George K (#58 - 1073 pts)

Tournaments played19
Tournaments won4 (21.05%)
World cups played1
Games played187
Games won109 (58.29%)
Games drawn18 (9.63%)
Games lost60 (32.09%)
Goals for753 (4.03)
Goals against573 (3.06)
Last tournamentAthens XXIV (11-Jan-04)
Games per month in the last year0.00
1st easiest opponentAntonis T (vs)
2nd easiest opponentFilippo D (vs)
3rd easiest opponentLeonardo C (vs)
1st hardest opponentJames B (vs)
2nd hardest opponentPanayotis P (vs)
3rd hardest opponentRobert S (vs)
Easiest opponent for0 player(s)
Hardest opponent for3 player(s)
Different opponents20
Opponents' countries5
More frequent opponentAlkis P (37 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets15 (8.02%)
No goals scored6 (3.21%)
Scored double figures2 (1.07%)
Conceded double figures1 (0.53%)
Biggest winGeorge K - Yakos T: 13 - 1
Biggest defeatAlkis P - George K: 8 - 1
Danger rating0.15

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
George KAlkis P43Athens I
George KVasilis K21Athens I
George KBill V32Athens I
George KApostolos T33Athens I
George KTakis40Athens I
Alkis PGeorge K30Athens I
Vasilis KGeorge K33Athens I
Bill VGeorge K23Athens I
Apostolos TGeorge K33Athens I
TakisGeorge K15Athens I
George KVasilis K22Athens IV
George KDimitris K63Athens IV
George KApostolos T32Athens IV
George KNikos A62Athens IV
George KAlkis P85Athens IV
Vasilis KGeorge K21Athens IV
Dimitris KGeorge K14Athens IV
Apostolos TGeorge K14Athens IV
Nikos AGeorge K24Athens IV
Alkis PGeorge K41Athens IV
George KApostolos T32Athens IV Cup
George KAlkis P73Athens IV Cup
Apostolos TGeorge K16Athens IV Cup
George KVasilis K31Athens V
George KNikos A25Athens V
George KAlkis P56Athens V
Nikos AGeorge K20Athens V
Alkis PGeorge K32Athens V
Vasilis KGeorge K23Athens V
George KNikos A03Athens VI
George KAlkis P02Athens VI
George KVasilis K63Athens VI
Vasilis KGeorge K12Athens VI
Nikos AGeorge K11Athens VI
Alkis PGeorge K81Athens VI
George KVasilis K24Athens VII
George KAlkis P11Athens VII
George KNikos A53Athens VII
Alkis PGeorge K32Athens VII
Nikos AGeorge K31Athens VII
Vasilis KGeorge K34Athens VII
George KNikos A33Athens VIII
George KAlkis P22Athens VIII
George KVasilis K51Athens VIII
Nikos AGeorge K63Athens VIII
Alkis PGeorge K23Athens VIII
Vasilis KGeorge K24Athens VIII
George KAlkis P14Athens IX
George KNikos A65Athens IX
George KDimitris K82Athens IX
George KSpyros P52Athens IX
George KVasilis K21Athens IX
Alkis PGeorge K03Athens IX
Nikos AGeorge K25Athens IX
Dimitris KGeorge K46Athens IX
Spyros PGeorge K53Athens IX
Vasilis KGeorge K42Athens IX
George KDimitris K90Mediterrenean
George KSpyros P40Mediterrenean
George KFilippo D80Mediterrenean
George KNikos A13Mediterrenean
George KLeonardo C20Mediterrenean
George KAlkis P54Mediterrenean
George KVasilis K40Mediterrenean
Dimitris KGeorge K65Mediterrenean
Spyros PGeorge K22Mediterrenean
Filippo DGeorge K04Mediterrenean
Nikos AGeorge K36Mediterrenean
Leonardo CGeorge K03Mediterrenean
Alkis PGeorge K25Mediterrenean
Vasilis KGeorge K36Mediterrenean
George KMartin B42World Cup II
George KLeonardo C80World Cup II
George KJacob K82World Cup II
George KAlkis P43World Cup II
George KApostolos T61World Cup II
George KRodolfo M63World Cup II
George KSteve C42World Cup II
George KJames B34World Cup II
George KSpyros P67World Cup II
Alkis PGeorge K25World Cup II
Apostolos TGeorge K05World Cup II
Martin BGeorge K44World Cup II
Leonardo CGeorge K14World Cup II
Jacob KGeorge K45World Cup II
James BGeorge K20World Cup II
Rodolfo MGeorge K47World Cup II
Steve CGeorge K34World Cup II
Spyros PGeorge K43World Cup II
George KNikos A51Athens X
George KAlkis P83Athens X
George KDimitris K31Athens X
George KVasilis K54Athens X
George KSpyros P63Athens X
George KPanayotis P45Athens X
Nikos AGeorge K22Athens X
Alkis PGeorge K64Athens X
Dimitris KGeorge K13Athens X
Vasilis KGeorge K56Athens X
Spyros PGeorge K54Athens X
Panayotis PGeorge K43Athens X
George KSpyros P41Athens XI
George KVasilis K62Athens XI
George KYakos T82Athens XI
George KAlkis P65Athens XI
George KNikos A25Athens XI
George KPanayotis P42Athens XI
Spyros PGeorge K51Athens XI
Vasilis KGeorge K35Athens XI
Yakos TGeorge K46Athens XI
Alkis PGeorge K32Athens XI
Nikos AGeorge K14Athens XI
Panayotis PGeorge K52Athens XI
George KSpyros P35Helland
George KNikos A45Helland
George KAlkis P51Helland
George KRobert S04Helland
George KDimitris K51Helland
George KPanayotis P55Helland
George KMartin J88Helland
George KVasilis K54Helland
George KYakos T80Helland
Panayotis PGeorge K103Helland
Martin JGeorge K24Helland
Vasilis KGeorge K04Helland
Yakos TGeorge K37Helland
Spyros PGeorge K63Helland
Nikos AGeorge K36Helland
Alkis PGeorge K71Helland
Robert SGeorge K44Helland
Dimitris KGeorge K26Helland
George KVasilis K72Athens XIII
George KYakos T51Athens XIII
George KSpyros P32Athens XIII
George KNikos A25Athens XIII
George KAlkis P45Athens XIII
Nikos AGeorge K23Athens XIII
Alkis PGeorge K33Athens XIII
Vasilis KGeorge K64Athens XIII
Yakos TGeorge K25Athens XIII
Spyros PGeorge K53Athens XIII
George KSpyros P25KMAB
George KAlkis P33KMAB
George KPanayotis P34KMAB
George KVasilis K43KMAB
George KNikos A33KMAB
George KYakos T63KMAB
Vasilis KGeorge K36KMAB
Nikos AGeorge K63KMAB
Yakos TGeorge K12KMAB
Spyros PGeorge K34KMAB
Alkis PGeorge K45KMAB
Panayotis PGeorge K52KMAB
George KPanayotis P26Athens XVII
George KSpyros P43Athens XVII
George KVasilis K51Athens XVII
George KYakos T131Athens XVII
George KApostolos T103Athens XVII
George KAlkis P92Athens XVII
Alkis PGeorge K71Athens XVII
Panayotis PGeorge K74Athens XVII
Spyros PGeorge K24Athens XVII
Vasilis KGeorge K32Athens XVII
Yakos TGeorge K95Athens XVII
Apostolos TGeorge K14Athens XVII
George KNikos A54Athens XXII
George KVasilis K83Athens XXII
George KAlkis P43Athens XXII
Vasilis KGeorge K43Athens XXII
Alkis PGeorge K93Athens XXII
Nikos AGeorge K32Athens XXII
George KVasilis K43Athens XXIII
George KAlkis P64Athens XXIII
George KNikos A33Athens XXIII
George KPanayotis P24Athens XXIII
Alkis PGeorge K82Athens XXIII
Nikos AGeorge K61Athens XXIII
Panayotis PGeorge K72Athens XXIII
Vasilis KGeorge K01Athens XXIII
George KVasilis K81Athens XXIV
George KAntonis T90Athens XXIV
George KNikos A47Athens XXIV
George KAlkis P73Athens XXIV
Antonis TGeorge K16Athens XXIV
Nikos AGeorge K32Athens XXIV
Alkis PGeorge K31Athens XXIV
Vasilis KGeorge K45Athens XXIV

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Alkis P37vs
Vasilis K34vs
Nikos A30vs
Spyros P18vs
Panayotis P12vs
Apostolos T10vs
Dimitris K10vs
Yakos T10vs
Leonardo C4vs
Antonis T2vs