Greg N (#292 - 945 pts)

Tournaments played8
Tournaments won1 (12.50%)
World cups played0
Games played108
Games won37 (34.26%)
Games drawn10 (9.26%)
Games lost61 (56.48%)
Goals for209 (1.94)
Goals against292 (2.70)
Last tournamentBirmingham VIII (04-May-08)
Games per month in the last year0.00
1st easiest opponentDanny D (vs)
2nd easiest opponentWayne L (vs)
3rd easiest opponentNick H (vs)
1st hardest opponentRikki F (vs)
2nd hardest opponentJames L (vs)
3rd hardest opponentCarl N (vs)
Easiest opponent for2 player(s)
Hardest opponent for0 player(s)
Different opponents39
Opponents' countries7
More frequent opponentMark W (11 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets15 (13.89%)
No goals scored11 (10.19%)
Scored double figures0 (0.00%)
Conceded double figures1 (0.93%)
Biggest winGreg N - Garry C: 7 - 1
Biggest defeatMartin J - Greg N: 11 - 1
Danger rating-0.05

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Greg NRobert S31Gloucester I
Greg NSteve C02Gloucester I
Greg NSteve S10Gloucester I
Greg NAndy E42Gloucester I
Greg NAnthony K20Gloucester I
Greg NDanny D50Gloucester I
Greg NDan S32Gloucester I
Greg NBill V26Gloucester I
Greg NJames B34Gloucester I
Greg NMalcolm A21Gloucester I
Greg NMark E20Gloucester I
Greg NNazim C02Gloucester I
Rikki FGreg N71Gloucester I
Simon BGreg N41Gloucester I
Simon LGreg N31Gloucester I
Andy HGreg N42Gloucester I
Carl NGreg N50Gloucester I
Dan GGreg N50Gloucester I
Jamie AGreg N32Gloucester I
Jacob KGreg N10Gloucester I
Martin BGreg N12Gloucester I
Mark WGreg N20Gloucester I
Paul AGreg N01Gloucester I
Andy EGreg N31Gloucester I Cup
Greg NMark W32Gloucester II
Greg NTrevor D36Gloucester II
Greg NDarren G40Gloucester II
Greg NMark D31Gloucester II
Greg NSteve S11Gloucester II
Greg NJames B11Gloucester II
Greg NSteve C32Gloucester II
Greg NAndy E30Gloucester II
Greg NMartin B13Gloucester II
Greg NMark E52Gloucester II
Greg NMartin J12Gloucester II
Greg NAndy H21Gloucester II
James BGreg N30Gloucester II
Steve CGreg N01Gloucester II
Andy EGreg N43Gloucester II
Martin BGreg N34Gloucester II
Mark EGreg N04Gloucester II
Martin JGreg N01Gloucester II
Andy HGreg N12Gloucester II
Mark WGreg N11Gloucester II
Trevor DGreg N41Gloucester II
Darren GGreg N04Gloucester II
Mark DGreg N32Gloucester II
Steve SGreg N21Gloucester II
Greg NMark W03Wolverhampton
Greg NHaydn H50Wolverhampton
Greg NSteve C22Wolverhampton
Greg NJames L16Wolverhampton
Greg NTrevor D13Wolverhampton
Greg NPaul M02Wolverhampton
Greg NRobert S26Wolverhampton
Greg NMartin J29Wolverhampton
Trevor DGreg N42Wolverhampton
Paul MGreg N31Wolverhampton
Robert SGreg N32Wolverhampton
Martin JGreg N111Wolverhampton
Mark WGreg N21Wolverhampton
Haydn HGreg N13Wolverhampton
Steve CGreg N93Wolverhampton
James LGreg N81Wolverhampton
Greg NSimon K25Dudley VIII
Greg NGarry C15Dudley VIII
Greg NStephen D13Dudley VIII
Greg NSteve E20Dudley VIII
Greg NSimon K12Dudley VIII
Greg NGarry C14Dudley VIII
Greg NStephen D12Dudley VIII
Greg NSteve E24Dudley VIII
Stephen DGreg N31Dudley VIII
Steve EGreg N42Dudley VIII
Simon KGreg N12Dudley VIII
Garry CGreg N33Dudley VIII
Stephen DGreg N21Dudley VIII
Steve EGreg N44Dudley VIII
Simon KGreg N21Dudley VIII
Garry CGreg N52Dudley VIII
Greg NGarry C62Dudley IX
Greg NMark W21Dudley IX
Greg NSteve E23Dudley IX
Steve EGreg N51Dudley IX
Garry CGreg N31Dudley IX
Mark WGreg N33Dudley IX
Greg NMark W21Dudley X
Greg NGarry C71Dudley X
Greg NSteve E24Dudley X
Garry CGreg N14Dudley X
Steve EGreg N12Dudley X
Mark WGreg N50Dudley X
Greg NMark W13Birmingham VIII
Greg NWayne L50Birmingham VIII
Greg NMandhir S14Birmingham VIII
Greg NJohn W22Birmingham VIII
Greg NSteve E13Birmingham VIII
Greg NJon G04Birmingham VIII
Greg NAndy E23Birmingham VIII
Andy HGreg N31Birmingham VIII
Robert SGreg N51Birmingham VIII
Steve CGreg N42Birmingham VIII
Nick HGreg N15Birmingham VIII
Darren GGreg N12Birmingham VIII
Garry CGreg N33Birmingham VIII
James BGreg N11Birmingham VIII
Greg NMark W10Birmingham VIII Silver Cup
Greg NMandhir S34Birmingham VIII Silver Cup

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More frequent opponents

Mark W11vs
Garry C9vs
Steve E9vs
Steve C6vs
Andy E5vs
Andy H4vs
James B4vs
Martin J4vs
Robert S4vs
Simon K4vs