Cornelius H (#174 - 987 pts)

Tournaments played77
Tournaments won17 (22.08%)
World cups played4
Games played671
Games won344 (51.27%)
Games drawn56 (8.35%)
Games lost271 (40.39%)
Goals for2335 (3.48)
Goals against1906 (2.84)
Last tournamentWorld Cup XVI (12-Nov-16)
Games per month in the last year2.25
1st easiest opponentJorg S (vs)
2nd easiest opponentAndreas R (vs)
3rd easiest opponentMark F (vs)
1st hardest opponentChristopher D (vs)
2nd hardest opponentJohn H (vs)
3rd hardest opponentGianni T (vs)
Easiest opponent for4 player(s)
Hardest opponent for9 player(s)
Different opponents88
Opponents' countries14
More frequent opponentCarsten P (86 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets166 (24.74%)
No goals scored53 (7.90%)
Scored double figures22 (3.28%)
Conceded double figures25 (3.73%)
Biggest winCornelius H - Udo T: 13 - 0
Biggest defeatCornelius H - Christopher D: 0 - 13
Danger rating0.06

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Cornelius HOliver St210Duesseldorf III
Cornelius HFrederic B26Duesseldorf III
Cornelius HCarsten P22Duesseldorf III
Volker BCornelius H34Duesseldorf III
Thomas NiCornelius H11Duesseldorf III
Michael LCornelius H43Duesseldorf III
Cornelius HMichael L90Duesseldorf IV
Cornelius HVolker B15Duesseldorf IV
Carsten PCornelius H43Duesseldorf IV
Oliver StCornelius H100Duesseldorf IV
Cornelius HUdo T90Koenigswinter I
Cornelius HCarsten P61Koenigswinter I
Cornelius HMichael L12Koenigswinter I
Michael LCornelius H12Koenigswinter I
Udo TCornelius H010Koenigswinter I
Carsten PCornelius H22Koenigswinter I
Cornelius HOliver St210Koenigswinter II
Cornelius HMichael L32Koenigswinter II
Cornelius HFrederic B03Koenigswinter II
Cornelius HThorsten B23Koenigswinter II
Frederic BCornelius H31Koenigswinter II
Thorsten BCornelius H11Koenigswinter II
Oliver StCornelius H52Koenigswinter II
Michael LCornelius H30Koenigswinter II
Cornelius HFrank F43Langenfeld X
Cornelius HThorsten B23Langenfeld X
Cornelius HPeter S30Langenfeld X
Cornelius HFrederic B32Langenfeld X
Cornelius HVolker B21Langenfeld X
Cornelius HJorg P22Langenfeld X
Frederic BCornelius H34Langenfeld X
Volker BCornelius H42Langenfeld X
Jorg PCornelius H53Langenfeld X
Frank FCornelius H11Langenfeld X
Thorsten BCornelius H31Langenfeld X
Peter SCornelius H21Langenfeld X
Cornelius HVolker B03Langenfeld XI
Cornelius HFrank F04Langenfeld XI
Thorsten BCornelius H41Langenfeld XI
Oliver StCornelius H81Langenfeld XI
Cornelius HUdo T60Koenigswinter III
Cornelius HCarsten P21Koenigswinter III
Cornelius HMichael L31Koenigswinter III
Michael LCornelius H50Koenigswinter III
Udo TCornelius H08Koenigswinter III
Carsten PCornelius H72Koenigswinter III
Cornelius HCarsten P42Koenigswinter IV
Cornelius HUdo T70Koenigswinter IV
Cornelius HMichael L40Koenigswinter IV
Michael LCornelius H40Koenigswinter IV
Carsten PCornelius H32Koenigswinter IV
Udo TCornelius H08Koenigswinter IV
Cornelius HUdo T60Koenigswinter V
Cornelius HVolker B34Koenigswinter V
Cornelius HOliver St37Koenigswinter V
Cornelius HCarsten P41Koenigswinter V
Thorsten BCornelius H00Koenigswinter V
Frank FCornelius H42Koenigswinter V
Michael LCornelius H13Koenigswinter V
Cornelius HMichael L10Koenigswinter VI
Cornelius HUdo T70Koenigswinter VI
Cornelius HCarsten P51Koenigswinter VI
Udo TCornelius H07Koenigswinter VI
Carsten PCornelius H43Koenigswinter VI
Michael LCornelius H10Koenigswinter VI
Cornelius HJan K40Wiesbaden XI
Cornelius HFrank F29Wiesbaden XI
Cornelius HThorsten B41Wiesbaden XI
Cornelius HJan K30Wiesbaden XI
Cornelius HFrank F18Wiesbaden XI
Cornelius HThorsten B32Wiesbaden XI
Cornelius HJan K62Wiesbaden XI
Cornelius HFrank F34Wiesbaden XI
Thorsten BCornelius H11Wiesbaden XI
Jan KCornelius H03Wiesbaden XI
Frank FCornelius H71Wiesbaden XI
Thorsten BCornelius H13Wiesbaden XI
Jan KCornelius H13Wiesbaden XI
Thorsten BCornelius H44Wiesbaden XI
Cornelius HUdo T110Koenigswinter VII
Cornelius HMichael L40Koenigswinter VII
Cornelius HCarsten P41Koenigswinter VII
Cornelius HUdo T40Koenigswinter VII
Cornelius HMichael L31Koenigswinter VII
Cornelius HCarsten P32Koenigswinter VII
Michael LCornelius H21Koenigswinter VII
Carsten PCornelius H31Koenigswinter VII
Udo TCornelius H05Koenigswinter VII
Michael LCornelius H11Koenigswinter VII
Carsten PCornelius H17Koenigswinter VII
Udo TCornelius H09Koenigswinter VII
Cornelius HMichael L41Koenigswinter VIII
Cornelius HCarsten P41Koenigswinter VIII
Cornelius HUdo T40Koenigswinter VIII
Cornelius HVolker B24Koenigswinter VIII
Udo TCornelius H010Koenigswinter VIII
Volker BCornelius H43Koenigswinter VIII
Michael LCornelius H10Koenigswinter VIII
Cornelius HUdo T60Koenigswinter IX
Cornelius HCarsten P42Koenigswinter IX
Cornelius HMichael L40Koenigswinter IX
Volker BCornelius H31Koenigswinter IX
Patrick SCornelius H07Koenigswinter IX
Cornelius HPatrick S90Koenigswinter X
Udo TCornelius H013Koenigswinter X
Carsten PCornelius H12Koenigswinter X
Michael LCornelius H02Koenigswinter X
Cornelius HFrederic B31Koenigswinter XI
Oliver StCornelius H80Koenigswinter XI
Udo TCornelius H07Koenigswinter XI
Cornelius HFrederic B07Koenigswinter XII
Cornelius HUdo T70Koenigswinter XII
Oliver StCornelius H50Koenigswinter XII
Carsten PCornelius H25Koenigswinter XII
Cornelius HOliver St34Koenigswinter XIII
Cornelius HCarsten P35Koenigswinter XIII
Cornelius HFrederic B13Koenigswinter XIII
Frederic BCornelius H43Koenigswinter XIII
Oliver StCornelius H91Koenigswinter XIII
Carsten PCornelius H33Koenigswinter XIII
Cornelius HFrederic B38Duesseldorf V
Cornelius HVolker B34Duesseldorf V
Cornelius HOliver St38Duesseldorf V
Cornelius HFrederic B16Duesseldorf V
Volker BCornelius H42Duesseldorf V
Oliver StCornelius H71Duesseldorf V
Frederic BCornelius H31Duesseldorf V
Volker BCornelius H31Duesseldorf V
Oliver StCornelius H82Duesseldorf V
Frederic BCornelius H32Duesseldorf V
Cornelius HFrederic B08Koenigswinter XIV
Cornelius HMichael L00Koenigswinter XIV
Cornelius HPatrick S70Koenigswinter XIV
Cornelius HOliver St18Koenigswinter XIV
Cornelius HUdo T40Koenigswinter XIV
Cornelius HCarsten P53Koenigswinter XIV
Patrick SCornelius H04Koenigswinter XIV
Oliver StCornelius H63Koenigswinter XIV
Udo TCornelius H07Koenigswinter XIV
Carsten PCornelius H22Koenigswinter XIV
Frederic BCornelius H60Koenigswinter XIV
Michael LCornelius H12Koenigswinter XIV
Cornelius HMichael L41Koenigswinter XV
Cornelius HOliver St26Koenigswinter XV
Cornelius HCarsten P12Koenigswinter XV
Patrick SCornelius H07Koenigswinter XV
Udo TCornelius H07Koenigswinter XV
Cornelius HPatrick S51Koenigswinter XVI
Cornelius HUdo T60Koenigswinter XVI
Cornelius HMichael L50Koenigswinter XVI
Cornelius HCarsten P11Koenigswinter XVI
Michael LCornelius H04Koenigswinter XVI
Carsten PCornelius H13Koenigswinter XVI
Patrick SCornelius H05Koenigswinter XVI
Udo TCornelius H09Koenigswinter XVI
Cornelius HFrank F33Koenigswinter XVII
Cornelius HCarsten P22Koenigswinter XVII
Cornelius HUdo T51Koenigswinter XVII
Cornelius HThorsten B04Koenigswinter XVII
Cornelius HMichael L30Koenigswinter XVII
Udo TCornelius H04Koenigswinter XVII
Thorsten BCornelius H20Koenigswinter XVII
Michael LCornelius H11Koenigswinter XVII
Frank FCornelius H62Koenigswinter XVII
Carsten PCornelius H14Koenigswinter XVII
Cornelius HFrank F15Langenfeld XII
Cornelius HGunther W40Langenfeld XII
Cornelius HOliver St18Langenfeld XII
Jan KCornelius H24Langenfeld XII
Volker BCornelius H53Langenfeld XII
Thorsten BCornelius H00Langenfeld XII
Frederic BCornelius H60Langenfeld XII
Cornelius HCarsten P12Koenigswinter XVIII
Cornelius HMichael L40Koenigswinter XVIII
Cornelius HUdo T81Koenigswinter XVIII
Cornelius HPatrick S42Koenigswinter XVIII
Udo TCornelius H05Koenigswinter XVIII
Patrick SCornelius H25Koenigswinter XVIII
Carsten PCornelius H02Koenigswinter XVIII
Michael LCornelius H13Koenigswinter XVIII
Cornelius HOliver St17Cologne VI
Cornelius HVolker B26Cologne VI
Cornelius HFrederic B26Cologne VI
Cornelius HOliver St08Cologne VI
Volker BCornelius H31Cologne VI
Frederic BCornelius H22Cologne VI
Oliver StCornelius H71Cologne VI
Volker BCornelius H35Cologne VI
Frederic BCornelius H21Cologne VI
Cornelius HVolker B16Frankfurt II
Cornelius HThorsten B32Frankfurt II
Cornelius HHorst L12Frankfurt II
Cornelius HJuan S40Frankfurt II
Cornelius HHorst L21Frankfurt II
Cornelius HVolker B37Frankfurt II
Cornelius HFrank F39Frankfurt II
Cornelius HCarsten P23Frankfurt II
Jan KCornelius H07Frankfurt II
Carsten PCornelius H23Frankfurt II
Frank FCornelius H112Frankfurt II
Frank FCornelius H90Frankfurt II
Horst LCornelius H33Frankfurt II
Volker BCornelius H22Frankfurt II
Carsten PCornelius H42Frankfurt II
Horst LCornelius H32Frankfurt II
Cornelius HPatrick S31Koenigswinter XIX
Cornelius HVolker B51Koenigswinter XIX
Cornelius HOliver St23Koenigswinter XIX
Cornelius HCarsten P71Koenigswinter XIX
Cornelius HMichael L20Koenigswinter XIX
Cornelius HUdo T50Koenigswinter XIX
Carsten PCornelius H22Koenigswinter XIX
Michael LCornelius H02Koenigswinter XIX
Udo TCornelius H07Koenigswinter XIX
Patrick SCornelius H07Koenigswinter XIX
Volker BCornelius H03Koenigswinter XIX
Oliver StCornelius H60Koenigswinter XIX
Cornelius HWolfgang H60Langenfeld XIII
Cornelius HVolker B31Langenfeld XIII
Cornelius HMalte R08Langenfeld XIII
Cornelius HPeter S41Langenfeld XIII
Wolf HCornelius H33Langenfeld XIII
Thomas NCornelius H03Langenfeld XIII
Jorg PCornelius H32Langenfeld XIII
Carsten PCornelius H43Langenfeld XIII
Cornelius HVolker B71Koenigswinter XX
Cornelius HMichael L23Koenigswinter XX
Udo TCornelius H16Koenigswinter XX
Carsten PCornelius H43Koenigswinter XX
Cornelius HUdo T130Koenigswinter XXI
Cornelius HCarsten P31Koenigswinter XXI
Cornelius HMichael L30Koenigswinter XXI
Michael LCornelius H21Koenigswinter XXI
Udo TCornelius H08Koenigswinter XXI
Carsten PCornelius H34Koenigswinter XXI
Cornelius HCarsten P16Koenigswinter XXII
Cornelius HMichael L50Koenigswinter XXII
Cornelius HPatrick S41Koenigswinter XXII
Cornelius HUdo T70Koenigswinter XXII
Cornelius HCarsten P22Koenigswinter XXII
Cornelius HMichael L25Koenigswinter XXII
Patrick SCornelius H05Koenigswinter XXII
Udo TCornelius H08Koenigswinter XXII
Carsten PCornelius H14Koenigswinter XXII
Michael LCornelius H05Koenigswinter XXII
Patrick SCornelius H03Koenigswinter XXII
Udo TCornelius H110Koenigswinter XXII
Cornelius HMichael L33Wiesbaden XII
Cornelius HHorst L32Wiesbaden XII
Cornelius HJorg D80Wiesbaden XII
Cornelius HMichael L50Wiesbaden XII
Frank FCornelius H130Wiesbaden XII
Jorg SCornelius H012Wiesbaden XII
Horst LCornelius H43Wiesbaden XII
Carsten PCornelius H30Wiesbaden XII
Cornelius HFrederic B26Volkenrath I
Cornelius HFrank F16Volkenrath I
Cornelius HOliver St111Volkenrath I
Cornelius HThorsten B02Volkenrath I
Cornelius HFrederic B23Volkenrath I
Cornelius HFrank F26Volkenrath I
Oliver StCornelius H52Volkenrath I
Thorsten BCornelius H21Volkenrath I
Frederic BCornelius H51Volkenrath I
Frank FCornelius H133Volkenrath I
Oliver StCornelius H60Volkenrath I
Thorsten BCornelius H31Volkenrath I
Cornelius HThorsten B14Koenigswinter XXIII
Cornelius HUdo T80Koenigswinter XXIII
Cornelius HMichael L32Koenigswinter XXIII
Frank FCornelius H61Koenigswinter XXIII
Jan KCornelius H13Koenigswinter XXIII
Patrick SCornelius H34Koenigswinter XXIII
Carsten PCornelius H28Koenigswinter XXIII
Cornelius HCarsten P45Koenigswinter XXIV
Cornelius HPatrick S40Koenigswinter XXIV
Cornelius HMichael L42Koenigswinter XXIV
Cornelius HUdo T110Koenigswinter XXIV
Michael LCornelius H23Koenigswinter XXIV
Udo TCornelius H17Koenigswinter XXIV
Carsten PCornelius H35Koenigswinter XXIV
Patrick SCornelius H14Koenigswinter XXIV
Cornelius HUdo T80Koenigswinter XXV
Cornelius HCarsten P04Koenigswinter XXV
Cornelius HPatrick S11Koenigswinter XXV
Patrick SCornelius H25Koenigswinter XXV
Udo TCornelius H02Koenigswinter XXV
Carsten PCornelius H52Koenigswinter XXV
Cornelius HPatrick S50Koenigswinter XXVI
Cornelius HUdo T60Koenigswinter XXVI
Cornelius HMichael L41Koenigswinter XXVI
Michael LCornelius H11Koenigswinter XXVI
Patrick SCornelius H14Koenigswinter XXVI
Udo TCornelius H09Koenigswinter XXVI
Cornelius HLorenzo C31World Cup X
Cornelius HMichael F51World Cup X
Cornelius HKnut L25World Cup X
Cornelius HHeiko W40World Cup X
Cornelius HHelmut H01World Cup X
Cornelius HJorg P18World Cup X
Cornelius HSimon K19World Cup X
Cornelius HVolker B14World Cup X
Cornelius HPeter S10World Cup X
Carsten PCornelius H14World Cup X
Sandro TCornelius H70World Cup X
John HCornelius H121World Cup X
Jacob KCornelius H92World Cup X
Alessandro CCornelius H01World Cup X
Klaus LCornelius H62World Cup X
Garry CCornelius H92World Cup X
Thorsten BCornelius H31World Cup X
Jan GCornelius H32World Cup X
Knut LCornelius H32World Cup X
Kostas KaCornelius H24World Cup X
Volker BCornelius H22World Cup X
Peter SCornelius H35World Cup X
Cornelius HCarsten P03Koenigswinter XXVII
Cornelius HUdo T90Koenigswinter XXVII
Cornelius HMichael L23Koenigswinter XXVII
Cornelius HOliver St28Koenigswinter XXVII
Andreas RCornelius H013Koenigswinter XXVII
Cornelius HAndreas R101Koenigswinter XXVIII
Carsten PCornelius H02Koenigswinter XXVIII
Michael LCornelius H32Koenigswinter XXVIII
Cornelius HMichael L22Koenigswinter XXIX
Cornelius HAndreas R80Koenigswinter XXIX
Udo TCornelius H07Koenigswinter XXIX
Cornelius HUdo T60Koenigswinter XXX
Cornelius HThorsten B16Koenigswinter XXX
Cornelius HPatrick S91Koenigswinter XXX
Michael LCornelius H32Koenigswinter XXX
Carsten PCornelius H13Koenigswinter XXX
Cornelius HSascha K40Karst I
Cornelius HOliver St311Karst I
Cornelius HDirk B30Karst I
Cornelius HThorsten B24Karst I
Dirk BCornelius H22Karst I
Thorsten BCornelius H52Karst I
Sascha KCornelius H02Karst I
Oliver StCornelius H92Karst I
Cornelius HMichael L42Koenigswinter XXXI
Cornelius HCarsten P22Koenigswinter XXXI
Udo TCornelius H04Koenigswinter XXXI
Patrick SCornelius H22Koenigswinter XXXI
Cornelius HUdo T40Koenigswinter XXXII
Cornelius HMichael L32Koenigswinter XXXII
Cornelius HCarsten P41Koenigswinter XXXII
Cornelius HPatrick S52Koenigswinter XXXII
Cornelius HUdo T50Koenigswinter XXXII
Cornelius HMichael L22Koenigswinter XXXII
Cornelius HCarsten P21Koenigswinter XXXII
Cornelius HPatrick S61Koenigswinter XXXII
Michael LCornelius H40Koenigswinter XXXII
Carsten PCornelius H02Koenigswinter XXXII
Patrick SCornelius H32Koenigswinter XXXII
Udo TCornelius H13Koenigswinter XXXII
Michael LCornelius H24Koenigswinter XXXII
Carsten PCornelius H31Koenigswinter XXXII
Patrick SCornelius H26Koenigswinter XXXII
Udo TCornelius H06Koenigswinter XXXII
Cornelius HJan K40Koenigswinter XXXIII
Cornelius HMichael L13Koenigswinter XXXIII
Cornelius HCarsten P31Koenigswinter XXXIII
Patrick SCornelius H13Koenigswinter XXXIII
Thorsten BCornelius H01Koenigswinter XXXIII
Frank FCornelius H43Koenigswinter XXXIII
Udo TCornelius H06Koenigswinter XXXIII
Cornelius HUdo T50Koenigswinter XXXIV
Michael LCornelius H32Koenigswinter XXXIV
Carsten PCornelius H44Koenigswinter XXXIV
Cornelius HAlessandro V18Dubai I
Cornelius HFrank F03Dubai I
Cornelius HRobert S04Dubai I
Cornelius HSascha W25Dubai I
Cornelius HGianni T410Dubai I
Cornelius HKlaus Le13Dubai I
Cornelius HGlenn L26Dubai I
Cornelius HJacob K47Dubai I
Gianni TCornelius H121Dubai I
Klaus LeCornelius H43Dubai I
Glenn LCornelius H82Dubai I
Jacob KCornelius H31Dubai I
Alessandro VCornelius H63Dubai I
Frank FCornelius H83Dubai I
Robert SCornelius H61Dubai I
Sascha WCornelius H121Dubai I
Cornelius HMark F90Rodenbach I
Cornelius HHorst L21Rodenbach I
Cornelius HThorsten B24Rodenbach I
Cornelius HJuan S50Rodenbach I
Cornelius HOliver St111Rodenbach I
Cornelius HJoerg D90Rodenbach I
Cornelius HHorst L34Rodenbach I
Cornelius HThorsten B38Rodenbach I
Joerg SCornelius H09Rodenbach I
Volker BCornelius H34Rodenbach I
Jan KCornelius H07Rodenbach I
Holger HCornelius H010Rodenbach I
Frank FCornelius H101Rodenbach I
Cornelius HMichael L43Koenigswinter XXXV
Cornelius HCarsten P41Koenigswinter XXXV
Cornelius HPatrick S90Koenigswinter XXXV
Carsten PCornelius H22Koenigswinter XXXV
Patrick SCornelius H14Koenigswinter XXXV
Michael LCornelius H07Koenigswinter XXXV
Cornelius HCarsten P63Koenigswinter XXXVI
Cornelius HUdo T60Koenigswinter XXXVI
Michael LCornelius H33Koenigswinter XXXVI
Patrick SCornelius H27Koenigswinter XXXVI
Cornelius HMichael L00Koenigswinter XXXVII
Cornelius HUdo T61Koenigswinter XXXVII
Cornelius HPatrick S60Koenigswinter XXXVII
Cornelius HCarsten P31Koenigswinter XXXVII
Cornelius HMichael L52Koenigswinter XXXVII
Cornelius HUdo T130Koenigswinter XXXVII
Patrick SCornelius H14Koenigswinter XXXVII
Carsten PCornelius H12Koenigswinter XXXVII
Michael LCornelius H10Koenigswinter XXXVII
Udo TCornelius H08Koenigswinter XXXVII
Patrick SCornelius H13Koenigswinter XXXVII
Carsten PCornelius H32Koenigswinter XXXVII
Cornelius HHorst L32Oldenburg I
Cornelius HJan K32Oldenburg I
Cornelius HTom S47Oldenburg I
Thorsten BCornelius H33Oldenburg I
Frank FCornelius H72Oldenburg I
Cornelius HFrank F17Oldenburg II
Cornelius HJan G34Oldenburg II
Cornelius HTom S12Oldenburg II
Cornelius HThomas N31Oldenburg II
Cornelius HChris R80Oldenburg II
Thorsten BCornelius H11Oldenburg II
Heiko WCornelius H12Oldenburg II
Jorg PCornelius H42Oldenburg II
Thomas NCornelius H14Oldenburg II
Cornelius HFrank F24World Cup XI
Cornelius HSimon K05World Cup XI
Cornelius HJon G35World Cup XI
Cornelius HKlaus Le35World Cup XI
Cornelius HRobert S35World Cup XI
Cornelius HHelmut H74World Cup XI
Cornelius HWolf H61World Cup XI
Cornelius HJorn F33World Cup XI
Cornelius HHelmut H43World Cup XI
Cornelius HThomas N31World Cup XI
Cornelius HFrederic B56World Cup XI
Cornelius HWayne L07World Cup XI
Cornelius HPeter S31World Cup XI
Helmut HCornelius H12World Cup XI
Wolf HCornelius H22World Cup XI
Jorn FCornelius H12World Cup XI
Frank FCornelius H72World Cup XI
Simon KCornelius H80World Cup XI
Jon GCornelius H32World Cup XI
Klaus LeCornelius H13World Cup XI
Robert SCornelius H31World Cup XI
Peter SCornelius H41World Cup XI
Mark WCornelius H42World Cup XI
Klaus LeCornelius H32World Cup XI
Steve SCornelius H33World Cup XI
Mandhir SCornelius H53World Cup XI
Lorenzo LCornelius H43World Cup XI
Mark WCornelius H56World Cup XI
Cornelius HPatrick S41Koenigswinter XXXVIII
Michael LCornelius H40Koenigswinter XXXVIII
Carsten PCornelius H11Koenigswinter XXXVIII
Cornelius HMichael L05Koenigswinter XXXIX
Carsten PCornelius H01Koenigswinter XXXIX
Udo TCornelius H17Koenigswinter XXXIX
Cornelius HSven H81Manheim II
Cornelius HFrank F16Manheim II
Cornelius HHorst L52Manheim II
Cornelius HJorg D80Manheim II
Holger HCornelius H07Manheim II
Jan KCornelius H06Manheim II
Oliver StCornelius H131Manheim II
Thorsten BCornelius H64Manheim II
Cornelius HOliver ST25Koenigswinter XL
Cornelius HUdo T62Koenigswinter XL
Cornelius HCarsten P61Koenigswinter XL
Patrick SCornelius H15Koenigswinter XL
Michael LCornelius H03Koenigswinter XL
Oliver StCornelius H60Koenigswinter XLI
Udo TCornelius H011Koenigswinter XLI
Carsten PCornelius H26Koenigswinter XLI
Cornelius HPatrick S60Koenigswinter XLII
Cornelius HMichael L82Koenigswinter XLII
Cornelius HCarsten P71Koenigswinter XLII
Cornelius HPatrick S41Koenigswinter XLII
Cornelius HMichael L53Koenigswinter XLII
Cornelius HCarsten P20Koenigswinter XLII
Carsten PCornelius H18Koenigswinter XLII
Patrick SCornelius H15Koenigswinter XLII
Michael LCornelius H13Koenigswinter XLII
Carsten PCornelius H19Koenigswinter XLII
Patrick SCornelius H09Koenigswinter XLII
Michael LCornelius H14Koenigswinter XLII
Cornelius HOliver St213Volkenrath III
Cornelius HThorsten B22Volkenrath III
Cornelius HJan K61Volkenrath III
Cornelius HFrank F49Volkenrath III
Cornelius HOliver St212Volkenrath III
Cornelius HThorsten B04Volkenrath III
Jan KCornelius H08Volkenrath III
Frank FCornelius H81Volkenrath III
Oliver StCornelius H30Volkenrath III
Thorsten BCornelius H32Volkenrath III
Frank FCornelius H52Volkenrath III
Cornelius HCarsten P42Koenigswinter XLIII
Cornelius HMichael L12Koenigswinter XLIII
Cornelius HUdo T40Koenigswinter XLIII
Michael LCornelius H22Koenigswinter XLIII
Udo TCornelius H011Koenigswinter XLIII
Carsten PCornelius H03Koenigswinter XLIII
Michael LCornelius H43Koenigswinter XLIII
Udo TCornelius H08Koenigswinter XLIII
Cornelius HThorsten B12Mannheim II
Cornelius HFrank F18Mannheim II
Horst LCornelius H12Mannheim II
Cornelius HAndreas S32Hanau III
Cornelius HAndreas Be32Hanau III
Cornelius HOliver St17Hanau III
Cornelius HJorg D80Hanau III
Cornelius HMichael E32Hanau III
Cornelius HFrank F13Hanau III
Cornelius HThorsten B44Hanau III
Horst LCornelius H23Hanau III
Michael ECornelius H33Hanau III
Frank FCornelius H82Hanau III
Thorsten BCornelius H23Hanau III
Michael ECornelius H12Hanau III
Frank FCornelius H84Hanau III
Thorsten BCornelius H51Hanau III
Cornelius HGianluca P110World Cup XII
Cornelius HLuigi F38World Cup XII
Cornelius HJorg P45World Cup XII
Cornelius HDino D70World Cup XII
Cornelius HAndrea R60World Cup XII
Cornelius HFlavio Z24World Cup XII
Cornelius HFrank F13World Cup XII
Cornelius HPanayotis P05World Cup XII
Cornelius HDagh N18World Cup XII
Cornelius HKlaus Le33World Cup XII
Cornelius HKostas Ka22World Cup XII
Cornelius HJorn F43World Cup XII
Cornelius HPeter S73World Cup XII
Cornelius HFabio R42World Cup XII
Flavio ZCornelius H44World Cup XII
Frank FCornelius H63World Cup XII
Panayotis PCornelius H65World Cup XII
Dagh NCornelius H141World Cup XII
Gianluca PCornelius H013World Cup XII
Luigi FCornelius H91World Cup XII
Jorg PCornelius H14World Cup XII
Dino DCornelius H04World Cup XII
Andrea RCornelius H110World Cup XII
Klaus LeCornelius H53World Cup XII
Kostas KaCornelius H72World Cup XII
Jorn FCornelius H72World Cup XII
George KaCornelius H52World Cup XII
Jorg PCornelius H34World Cup XII
Kostas KaCornelius H26World Cup XII
Jorn FCornelius H34World Cup XII
Thorsten BCornelius H31World Cup XII
Cornelius HMichael L20Koenigswinter XLIV
Cornelius HCarsten P70Koenigswinter XLIV
Udo TCornelius H08Koenigswinter XLIV
Andreas RCornelius H012Koenigswinter XLIV
Cornelius HUdo T60Koenigswinter XLV
Cornelius HMichael L50Koenigswinter XLV
Cornelius HCarsten P31Koenigswinter XLV
Cornelius HUdo T30Koenigswinter XLV
Cornelius HMichael L31Koenigswinter XLV
Carsten PCornelius H12Koenigswinter XLV
Udo TCornelius H010Koenigswinter XLV
Michael LCornelius H13Koenigswinter XLV
Carsten PCornelius H05Koenigswinter XLV
Cornelius HMichael L24Koenigswinter XLVI
Cornelius HGustl V110Koenigswinter XLVI
Cornelius HCarsten P41Koenigswinter XLVI
Cornelius HUdo T51Koenigswinter XLVI
Carsten PCornelius H18Koenigswinter XLVI
Udo TCornelius H08Koenigswinter XLVI
Michael LCornelius H21Koenigswinter XLVI
Gustl VCornelius H010Koenigswinter XLVI
Cornelius HHelmut H34Freiburg I
Cornelius HGianluca P50Freiburg I
Cornelius HHorst L42Freiburg I
Cornelius HJan K51Freiburg I
Cornelius HGianni T311Freiburg I
Cornelius HAlessandro V25Freiburg I
Cornelius HMichael E24Freiburg I
Cornelius HKlaus Le44Freiburg I
Cornelius HThorsten B13Freiburg I
Cornelius HFrank F17Freiburg I
Alessandro VCornelius H63Freiburg I
Michael ECornelius H35Freiburg I
Klaus LeCornelius H42Freiburg I
Thorsten BCornelius H30Freiburg I
Frank FCornelius H53Freiburg I
Helmut HCornelius H50Freiburg I
Gianluca PCornelius H04Freiburg I
Horst LCornelius H14Freiburg I
Jan KCornelius H18Freiburg I
Gianni TCornelius H110Freiburg I
Cornelius HGustl V110Koenigswinter XLVII
Cornelius HMichael L51Koenigswinter XLVII
Cornelius HCarsten P32Koenigswinter XLVII
Cornelius HUdo T10Koenigswinter XLVII
Carsten PCornelius H12Koenigswinter XLVII
Udo TCornelius H07Koenigswinter XLVII
Gustl VCornelius H17Koenigswinter XLVII
Michael LCornelius H21Koenigswinter XLVII
Cornelius HGustl V80Koenigswinter XLVIII
Cornelius HUdo T50Koenigswinter XLVIII
Cornelius HMichael L40Koenigswinter XLVIII
Cornelius HCarsten P31Koenigswinter XLVIII
Carsten PCornelius H01Koenigswinter XLVIII
Gustl VCornelius H07Koenigswinter XLVIII
Udo TCornelius H06Koenigswinter XLVIII
Michael LCornelius H31Koenigswinter XLVIII
Cornelius HFrederic B42Volkenrath IV
Cornelius HMartin M50Volkenrath IV
Cornelius HThorsten B33Volkenrath IV
Cornelius HDirk B37Volkenrath IV
Cornelius HMartin M60Volkenrath IV
Oliver StCornelius H120Volkenrath IV
Frank FCornelius H92Volkenrath IV
Jan KCornelius H07Volkenrath IV
Dirk BCornelius H45Volkenrath IV
Thorsten BCornelius H22Volkenrath IV
Cornelius HFrank F24Koenigswinter XLIX
Cornelius HDanny D63Koenigswinter XLIX
Cornelius HOliver St114Koenigswinter XLIX
Cornelius HFrank F23Koenigswinter XLIX
Cornelius HDanny D51Koenigswinter XLIX
Oliver StCornelius H111Koenigswinter XLIX
Frank FCornelius H70Koenigswinter XLIX
Danny DCornelius H53Koenigswinter XLIX
Oliver StCornelius H120Koenigswinter XLIX
Cornelius HJaume P34Amsterdam I
Cornelius HMick N52Amsterdam I
Cornelius HIlija T60Amsterdam I
Cornelius HThomas N60Amsterdam I
Cornelius HJorg P30Amsterdam I
Cornelius HKlaus Le17Amsterdam I
Cornelius HMark P37Amsterdam I
Cornelius HRiemer P54Amsterdam I
Jaume PCornelius H36Amsterdam I
Cornelius HJaume P51World Cup XVI
Cornelius HChristopher D013World Cup XVI
Cornelius HMauro M13World Cup XVI
Cornelius HRodolfo M35World Cup XVI
Cornelius HMark W14World Cup XVI
Cornelius HVasilis K25World Cup XVI
Cornelius HJorn F33World Cup XVI
Cornelius HMichele L41World Cup XVI
Cornelius HLee W21World Cup XVI
Steve CCornelius H63World Cup XVI
Sandro TCornelius H71World Cup XVI
Dagh NCornelius H61World Cup XVI
Robert SCornelius H44World Cup XVI
Koney KCornelius H16World Cup XVI
Michele LCornelius H16World Cup XVI
Olivier VCornelius H23World Cup XVI
Robert SCornelius H54World Cup XVI
Lee WCornelius H13World Cup XVI

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