGarry C56World Cup X
Jacob KCarsten P70World Cup X
Jacob KGeorge Ka22World Cup X
Jacob KEktoras K16World Cup X
Jacob KSteve C56World Cup X
Jacob KSandro T72World Cup X
Jacob KRobert S34World Cup X
John HJacob K43World Cup X
Sandro TJacob K52World Cup X
Klaus LJacob K13World Cup X
Heiko WJacob K08World Cup X
Lorenzo CJacob K28World Cup X
Steve CJacob K42World Cup X
George KaJacob K30World Cup X
Ektoras KJacob K81World Cup X
John HJacob K45World Cup X
Jacob KCornelius H31Dubai I
Jacob KGianni T27Dubai I
Jacob KKlaus Le53Dubai I
Jacob KGlenn L52Dubai I
Jacob KFrank F21Dubai I
Jacob KRobert S44Dubai I
Jacob KSascha W54Dubai I
Jacob KAlessandro V17Dubai I
Frank FJacob K72Dubai I
Robert SJacob K33Dubai I
Sascha WJacob K35Dubai I
Alessandro VJacob K48Dubai I
Cornelius HJacob K47Dubai I
Gianni TJacob K62Dubai I
Klaus LeJacob K45Dubai I
Glenn LJacob K13Dubai I
Jacob KJorn F61Lund III
Jacob KDennis N92Lund III
Jacob KTorgny A52Lund III
Dennis NJacob K23Lund III
Torgny AJacob K28Lund III
Jorn FJacob K15Lund III
Jacob KTorgny A33Lund IV
Jacob KDennis N41Lund IV
Jacob KJorn F47Lund IV
Dennis NJacob K37Lund IV
Jorn FJacob K44Lund IV
Torgny AJacob K15Lund IV
Jacob KSteve C55World Cup XIV
Jacob KOliver St17World Cup XIV
Jacob KThomas N73World Cup XIV
Jacob KAlessandro V15World Cup XIV
Jacob KTorgny A76World Cup XIV
Jacob KDagh N210World Cup XIV
Jacob KGianni T27World Cup XIV
Jacob KJohn H36World Cup XIV
Jacob KFabio F05World Cup XIV
Jacob KSteve C75World Cup XIV
Jacob KAlessandro V52World Cup XIV
Jacob KOliver St59World Cup XIV
Jacob KSandro T42World Cup XIV
Thor SJacob K46World Cup XIV
Gunther WJacob K18World Cup XIV
Alkis PJacob K61World Cup XIV
Jorg PJacob K26World Cup XIV
Fabio FJacob K53World Cup XIV
Ektoras KJacob K45World Cup XIV
Gianluca TJacob K61World Cup XIV
Sandro TJacob K74World Cup XIV
Thor SJacob K47World Cup XIV
Alessandro VJacob K53World Cup XIV
Oliver StJacob K74World Cup XIV
Sandro TJacob K22World Cup XIV
Jacob KTorgny A53Landskrona I
Jacob KJoakim F110Landskrona I
Jacob KDennis N120Landskrona I
Joakim FJacob K210Landskrona I
Dennis NJacob K07Landskrona I
Torgny AJacob K36Landskrona I

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Robert S20vs
Torgny A16vs
Steve C14vs
Dennis N13vs
John H11vs
Nick P10vs
James L9vs
Alessandro V8vs
Glenn L8vs
Jorn F8vs