Stats for Danny D (#356 - 755 pts)

Tournaments played5
Tournaments won0 (0.00%)
World cups played2
Games played77
Games won8 (10.39%)
Games drawn6 (7.79%)
Games lost63 (81.82%)
Goals for56 (0.73)
Goals against327 (4.25)
Last tournamentWorld Cup IV (11/13/2004)
Games per month in the last year0.00
1st easiest opponentAndy M (vs)
2nd easiest opponentMichael Q (vs)
3rd easiest opponentSam B (vs)
1st hardest opponentNazim C (vs)
2nd hardest opponentMark P (vs)
3rd hardest opponentMartin J (vs)
Easiest opponent for9 player(s)
Hardest opponent for0 player(s)
Different opponents43
Opponents' countries10
Most frequent opponentDan G (4 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets9 (11.69%)
No goals scored39 (50.65%)
Scored double figures0 (0.00%)
Conceded double figures3 (3.90%)
Biggest winDanny D - Mark B: 3 - 0
Biggest defeatMartin J - Danny D: 12 - 1
Danger rating-0.21

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Danny DKees V22World Cup I
Danny DAndy M31World Cup I
Danny DRobert S27World Cup I
Jan TDanny D01World Cup I
Michael QDanny D02World Cup I
Klaus LeDanny D30World Cup I
Gianluca TDanny D60World Cup I
Danny DSimon L04Gloucester I
Danny DAndy H05Gloucester I
Danny DCarl N00Gloucester I
Danny DBill V16Gloucester I
Danny DDan S04Gloucester I
Danny DJamie A01Gloucester I
Danny DJacob K03Gloucester I
Danny DMartin B03Gloucester I
Danny DMark W23Gloucester I
Danny DPaul A13Gloucester I
Danny DRobert S19Gloucester I
Steve CDanny D53Gloucester I
Steve SDanny D41Gloucester I
Andy EDanny D60Gloucester I
Anthony KDanny D00Gloucester I
Dan GDanny D50Gloucester I
Greg NDanny D50Gloucester I
James BDanny D61Gloucester I
Malcolm ADanny D40Gloucester I
Mark EDanny D30Gloucester I
Nazim CDanny D80Gloucester I
Rikki FDanny D70Gloucester I
Simon BDanny D61Gloucester I
Danny DDan G24Gloucester I Cup
Danny DMartin J26Nottingham
Danny DDan G15Nottingham
Danny DMalcolm A23Nottingham
Danny DNick H22Nottingham
Danny DSam B21Nottingham
Danny DMark W01Nottingham
Danny DSteve R14Nottingham
Danny DJames B06Nottingham
Danny DSteve C07Nottingham
Danny DJames L06Nottingham
Danny DRobert S14Nottingham
Danny DJacob K16Nottingham
Danny DMartin B17Nottingham
Danny DJon G12Nottingham
Danny DPaul A04Nottingham
Danny DHaydn H00Nottingham
Steve CDanny D70Nottingham
James LDanny D70Nottingham
Robert SDanny D80Nottingham
Jacob KDanny D70Nottingham
Martin BDanny D101Nottingham
Jon GDanny D50Nottingham
Paul ADanny D20Nottingham
Haydn HDanny D60Nottingham
Martin JDanny D121Nottingham
Dan GDanny D32Nottingham
Malcolm ADanny D71Nottingham
Nick HDanny D01Nottingham
Sam BDanny D02Nottingham
Mark WDanny D10Nottingham
Steve RDanny D31Nottingham
James BDanny D51Nottingham
Danny DLuca A02World Cup IV
Danny DMark B30World Cup IV
Danny DThomas N21World Cup IV
Danny DAlessandro V12World Cup IV
Danny DMark P19World Cup IV
Danny DRodolfo M16World Cup IV
Danny DCristian Z02World Cup IV
Mark PDanny D81World Cup IV
Rodolfo MDanny D60World Cup IV
Luca ADanny D100World Cup IV
Mark BDanny D00World Cup IV
Thomas NDanny D20World Cup IV
Alessandro VDanny D40World Cup IV
Cristian ZDanny D50World Cup IV

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Most frequent opponents

Dan G4vs
Robert S4vs
Jacob K3vs
James B3vs
Malcolm A3vs
Mark W3vs
Martin B3vs
Paul A3vs
Steve C3vs
Alessandro V2vs