Graham S (#389 - 812 pts)

Tournaments played19
Tournaments won0 (0.00%)
World cups played1
Games played191
Games won40 (20.94%)
Games drawn25 (13.09%)
Games lost126 (65.97%)
Goals for465 (2.43)
Goals against765 (4.01)
Last tournamentWorld Cup XI (12-Nov-11)
Games per month in the last year0.00
1st easiest opponentSteve Sm (vs)
2nd easiest opponentRen A (vs)
3rd easiest opponentJohn B (vs)
1st hardest opponentAlkis P (vs)
2nd hardest opponentAndy G (vs)
3rd hardest opponentRobert S (vs)
Easiest opponent for0 player(s)
Hardest opponent for1 player(s)
Different opponents36
Opponents' countries9
More frequent opponentSteve E (35 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets11 (5.76%)
No goals scored14 (7.33%)
Scored double figures1 (0.52%)
Conceded double figures4 (2.09%)
Biggest winSteve Sm - Graham S: 0 - 11
Biggest defeatAlkis P - Graham S: 11 - 0
Danger rating0.03

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Graham SJon G33Dudley I
Graham SWayne L24Dudley I
Graham SSteve E32Dudley I
Graham SGarry C14Dudley I
Graham SMark B04Dudley I
Graham SMandhir S22Dudley I
Graham SSimon K42Dudley I
Graham SPete S10Dudley I
Mark BGraham S84Dudley I
Mandhir SGraham S72Dudley I
Simon KGraham S65Dudley I
Pete SGraham S22Dudley I
Jon GGraham S53Dudley I
Wayne LGraham S61Dudley I
Steve EGraham S12Dudley I
Garry CGraham S42Dudley I
Graham SMark B45Dudley II
Graham SSimon K60Dudley II
Graham SSteve E33Dudley II
Graham SGarry C35Dudley II
Steve EGraham S32Dudley II
Garry CGraham S25Dudley II
Mark BGraham S43Dudley II
Simon KGraham S50Dudley II
Graham SGarry C42Dudley III
Graham SSteve E23Dudley III
Graham SSimon K12Dudley III
Steve EGraham S35Dudley III
Simon KGraham S10Dudley III
Garry CGraham S52Dudley III
Graham SSascha W30Heathrow II
Graham SGarry C35Heathrow II
Graham SRobert S27Heathrow II
Graham SSteve E13Heathrow II
Graham SWayne L33Heathrow II
Graham SFabio A14Heathrow II
Steve EGraham S55Heathrow II
Wayne LGraham S21Heathrow II
Fabio AGraham S33Heathrow II
Sascha WGraham S10Heathrow II
Garry CGraham S41Heathrow II
Robert SGraham S31Heathrow II
Graham SWayne L37Heathrow III
Graham SMark B19Heathrow III
Graham SHaydn H12Heathrow III
Sascha WGraham S51Heathrow III
Garry CGraham S52Heathrow III
Steve EGraham S44Heathrow III
Graham SSteve E33Droitwich
Graham SMark B16Droitwich
Graham SMandhir S34Droitwich
Graham SSteve E43Droitwich
Graham SMark B15Droitwich
Graham SMandhir S24Droitwich
Mandhir SGraham S42Droitwich
Steve EGraham S52Droitwich
Mark BGraham S81Droitwich
Mandhir SGraham S52Droitwich
Steve EGraham S54Droitwich
Mark BGraham S52Droitwich
Graham SSteve E33Droitwich II
Graham SSimon K76Droitwich II
Graham SGarry C14Droitwich II
Graham SSimon K34Droitwich II
Graham SGarry C33Droitwich II
Simon KGraham S43Droitwich II
Garry CGraham S24Droitwich II
Steve EGraham S80Droitwich II
Simon KGraham S31Droitwich II
Garry CGraham S51Droitwich II
Steve EGraham S84Droitwich II
Graham SSimon K62Dudley XI
Graham SSteve E04Dudley XI
Graham SJohn B60Dudley XI
Graham SGarry C31Dudley XI
John BGraham S03Dudley XI
Garry CGraham S34Dudley XI
Simon KGraham S32Dudley XI
Steve EGraham S50Dudley XI
Graham SJames B25Newent X
Graham SJon G27Newent X
Graham SMark W31Newent X
Graham SSimon K22Newent X
Mandhir SGraham S44Newent X
Garry CGraham S10Newent X
Steve EGraham S42Newent X
Robert SGraham S101Newent X
Graham SSteve E33Worcester I
Graham SSimon K12Worcester I
Graham SGarry C36Worcester I
Graham SSteve E15Worcester I
Simon KGraham S34Worcester I
Garry CGraham S52Worcester I
Steve EGraham S21Worcester I
Simon KGraham S53Worcester I
Garry CGraham S43Worcester I
Graham SSimon K14Worcester II
Graham SGarry C35Worcester II
Graham SSteve E27Worcester II
Graham SJohn R10Worcester II
Steve EGraham S43Worcester II
John RGraham S08Worcester II
Simon KGraham S63Worcester II
Garry CGraham S72Worcester II
Graham SSteve E35Dudley XIII
Graham SSimon K13Dudley XIII
Graham SGarry C43Dudley XIII
Garry CGraham S92Dudley XIII
Steve EGraham S61Dudley XIII
Simon KGraham S21Dudley XIII
Graham SGarry C23Dudley XIV
Graham SSteve E24Dudley XIV
Graham SSimon K22Dudley XIV
Simon KGraham S43Dudley XIV
Garry CGraham S22Dudley XIV
Steve EGraham S43Dudley XIV
Graham SJon G212Birmingham XIV
Graham SRobert S14Birmingham XIV
Graham SSimon K15Birmingham XIV
Graham SRen A50Birmingham XIV
Graham SAndy G05Birmingham XIV
Graham SMartin B35Birmingham XIV
Graham SAndy E12Birmingham XIV
Steve CGraham S51Birmingham XIV
Andy HGraham S45Birmingham XIV
Grant NGraham S14Birmingham XIV
Mandhir SGraham S43Birmingham XIV
Garry CGraham S63Birmingham XIV
Steve EGraham S103Birmingham XIV
Graham SAndy E41Birmingham XIV Silver Cup
Graham SMandhir S26Birmingham XIV Silver Cup
Graham SSteve E27Birmingham XVIII
Graham SGarry C33Birmingham XVIII
Graham SSimon K28Birmingham XVIII
Graham SJon G06Birmingham XVIII
Graham SGrant N41Birmingham XVIII
Jon GGraham S91Birmingham XVIII
Grant NGraham S13Birmingham XVIII
Steve EGraham S32Birmingham XVIII
Garry CGraham S60Birmingham XVIII
Simon KGraham S42Birmingham XVIII
Graham SGrant N71Birmingham XXI
Graham SMandhir S43Birmingham XXI
Graham SJon G37Birmingham XXI
Graham SAndy E11Birmingham XXI
Graham SGarry C07Birmingham XXI
Steve EGraham S51Birmingham XXI
Steve SmGraham S011Birmingham XXI
Steve CGraham S55Birmingham XXI
Mark WGraham S53Birmingham XXI
Andy HGraham S15Birmingham XXI
Robert SGraham S51Birmingham XXI
Simon KGraham S81Birmingham XXI
Mandhir SGraham S03Birmingham XXI Silver Cup
Andy EGraham S42Birmingham XXI Silver Cup
Graham SRobert S24Birmingham XXV
Graham SGarry C13Birmingham XXV
Graham SSteve E17Birmingham XXV
Graham SSimon K45Birmingham XXV
Steve EGraham S53Birmingham XXV
Simon KGraham S41Birmingham XXV
Robert SGraham S72Birmingham XXV
Garry CGraham S65Birmingham XXV
Graham SSteve C15World Cup XI
Graham SMichael Ma33World Cup XI
Graham SWayne L28World Cup XI
Graham SAlkis P08World Cup XI
Graham SMark W12World Cup XI
Graham SGarry C24World Cup XI
Graham SFrederic B24World Cup XI
Graham SPeter S72World Cup XI
Graham SThorsten B32World Cup XI
Graham SJorg P22World Cup XI
Graham SLorenzo L36World Cup XI
Graham SPeter S31World Cup XI
Frederic BGraham S33World Cup XI
Peter SGraham S14World Cup XI
Steve CGraham S43World Cup XI
Michael MaGraham S31World Cup XI
Wayne LGraham S41World Cup XI
Alkis PGraham S110World Cup XI
Mark WGraham S33World Cup XI
Garry CGraham S61World Cup XI
Wolf HGraham S55World Cup XI
Peter KGraham S12World Cup XI
James BuGraham S02World Cup XI
Rodolfo MGraham S51World Cup XI
Jorn FGraham S41World Cup XI
Frederic BGraham S41World Cup XI

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