Bill V (#50 - 1112 pts)

Tournaments played8
Tournaments won3 (37.50%)
World cups played1
Games played105
Games won70 (66.67%)
Games drawn6 (5.71%)
Games lost29 (27.62%)
Goals for567 (5.40)
Goals against302 (2.88)
Last tournamentWorld Cup II (02-Nov-02)
Games per month in the last year0.00
1st easiest opponentHaydn H (vs)
2nd easiest opponentSimon L (vs)
3rd easiest opponentDarren G (vs)
1st hardest opponentAlkis P (vs)
2nd hardest opponentGeorge K (vs)
3rd hardest opponentVasilis K (vs)
Easiest opponent for0 player(s)
Hardest opponent for11 player(s)
Different opponents38
Opponents' countries6
More frequent opponentRobert S (11 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets6 (5.71%)
No goals scored0 (0.00%)
Scored double figures13 (12.38%)
Conceded double figures0 (0.00%)
Biggest winBill V - Darren G: 16 - 1
Biggest defeatBill V - Rikki F: 2 - 6
Danger rating0.29

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Bill VAlkis P56Athens I
Bill VVasilis K34Athens I
Bill VGeorge K23Athens I
Bill VTakis50Athens I
Bill VApostolos T62Athens I
Alkis PBill V51Athens I
Vasilis KBill V22Athens I
George KBill V32Athens I
TakisBill V34Athens I
Apostolos TBill V12Athens I
Bill VRobert S33London II
Bill VJames L51London II
Bill VMark E62London II
Bill VNazim C43London II
Bill VSimon B56London II
Bill VRikki F66London II
Rikki FBill V64London II
Simon BBill V24London II
James LBill V23London II
Mark EBill V35London II
Robert SBill V21London II
Nazim CBill V62London II
Bill VMartin B62Gloucester I
Bill VMark E42Gloucester I
Bill VMark W82Gloucester I
Bill VNazim C24Gloucester I
Bill VPaul A100Gloucester I
Bill VRikki F51Gloucester I
Bill VRobert S113Gloucester I
Bill VSimon B21Gloucester I
Bill VSteve C46Gloucester I
Bill VSimon L110Gloucester I
Bill VSteve S121Gloucester I
Bill VAndy E42Gloucester I
Andy HBill V15Gloucester I
Anthony KBill V44Gloucester I
Carl NBill V27Gloucester I
Danny DBill V16Gloucester I
Dan GBill V07Gloucester I
Dan SBill V14Gloucester I
Greg NBill V26Gloucester I
Jamie ABill V13Gloucester I
James BBill V24Gloucester I
Jacob KBill V28Gloucester I
Malcolm ABill V12Gloucester I
Bill VMark W102Gloucester I Cup
Bill VRikki F43Gloucester I Cup
Dan SBill V24Gloucester I Cup
Steve SBill V27Gloucester I Cup
Bill VRikki F64London III
Bill VRobert S123London III
Bill VSimon B65London III
Bill VGlenn L91London III
Bill VJames L111London III
Bill VKlaus Lo42London III
Bill VNazim C46London III
James LBill V27London III
Klaus LoBill V52London III
Nazim CBill V56London III
Rikki FBill V62London III
Robert SBill V63London III
Simon BBill V38London III
Glenn LBill V54London III
Bill VSteve C44London IV
Bill VRobert S66London IV
Bill VSteve S43London IV
Steve SBill V24London IV
Steve CBill V52London IV
Robert SBill V26London IV
Bill VJames B24Gloucester III
Bill VTrevor D62Gloucester III
Bill VRobert S65Gloucester III
Bill VSteve C91Gloucester III
Bill VMartin J63Gloucester III
Bill VJames L81Gloucester III
Bill VMartin B84Gloucester III
Bill VHaydn H121Gloucester III
Bill VSimon B82Gloucester III
James LBill V02Gloucester III
Martin BBill V48Gloucester III
Haydn HBill V113Gloucester III
Simon BBill V27Gloucester III
James BBill V17Gloucester III
Trevor DBill V47Gloucester III
Robert SBill V21Gloucester III
Steve CBill V25Gloucester III
Martin JBill V53Gloucester III
Bill VNikos A41World Cup II
Bill VPanayotis P52World Cup II
Bill VJames B24World Cup II
Bill VSpyros P112World Cup II
Bill VDarren G161World Cup II
Bill VAnthony K100World Cup II
Bill VRobert S42World Cup II
Bill VRikki F26World Cup II
Bill VAlkis P45World Cup II
Spyros PBill V63World Cup II
Darren GBill V17World Cup II
Anthony KBill V211World Cup II
Nikos ABill V54World Cup II
Panayotis PBill V43World Cup II
James BBill V73World Cup II
Rikki FBill V42World Cup II
Alkis PBill V63World Cup II
Robert SBill V35World Cup II

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More frequent opponents

Robert S11vs
Rikki F8vs
Simon B7vs
James B6vs
James L6vs
Steve C6vs
Nazim C5vs
Alkis P4vs
Steve S4vs
Anthony K3vs