Andy H (#400 - 775 pts)

Tournaments played10
Tournaments won0 (0.00%)
World cups played0
Games played148
Games won30 (20.27%)
Games drawn20 (13.51%)
Games lost98 (66.22%)
Goals for285 (1.93)
Goals against566 (3.82)
Last tournamentBirmingham XXX (14-May-11)
Games per month in the last year0.00
1st easiest opponentJamie A (vs)
2nd easiest opponentSteve Sm (vs)
3rd easiest opponentPedro Q (vs)
1st hardest opponentGianni T (vs)
2nd hardest opponentKlaus Lo (vs)
3rd hardest opponentDagh N (vs)
Easiest opponent for3 player(s)
Hardest opponent for1 player(s)
Different opponents55
Opponents' countries12
More frequent opponentAndy E (11 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets14 (9.46%)
No goals scored28 (18.92%)
Scored double figures0 (0.00%)
Conceded double figures9 (6.08%)
Biggest winAndy H - Steve Sm: 7 - 0
Biggest defeatSteve E - Andy H: 13 - 0
Danger rating-0.04

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Andy HAndy E34Gloucester I
Andy HBill V15Gloucester I
Andy HCarl N40Gloucester I
Andy HDan G42Gloucester I
Andy HGreg N42Gloucester I
Andy HJames B02Gloucester I
Andy HMalcolm A12Gloucester I
Andy HMark E53Gloucester I
Andy HNazim C44Gloucester I
Andy HRikki F04Gloucester I
Andy HSimon B45Gloucester I
Andy HSimon L24Gloucester I
Anthony KAndy H34Gloucester I
Danny DAndy H05Gloucester I
Dan SAndy H92Gloucester I
Jamie AAndy H07Gloucester I
Jacob KAndy H30Gloucester I
Martin BAndy H64Gloucester I
Mark WAndy H33Gloucester I
Paul AAndy H01Gloucester I
Robert SAndy H11Gloucester I
Steve CAndy H40Gloucester I
Steve SAndy H40Gloucester I
Jacob KAndy H31Gloucester I Cup
Andy HMark W02Gloucester II
Andy HTrevor D11Gloucester II
Andy HMartin B54Gloucester II
Andy HMark D11Gloucester II
Andy HSteve S52Gloucester II
Andy HJames B22Gloucester II
Andy HGreg N12Gloucester II
Andy HSteve C34Gloucester II
Andy HAndy E21Gloucester II
Andy HDarren G40Gloucester II
Andy HMark E30Gloucester II
Andy HMartin J11Gloucester II
Steve CAndy H21Gloucester II
Andy EAndy H52Gloucester II
Darren GAndy H12Gloucester II
Mark EAndy H11Gloucester II
Martin JAndy H23Gloucester II
Mark WAndy H53Gloucester II
Trevor DAndy H53Gloucester II
Martin BAndy H30Gloucester II
Mark DAndy H13Gloucester II
Steve SAndy H121Gloucester II
James BAndy H21Gloucester II
Greg NAndy H21Gloucester II
Andy HRobert S16Kitchen III
Andy HJames B36Kitchen III
Andy HAndy E13Kitchen III
Andy HMartin B45Kitchen III
Andy HSteve C14Kitchen III
Andy HHaydn H41Kitchen III
Andy HMark W20Kitchen III
Steve CAndy H80Kitchen III
Haydn HAndy H02Kitchen III
Mark WAndy H03Kitchen III
Robert SAndy H33Kitchen III
James BAndy H41Kitchen III
Andy EAndy H00Kitchen III
Martin BAndy H30Kitchen III
Andy HMark W12Birmingham VIII
Andy HWayne L12Birmingham VIII
Andy HMandhir S15Birmingham VIII
Andy HJohn W12Birmingham VIII
Andy HSteve E12Birmingham VIII
Andy HJon G58Birmingham VIII
Andy HGreg N31Birmingham VIII
Andy EAndy H33Birmingham VIII
Robert SAndy H52Birmingham VIII
Steve CAndy H104Birmingham VIII
Nick HAndy H16Birmingham VIII
Darren GAndy H33Birmingham VIII
Garry CAndy H31Birmingham VIII
James BAndy H61Birmingham VIII
Andy HWayne L03Birmingham VIII Gold Cup
Andy HAndy E21London XXIII
Andy HKlaus Lo212London XXIII
Andy HRodolfo M17London XXIII
Andy HFlavio Z34London XXIII
Andy HJon G14London XXIII
Andy HMark E12London XXIII
Andy HGianni T011London XXIII
Andy HPedro Q60London XXIII
Andy HVolker B37London XXIII
Andy HJames B17London XXIII
Andy HGarry C23London XXIII
Andy HPanayotis P06London XXIII
Alessandro VAndy H60London XXIII
Darren GAndy H10London XXIII
Sandro TAndy H72London XXIII
Steve EAndy H33London XXIII
Dagh NAndy H101London XXIII
John HAndy H104London XXIII
Simon KAndy H11London XXIII
Andy GAndy H22London XXIII
Thorsten BAndy H11London XXIII
Glenn LAndy H42London XXIII
Robert SAndy H62London XXIII
Alex BAndy H22London XXIII
Andy HAndy E03Birmingham XIV
Andy HJon G25Birmingham XIV
Andy HRobert S13Birmingham XIV
Andy HSimon K34Birmingham XIV
Andy HGraham S45Birmingham XIV
Andy HSteve C25Birmingham XIV
Andy HRen A60Birmingham XIV
Martin BAndy H91Birmingham XIV
Grant NAndy H11Birmingham XIV
Mandhir SAndy H11Birmingham XIV
Garry CAndy H21Birmingham XIV
Steve EAndy H60Birmingham XIV
Andy GAndy H61Birmingham XIV
Ren AAndy H14Birmingham XIV Silver Cup
Mandhir SAndy H54Birmingham XIV Silver Cup
Andy HAndy E12Birmingham XXI
Andy HGarry C15Birmingham XXI
Andy HGraham S15Birmingham XXI
Andy HSteve Sm70Birmingham XXI
Andy HSteve C13Birmingham XXI
Andy HMark W02Birmingham XXI
Mandhir SAndy H21Birmingham XXI
Jon GAndy H90Birmingham XXI
Steve EAndy H53Birmingham XXI
Robert SAndy H70Birmingham XXI
Simon KAndy H42Birmingham XXI
Grant NAndy H23Birmingham XXI
Andy HGrant N41Birmingham XXI Bronze Cup
Steve SmAndy H06Birmingham XXI Bronze Cup
Andy HSteve C03Birmingham XXX
Andy HSteve E17Birmingham XXX
Andy HGarry C27Birmingham XXX
Andy HMark W11Birmingham XXX
Andy HSimon B15Birmingham XXX
Andy HJon G211Birmingham XXX
Andy HRobert S36Birmingham XXX
Andy HSimon K26Birmingham XXX
Andy HAndy E04Birmingham XXX
Jon GAndy H70Birmingham XXX
Robert SAndy H41Birmingham XXX
Simon KAndy H40Birmingham XXX
Andy EAndy H31Birmingham XXX
Steve CAndy H110Birmingham XXX
Steve EAndy H130Birmingham XXX
Garry CAndy H80Birmingham XXX
Mark WAndy H50Birmingham XXX
Simon BAndy H81Birmingham XXX

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Andy E11vs
Steve C10vs
Mark W9vs
Robert S9vs
James B7vs
Garry C6vs
Jon G6vs
Martin B6vs
Steve E6vs
Simon K5vs